Chapter 10 - Gina

Kevin and I had a short conversation on the way back.

”…Why is everyone afraid of me? ”

I asked while looking out the window.

Kevins eyes widened for a second before answering.

”I heard that the gangsters were using your name to cause havoc. ”

I looked at him with a confused look. If they were doing bad things with my name, why didn you stop them? Was it Kais doing?

”They would threaten and destroy a lot of establishments. ”

Of course, the duke had paid for everything they destroyed under your name. ”

Why didn he just stop them? Instead of paying for everything that they destroyed, just destroy the gangsters?

I had thought Duke Steel was protective of Kai, but was I wrong?

”If you
e thinking of why they didn stop it, then its because Duke Steel had told us to leave everything to you. ”

What? Why? If your kids going down the deep end, then you should step in and help them?

Im sure they had their own reasons though…

After we arrived back at the manor, Father had called me to his room.

”How was the town? ”

I gave him a thumbs up.

”Thats good. ”

”Youll have to take care of them one day. ”

I learned from Jane earlier that the eldest child usually has to take care of the territory, though there are some exceptions. For that reason, I wasn surprised at his words.

I nodded my head.

”Alright, you may go, I just wanted to know how the town was. ”

I left the room and went to the training grounds. I didn have Jane to teach me today and it felt wrong skipping a day of training.

Irene was already there practicing her sword; she was probably too immersed in training that she didn see me enter.

I went to where Kevin made the imprints and began to train.

After a few hours something unexpected happened, the blue screen from before suddenly popped up.

New Skill: Steel Footwork (F)

What? New skill? I decided to try and bring the blue screen back, and with just a thought it appeared.

Name: Kai Steel

Age: 16

Title: Unfallen

Skills: Last One Standing, Steel Footwork (F)

It had been added onto my Skills list.

What did the (F) mean? I was pretty confused, but I didn really bother to think about it much. I could only assume that skills were stuff I knew how to do.

Swiping the screen away I began to practice again.

For the next few days, I followed the schedule, constantly training and learning.

Eventually I was able to follow the footwork without the imprints.

While I was practicing, Kevin called me and Irene over.

”Hi Kai, hows your training? ”

I gave a thumbs up to Irene and pointed at her.

”Thats good. Mines going good as well. ”

Kevin started to speak.

”Irene, Kai. ”

He called by our names whenever he was teaching us.

I tilted my head.

”Yes? ” Irene asked

”I want you two to fight. ”



You wanted me to fight, when I haven learned anything except for footwork? Are you crazy?

”But Kai hasn learned the swordsmanship yet? ”

You tell him Irene!

”Hes learned the footwork, its enough. ”

Huh? Are you crazy? Tell him off again!

”Okay. ”

”Are you ready Kai? ”

What!? Am I ready? No? Are you insane? I don know how to swing a sword.

Irene picked up her sword and Kevin gave me a sword.

”Start. ”

I got into the stance from before.

Irene rushed in

She did a big side slash. She was still very fast, but I had gotten used to this body now. I was able to barely dodge back.

”Use the footwork, Kai! ” Kevin shouted

The footwork? Would that work against someone with a sword? I knew how boxers constantly practice their footwork and that it mattered a lot. But wasn that for fist fights? Whatever.

I tried to use the footwork I learned

The fight got easier, though I would still definitely lose.

Irene had started to charge in again, she started to use a combo of swings.

I had blocked the first and second swing but then she knocked the sword out of my hand on the next.

”Stop! ”

”Irene wins. ”

”That was a good fight, Kai. ” Irene said while offering a handshake.

She was being nice; she hadn even broken a sweat while I was already tired. I couldn even swing my sword once.

I shook her hand and Kevin started to speak.

”Did you feel the difference when you started using your footwork, Kai? ”

I nodded my head.

There was a clear difference, if I didn start using it, I wouldve probably lost in half a second. I was able to last for around 10 seconds longer with it.

”With swordsmanship, 50% of depends on your footwork while the other 50% depends on your swordsmanship. ”

”I don expect you to be able to master the footwork in the remaining month, I don think anyone does or could. ”

”Though the amount youve learned in a month has been surprising, you really are a genius. ”

”But onto the main point, I want you to spar with Irene once a day and continue practicing your footwork. ”

”When you get to the academy Irene will have to teach you swordsmanship though. ”

”Thats fine with you right Irene? ”

”Yes! ”

”Alright, you can go to Jane for now Kai. ”

I nodded my head, and waved goodbye to both of them.

When I went to where Jane would teach, Percy was already waiting.

”Hey Kai! How was training? ”

I waved and gave Percy a thumbs up.

”Ill be starting to learn next year, is it difficult? ”

I nodded my head and then spoke.

”…Yes…You can do it though… ”

Percy had a smile on his face.

”Yup! Thank you! ”

I patted him on the head and then Jane walked in.

”Alright you two, enough small talk. Its time to learn. ”

It was now the day Irene, and I would head to the knight academy. It was about a 10-day carriage ride.

In the days following up to this, Jane told me I didn need to come anymore, I had learned most of what I needed to know. So, I was able to constantly practice the footwork and spar with Irene.

I had gone to town 1 more time since and for some reason everyone there had stuttered less, it was like what happened with the servants. I don think I did anything that would cause them to be less scared though.

I woke up to a knock at the door.

”Young Master, its time to wake up. ”

The maid entered the room, and I got up. She had brought some fancy-looking clothes and told me my father was waiting at the dinner table.

I got dressed and headed to the table.

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