”Thats 3 bears so far ”

”Yeah we
e on a roll ”

”But still 147 more, and we only have 5 hours left ”

Back on the mountain, we see Yuta making some tea, then his challenger arrives

”The Silent Swordsman, I see youve received my challenge ”

”I haven been called that in a while ”

”Yeah and you won be called that ever again ”

”Theres no need to get aggressive, have a seat I made tea ”

”I didn come here to drink tea ”

”Please, I insist ”

Then out of nowhere an arrow came towards him

”Now now, attacking me before the challenge has begun is against the rules.. oh but you
e aware of that aren you ”

Yuta says this while doing as he always does, and seemingly teleports behind the guy

”Yea.. I know.. I was just testing you, to see if you.. were the real deal, thats all ”

”Then please sit and drink some tea ”

”Very well ”

”So what made you want to challenge me ”

”w-w-well I figured umm ”

”You figured if you challenged me, youd have the title of the strongest ”

”Y-yes thats it ”

”Well unfortunately, you can have that title, I already plan on letting someone else earn it ”

”Oh I see, sorry for bothering you, well be on our way- ”

”No No you came all this way for a fight, so a fight, is what youll have ”

”But I- ”

”Don worry, Ill treat it as a light sparring session ”

”Oh uh- alright, thank you for this opportunity ”

”Don thank me, but I want you to still try to kill me ”

”Very well (This is one cocky kid, Im only acting scared to let his guard down, Im far stronger than him)

Now you might be thinking, why would this man think hes much stronger than Yuta, well its simple. The Challengers name is Tsuba, he is known as the strongest man in his country, and a month ago he did the unbelievable, with the mere air pressure of his punch, he turned it from a rainy cloudy day, to no rain, and a clear sky. He received much praise, until some old man had mentioned he was still weaker than Yuta, which is why he searched for him.

”Alrighty Mr, get ready ”

”Yes, same to you ”

”Hey can one of your buddies like count down ”

”You, count us down ”

”Yes sir, 3.. 2.. 1.. GO! ”

The fight begins, Tsuba makes the first move, going in with an uppercut punch, the same one he did on that day, but far more devastating, but then

”Good hit, you should work on the form tho ”

”H-H-HUH ”

”Your elbow should be more tucked in ”

Tsuba had been stunned by what had just occurred, Yuta had caught the punch

”Like tuck your elbow in towards your body, and twist your hip ”


”Im just a teacher, that wishes to train his students without interruption of insects like you, maybe I should put an end to you right now. Howd you like that? ”


”Just make sure to warn and tell anyone who thinks of challenging me, what will happen to them ”

With Yutas warning set, he throws Tsuba to the ground, and gives him a look he will always remember

Tuska and Tokira finally arrive back, over 2 hours late

”Hey you guys are late, I said nightfall ”

”Yeah yeah we know ”

”We deeply apologize, Master ”

”Don worry its fine, more importantly lets get to eating, Im starving ”

”You two can eat as much uncooked bear that you want, Im going to actually cook mine ”

”Suit it yourself ”

”It tastes a lot better uncooked but do whatever Tusk ”

While Tuska was slowly cooking his food he found a sword

”Woah this looks cool, hiyah.. hah.. ahh hah, this sword is amazing ”

”It truly is ”

”AHH.. when did you- ya know, never mind ”

”That sword is called Hermezeus it is a sword said to hold the power of Zeus ”

”Cool ”

”However you can properly use the sword unless you give it a blood offering, so just give me i- ”

”Done ”

”… ”

”… ”

”Well ok then ”

”So now what- ”

Then all of a sudden clouds form, and thunder arises


”Oh hey whats up Zeus ”

”DONT SPEAK TO ME AS IF WERE FRI-YUTA, ahem, Yuta, hello, I didn know it was you who summoned me ”

”Oh no I didn , my disciple did ”

”You have a disciple? ”

”Yea.. ”

”And hes still alive? ”

”Uhm Im right here ”

”Oh I see.. pst kid I recommend you leave as soon as poss- ”

”So Zeus ”

”What is it ”

”My disciple here has given you a blood offering, so I expect you to do as promised and give the sword your spirit ”

”Well I would, but the world above needs me to be there- ”

”Alright so Tusk, remember don let him control you when you use the sword, you control him ”

”Are you guys listening ”

”Ok so control him, don let him control me, got it ”


”Don raise your voice at me ”

”Sorry ”

”But yes I did hear you, and in all honesty, I could careless about what needs you. You will serve Tusk, end of discussion, unless you want a repeat of last time ”

”No No not that, anything but that, alright Ill do it ”

”Good ”

”Now Tusk repeat after me, Ah Te Dae Yuh Ye Frun ”

”Ah tu Der yea Fun ”

”No, Ah Te Dae Yuh Ye Frun ”

”Ah Tu De Yu Frun ”

”This is taking too long, Ah Te Dae Yuh Ye Frun ”

With Zeus saying these words, his spirit was sent into the sword

”Ok so how do I summon him ”

”Ill tell you that in the morning, til then, get some rest ”

”Will do ”

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