Chapter 2 - Amnesia?

Waking up to an unfamiliar roof I could hear someone knocking at the door.

”Young Master, Ive brought you food. ” The voice behind the door said

The door opened and a maid entered-

”A-ah… Y-Y-Young Master… y-you
e up. ” Her voice was ridden with fear and her legs were trembling.

Who was this person? I tried to get up but collapsed back onto the bed after trying.

”Y-Y-Young Master, y-y-you shouldn move y-yet. ”

e very i-i-injured. ” She spoke with concern while still trembling

Looking at my arms and chest I was bandaged up like a mummy, there were some bandages on my head as well.

Where was I? Who was this? Why am I injured? I had a lot of questions invading my mind, but my stomach started to growl.

The maid was still standing frozen in shock, why was she so scared? I haven done anything.

I extended my hand out towards her and she started to shake even more.

”Y-Y-Yes, Y-Y-Young Master? ”

What? Was she just going to stand there? Why was she so intimidated?

The maid had a plate of soup in her hand with a glass of water.

”Food. ” My voice rang out quietly. I was shocked how quiet I was, it sounded like I had a cold for weeks.

”O-O-Oh! Y-Yes! Of course! ”

She brought the food and laid it on the bed.

”W-W-Well! Excuse me! ”

She hurried out of the room.

What? Was I scary? I ignored any questions I had; I was too hungry.

I started to eat the soup she had brought, it tasted delicious. It was unlike any soup Ive ever had before.

It took me no less than 2 minutes to eat the whole bowl of soup and to finish the glass of water. I was starving.

I thought I had eaten well yesterday though? Whatever, on to one of my main questions.

What was this?

Looking to my left there was a translucent, blue screen.

Name: Kai Steel

Age: 16

Title: Unfallen

Skills: Last One Standing

Kai Steel? That wasn my name?

16? I was 18.

Title? Did it mean nickname? If so, then that was correct.

But what was this? Last One Standing? What did it mean by skills? Was it like how someone had a skill in cooking or music?

My thoughts were cut short as two people barged into the room.

”Brother! ” The boy who was no older than 12 yelled, his bright red hair had left an impression on me.

e up, are you doing alright? ” His husky voice and big stature was very noticeable.

The man was no shorter than 65, his muscles were huge, and his eyes were vicious.

Could I beat him in a fight?

That thought immediately popped into my head, but shortly after another thought followed.

Hell no.

”Brother! Are you okay!? ” The boy had yelled again.

”Weve taken care of the dumbasses who would dare touch a member of the Steel family. ”

Who were these people? Why was he calling me brother? We had looked nothing alike; the boy had a cute, innocent appearance. Hed probably grow up to be a playboy.

I just looked like a normal regul- My thought was cut short.

I slowly pulled off some of the bandages on my left arm and I noticed I was missing my tattoo. What happened?

”Kai! You shouldn pull off your bandages yet, you
e still injured! ” He had a stern voice but a worried look in his eyes.

”Thats right brother! Its way too early! ”

I could see out the window to my left. It had looked like a big garden, with well-maintained trees, bushes, and flowers. In the middle of it all was a big fountain.

I could also see some people in armor further back near a gate, there were people who looked like maids with a beautiful girl.

And that beautiful girl looked up at me with a nasty look on her face.

”Kai, are you okay? ” The man who once talked with a stern voice now had a soft, gentle voice.

I think it was time to stop avoiding the question.

I looked at the two of them and slightly tilted my head-

”Who are you? ”

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