The Preparation Part - 1

Some information:

The past story of our hero will take palce ay at his native village which is named as Jiang village. This village is situated just about 50 Km away from Sun city, surrounded by great natural forests and scerenical mountains and the Jiang river. According to the river`s name the village is named Jiang village. The past story will take place in the teenage years of our hero specifically in his 16 year old age. This is it for all the informations now let`s dive into the story.


After taking bath Lan Yue got out of his bathroom and get dressed. Lan Yue has a habit of staring at the Jiang river and mountains which he can see from his room for sometimes as by doing this he gets an inner peace.

So like ususal he stared at the river and mountains for sometimes. The his mother called him to have his breakfast, to which he responded and headed to take his breakast with his father and mother.

It was their family tradition that they would take atleast two meals of the day together before heading and after coming from their respective works.

Lan Yue is a student, his father is doctor who has devoted to take care of his fellow villagers and friends health, and his mother is working as an elementary school teacher in their village.

It was the sunday morning and everyone was at home, so after Lan Yue came for breakfast everyone sat together and had their breakfast. At the breakfast table they talked about their lives and Lan Yue`s study progress.

After taking their breakfast Lan Yue went with his father to the market to buy some vegetables and fruits. In the village market they met with their fellow villagers. Their village was not that big all the villagers were very good people. They always helped each other when they were in trouble. They all lived harmoneously with each other.

Currently the village was in the midst of preparation as it was time for their annual village festival celebration which was about to happen in just 10 days. So all the villagers were very excited about the festival, and Lan Yue and his family were no exception for this celebration. In fact Lan Yue was most most excited about this festival.

So all the villagers including Lan Yue and his family were helping everyone in their village for the preparation of the village festival celebration. It was going to be a very special night in the life of Lan Yue as he will never forget about this night in his entire life.

Now after buying their vegetables and fruits Lan Yue and his father went to meet their village head at the village welfare center.

After arriving at the village welfare center the father-son duo headed toowards the village heads office. After arriving in front of the village heads office, Lan Yue`s father knocked on the door and voice was heard saying, ”come in. ”

Then both of them entered the office and Lan Xiang greeted the man in front of him, ”Good morning, Chief Wang. ” Wang Zhu is the 50 years old head of the Jiang village. He is a very humble, principled and loving person. He is also very and respected and loved in the entire Jiang village.

After seeing the father-son duo chief wang stood up from his seat and greeted them, ”Good morning, Doctor Lan. Good morning Yue`er. ” Then he offered both of them a seat and then said to them, ”It is really the delightful morning that the two of you have come to visit me. ”

After hearing his words Lan Xiang also said, ”Indeed today`s morning is very delightful. ”

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