A New Challenge

After arriving in the room of Lan Yue all the girls glared at Lan Yue and asked him anout the thing which he wanted to talk about. As Lan Yue heard their curious question he glanced at his table on which a file is placed with their schools name written over it.

Lan Yue asked one of the girls who happened to be Tang Lang who was sitting next to the table to pass him the file on which their schools name is written on cover of it. The girl looked over the table and found the file there and handed over the file to Lan Yue. When the other boys saw the file they have immediately understood what was the file that Lan Yue was holding and all the containts written on it.

After a brief moment pf hesitation Sito Ran looked towards Lan Yue and asked him, ”Lan Yue isn`t it our school play report file which have all the details regarding our play with all the participants list?

Lan Yue looked towards his friend and replied to him, ”Yes, you are correct. This is indeed our school play detailed report. ” This report is a very important document. As to how it was with Lan Yue. It was because Laqn Yue was not only the male lead of the play but also the drama club president of their school. So he had a copy of the file while the original file was with their schools drama teacher.

Everyone knew that Lan Yue is the schools drama club president. So it was not much of a surprise after seeing the file at his place. After that he opened the file and traversed some pages. After traversing some pages he looked at a page which brought a smile on his face. That particular page was containing the list of all the participants in the play including their teachers, performers, supporting crew, etc.

Then Lan Yue showed that page to his friends. While looking that page all the boys and girls could not understand what Lan Yue meant exactly by showing the page to them. Meanwhile in the midst of all this Zhen Lu came to Lan Yues room with some drinks and snacks placed over two plates which she was holding in her two hands. Then she placed the plated on a table and said the kids to eat it and then she left the room.

After Zhen Lu left the room they all looked towards Lan Yue because they wanted to know what Lan Yue meant exactly when he showeed them that page. After understanding their curiosity Lan Yue pointed towards a certain place on the file. There was something written over that place.

When they looked at that place very closely they found that it was the total number of participants written there. It was written that out of 40 participants only 36 people have participated in the play. Which means they still needed four more people for the play.

After understanding Lan Yue`s intentions all his friends looked towards the girls with curiosity filled in their eyes wanting to know about their answer. A`Xin who also understood La Yue`s intentions looked towards her friends and and started to encourage them to take part in the play. ”Guys you should take part in the play as it is a very good opportunity for you all. ”

After listening to A`Xins words Tang Long said, ”No we are not going take part in the play until and unless you also take part in the play. It is our last decision. ” After hearing her friend A`Xin looked towards her other friends who sternly nodded agreed to Tang Long`s words.

Watching the situation as if some misunderstanding was created Lan Yue said, ”Friends do not worry about the matter. These vacant positions were for the supoorting crew which we want. This is really important for our school and village so I am requesting help from you all ” After listening Lan Yue all gazed at A`Xin who finally knowing the matter agreed.

After seeing that A`Xin had agreed for the position her friends also agreed to the proposal of Lan Yue to be a part of the play. Actually Lan yue had other plans for A`Xin which he wanted to execute in the pretext of the play as A`Xin will not be suspicious of him.

He thought that it was a really good plan and smiled happily and obviously his plans were of good intentions so need to worry and as what he has planned you all will know very soon.

After that he offered everyone the drinks and snacks which his mother had brought for them to eat and they all ate all the snacks and had the drinks in a very good mood. After they all have finished they are snacks and drinks Lan Yue said something which made all of his friends quite serious.

He asked them, ”Are you all prepared well for the scholl annual sports competition?

Hearing this everyone was quite serious as they forgotten about the school sports competition for a few days as they were all busy for the village festival celebration arrangements.

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