Trapped in love Mr. Lecturer

6. Aisyah Starts Suspicious of Juna

Finally, when they asked for each others cell phone contact numbers, Aisyah became more and more interested in Juna. The handsome Italian-blooded man he had always dreamed of. Aisyah expresses her love for Juna and Juna also accepts Aisyah with grace, because who can resist the beauty of Aisyah, the prima donna of the school who has been single for a long time because she is often picky in finding a partner, because of her high taste in a mans physique. Juna is as handsome as Arjuna who comes to the lonely heart of Aisyah who has been single for a long time. A lonely heart because it doesn have a lover, Juna finally comes to be the lover of Aisyahs lonely heart.

Aisyah and Juna were officially dating when they met at the district hall. Now whenever Aisyah comes home from school, Juna always picks Aisyah up with her Ninja Motorcycle. Aisyahs heart is not lonely anymore. The handsome man she loves has come. Even though Aisyah and Juna went to different schools. Aisyah advised her parents now that they don need to be picked up again when they come home from school. Because someone already came to pick him up when he came home from school.

”Dad, now you don have to pick me up home, I already have someone to pick me up, ” said Aisyah.

”Who? Your new boyfriend? ” said Aisyahs father.

”He he he, just an ordinary friend, ” said Aisyah covered.

”But in the morning I still go with my father, ” said Aisyah.

”Okay, ” said Aisyahs father.

From now on, only in the morning Aisyahs father takes Aisyah to school. When he returned home, someone had brought her. Unlike usual in the morning, Aisyah started to dress up and put on a very fragrant perfume. Her hair is also long, which looks naturally beautiful when viewed by men. A little bit of lipstick on her sweet lips is polished to make it look more attractive when she sees her beloved lover. As if like an angel for her lover who came down from the earth, Aisyahs beauty began to radiate naturally without such a thick salon polish.

Arriving at school, Tika glanced at Aisyahs makeup, which was getting more beautiful by the day.

”Oops, who now has a new boyfriend, yes, competition for grooming now with me, ” said Tika while poking Aisyahs cheek.

”He he he, ah how come you don know that my heart is blooming again, ” Aisyah just smiled and her heart flowered.

”Already Handsome, attention, your fate is very lucky Aisyah, ” said Tika.

”Yes, thats how it is, the match came unexpectedly, Tika. Yesterday we looked like crazy people around the class, uh, my soul mate also came at the district hall, ” said Aisyah.

”Ha ha ha, thats right. Tell me about Junas character, ” said Tika.

”He is kind, caring, romantic, but I don know his family yet, but I have been invited to his house, ” said Aisyah.

”Oh thats right, congratulations, Im glad you
e not lonely anymore Aisyah, ” said Tika.

”Yes, Tika, thank you, ” said Aisyah

”Finally you are not lonely anymore and a boyfriend as handsome as Arjuna has arrived, ” said Tika.

”Yes, Tika, how come I am being opposed, he he he, ” said Aisyah.

”Ah, you are arrogant, ” said Tika. ”He he he, ” Aisyahs sweet smile.

”Wheres Junas house anyway? ” said Tika.

”Around here, later while we walk Ill tell you, Ill show you a break later, ” said Aisyah.

”Yes, ” said Tika.

Teet! Teet!

School recess rings.

Tika and Aisyah went by motorbike to the nearest food stalls. They chatted while eating a handful of claws chicken. The food they eat are seblak claw.

”Thats Tiks house, it has white paint, ” Aisyah said while pointing at Junas house, which has a typical Italian design.

”Wait, thats not Dariuss house? ” said Tika.

”Why? you know, ” said Aisyah.

”Thats the house of Mr. Darius, my fathers business friend, he is Italian but has settled here. It means that Juna is the son of Darius father, ” said Tika.

”No wonder Juna is handsome like an Italian, meaning his house is not far from around here, ” said Aisyah.

”Yes, Aisyah, but Mr. Darius is famous for Playboy with woman. Im afraid his character will decline to Juna Aisyah. As long as you know Aisyahs father is also super handsome, thats why mashers, ”said Tika.

”Oh, Im cooking like that, Im already in love with Juna. I once played at Junas house but Juna never told her fathers status, who was a widower, ” said Aisyah.

”Yes, I hope not, I hope he is loyal to you Aisyah. I heard Mr Darius was like that. He divorced his wife because of infidelity, ” said Tika.

”Wow, ” said Aisyah surprised.

”Yes, just pray Aisyah, I hope her fathers character doesn pass down to Juna, ” said Tika.

”Amen, Tik its almost one oclock, lets go back to class immediately, ” said Aisyah.

”Come on! ” said Tika.

The two of them got on the motorbike together and rushed to class before class started. Two hours of lessons its time to go back to school. Tika and Didi came home early, and Aisyah waited for Juna to pick her up.

Tet! Tet!

The school bell rang, it was time for the students to go home.

”Come on up dear, ” said Didi.

”Come on, Im going home, Aisyah, ” said Tika while riding her boyfriends motorbike.

”Yes, be careful on the road, ” said Aisyah.

Meanwhile, Aisyah waited for Juna on the school terrace while playing with her cellphone. Aisyah is still inspired by Tika, that Juna is a descendant of a masher, what if Juna has such a trait. It means his love is just in vain. But also Aisyah is already in love with Juna.

Out of curiosity, Aisyah asked to buy her own at her house. And pretended to wonder about the status of Junas parents.

Not long after, Juna came with a big motorbike.


The sound of Junas motorbike came.

”Come on, darling, lets go home, why do you look so gloomy? ” said Juna.

”Its okay, I can play at your house sometime, can I? ” Aisha said.

”Go ahead, ” said Juna.

”Lets go home, ” said Juna.

Aisyah rides Junas motorbike. Then delivered to his house. But when she got home, Aisyah was still daydreaming about the messy status of Junas family. Yet in his heart he was already matched with him.

On Aisyahs birthday, Juna also gave a surprise to her lover, Aisyahs heart was happy but it was the descendants of the playboy that made her worry. For fear his love will be in vain. Juna is a romantic and caring person, but Aisyah doesn really know her family. In terms of finding a life partner, knowing the status of his family is very important.

”I want to play at your house, Juna. Sunday, yes, ” said Aisyah.

”Yes, happy birthday dear, ” said Juna while giving the doll, tart and chocolate.

”Wow, thank you, my dear, ” said Aisyah, resting her head on Junas chest.

They became more intimate, but Aisyahs curiosity still stuck in Aisyahs heart. Juna gave the surprise at a nearby restaurant. Then Aisyah invited her to play at Junas house.

”Dear? Why do you want to play at my house so badly, ” said Juna.

”Its okay, is it really wrong for me to play at my own boyfriends house? ” Aisha said.

”Not really, but why hurry, ” said Juna.

”Yes, I just want to see the design of your house, its good, typical Italian, dear, thats all my reason, ” said Aisyah with pleasantries. Because from the beginning Juna has not told her parents marital status.

”You like Italian style? ” said Juna.

”I like it dear, Come on, honey, lets go to your house, ” said Aisyah.

”Come on, ” said Juna.

They then went to Pak Dariuss house, which is Junas house.

”Afternoon uncle, I am Aisyah, a friend of Juna, ” said Aisyah.

”Oh yes, lets go in, son, ” said Mr. Darius.

Aisyah and Juna sat in the living room, then a maid gave Aisyah drinks and snacks.

”The food is neng Aisyah, ” said the housemaid.

”Oh yes aunty, ” said Aisyah.

Now its time for Mr. Darius and his assistant back behind, its time for Aisyah to dig up information about Junas family with pleasantries.

”June? Whats your fathers name? ” said Aisyah.

”Mr. Darius, ” said Juna.

In Aisyahs mind it meant that it was true, Mr. Darius was a descendant of the Italians who lived here, but he had a masculine character.

”Then whats your mothers name? ” said Aisyah while small talk.

”My mom just got divorced from dad. Im the only child, ” said Juna.

”Why do you have to divorce, ” said Aisyah.

”This is all because my father was involved in an affair, ” said Juna.

”Oh I see, ” said Aisyah dreamily.

Aisyah began to remember the words of her best friend Tika, meaning that this news was true. hatred began to appear in Aisyahs mind, whether Juna was the best mate or not considering her messy family.

”Why honey, how come you look like something, ” said Juna.

”No dear, ” said Aisyah, smiling while eating the cake.

”The cake is delicious, ” said Juna.

”Yes dear, this is typical of Italy, ” said Aisyah.

”But Im sorry, my old dear is presumptuous, can it be done again that your people are reunited? ” Aisha said.

”I can , Im already hurt by my father, ” said Juna.

”Oh I see, Im satisfied to see the architecture of your house, dear, take me home, okay? ” said Aisyah.

”Ok, see you at school, ” said Juna.

Aisyah was just digging up information from Juna, whether what her friend Tika said was true. And it turned out to be true. Mr. Darius is a masher. Until Aisyahs house was lost, she realized Juna was not the right match for her. But what about the heart that is already in love with him? It will be very difficult to let go.


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