Tuska could barely sleep that night, but still managed to get a few hours in

”So Tuska, you now have the power of Zeus ”

”Something like that I guess, not sure ”

”Thats so cool, you
e like a God ”

”Sure I guess ”

”Ahem, Tusk, you shouldn summon Zeus right away ”

”Then when should I ”

”Glad you asked.. so from today on we will start.. sword training ”

”woo hoo ”

”Alright Master ”

”So first things first, I want you two to do 1000 sword swings ”

”Will do Master ”

”Whats up with you and 1000 ”

So they trained, now Tokira already had practice with a sword, so he had to show Tuska the ropes

”So you grip it here ”

”Alright ”

”Then you swing this way ”

”Got it ”

”Old man, you
e back early ”

”Well the meeting was postponed ”

”The Truth meeting right ”

”Yeah them ”


The Truth meeting is a meeting full of the worlds best martial artists, it consists of 5 people, unbeatable in their speciality, these specialties consist of




Hand to Hand

Swordsmanship – Old man/Senchi


”Man, I heard those meetings are boring ”

”They sure are ”

”What was it about ”

”Can tell ya, we never know until we get there, and the administration tells us ”

”If you guys are the best, why take orders ”

”Well they
e the ones who pay us, so theres no point in arguing against them ”

”Understandable ”

”Yeah, more importantly what are you doing to my grandson ”

”Oh nothing too dangerous, just push ups, light sparring.. bare hand bear hunting.. ”

”What was that last part ”

”Nothin ”

e in luck, I don have my sword ”

”Even if you did, we both know whod win ”


”Anyway what are they doing now ”

”I told them to do 1000 sword swings ”

”I understand why you haven shown Tokira, but why haven you shown Tuska, actual techniques ”

”You know why, at his current body condition, hed die if he even tried any of them ”

”So thats why you gave him Zeuss sword ”

”You knew that ”

”I mean yeah, anyone who can see spirits saw him ”

”Maaan I thought it wouldve been a secret, oh well, but yeah thats why ”

”Zeus is going to torture that boy ”

”Its not torture, its just training, but thats why Im not letting him use the sword here ”

”Good, itd be bad if Tokira got in the crossfire ”

”I guess, but mainly because theres a cute cat that comes over every night, I wouldn want that poor thing to die ”

”I-never mind ”

3 hours have passed


”Hey there, Ive missed you too ”

”Hey did you hear, I killed 75 bears ”

”Yeah I heard, good job, Im proud of you ”

”Well Tusk, I think its time for us to leave this place ”

”Already, but what about- ”

”Don worry, well come back, but you need to practice and master using that sword first ”

”I understand, should we tell them bye ”

”Nah, the old man will explain it to the kid ”

”Alright, can I stop by my grandfathers first, I haven seen him since we got here ”

”I don see why not, but first lets do something ”

”What ”

”Lets jump down the mountain ”

”Alright ”

”Wow no complaining, truly incredible ”

”Shut it ”

After they jumped down the mountain, and traveled to Tuskas grandfathers temple, they saw something horrid

”Grandpa guess whos back- grandpa? grandpa? No, who could do this ”

His grandfather had been killed

”Thats the work of Shuiko, the Assassin ”

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