Chapter 3 - Training

”W-what!? ” The boy yelled

The man quickly signaled to a maid that was standing at the door and said in a hurried voice

”G-go get the physician! ”

”Yes, Sir! ”

It took only a few minutes for the room to fill up. Now there was a physician who was examining me, the beautiful girl, the boy who calls me brother, and the strong-looking old man in here.

”How is he? ”

”Well… He doesn have any new injuries. ”

”Then why is he like this? ”

”I think… He has amnesia. ”

”Amnesia? ” The boy asked

”Amnesia is when you lose your memories, maybe when he got hit in the head it also gave him amnesia. ”

”Then will his memories return? ” The man asked, the boy and girl nodded their heads at this question.

”Only time will tell. He may get them back eventually, or he may never. ”

Soon after, at the mans orders, they all left the room.

Amnesia? Um, I don think thats right. I know full well who I am, or at least was…

Looking at the mirror that the physician brought, I looked very different. I had pure black hair and green eyes.

I tried to stand again, but I still didn have any strength.

Who am I?

The translucent screen from before had disappeared, but when I thought about it, it appeared once more.

Name: Kai Steel

Age: 16

Title: Unfallen

Skills: Last One Standing

Am I supposed to be Kai Steel? This thing said thats my name, and those people from before called me Kai… But if I was now Kai, then where was Kai?

My thoughts were cut short again. The people from before entered the room.

”Kai, do you really not know who we are? ”

I looked at them once again, up and down before shaking my head no.

”Brother! Its me, your brother! Percy! ” He looked sad

I looked at them with a blank expression.

”Its no use Percy. ” The girl had said patting Percy on the back

”But… ”

”Irene is right, Percy. Even Marcus said he didn know if hell get his memories back. ”

Percy looked like he was about to cry.

”Irene, take Percy for now, Ill inform Kai. ”

”Yes, Father. ”

Irene took Percy out of the room.

Now it was just me and him in the room. When I first saw him, he had a stern, vicious aura. But now… He just looks sad.

”Kai. ”

”Yes? ”

”You really don remember me? ”

I shook my head.

”Im your father, Lloyd Steel. ”

”The two who left just now are your brother and sister, Percy, and Irene. ”

I didn really know what to say, so, I just nodded my head. He had black hair like me while my brother and sister had red hair.

”And you. You are Kai Steel, the eldest son of the Steel family. ”

I looked at him, and he grabbed my hand.

”Don worry, Kai. Youll get your memories back, for sure. ”

Truth be told, I wasn worried at all. Lloyd-no, I guess hes my father now looked more worried than me.

The only thing I was worried about was if I was here in this body, then who was in my body? Perhaps Kai and I swapped bodies? If so, he was probably going to have a tough time. I had a lot of unfinished usiness to take care of. Though, it would be his problem now. Goodluck!

Father told me more stuff about who I was, who they were and what had happened.

Apparently, I hung out with gangsters a lot, and yesterday they had jumped me and beat me out of nowhere which was why my body was like this.

Stupid Kai, if you have a loving family then don get involved with those types of people.

Father said that he ook care of them, they seemed overprotective, so I assumed that they were probably dead.

He also said that Im apart of the Steel family and something about being the dukes family.

I didn understand that term, so he simplified it and said we were a noble family. Just below the royal family.

Well, it didn really matter to me, Ill learn all of it eventually.

I stretched my arms wide.

Truth be told I was kind of excited, I had a new life ahead of me, and I was going to use it to the fullest. And honestly, my previous life sucked ass, I had a lot of enemies, I was poor and could only fight.

I yawned.

Welp, good luck to whoever was in my body.

Its been a few days since I learned everything I thought I needed to know. Irene and Percy had visited me a couple of times, they seemed worried but didn show it much.

I had been eating soup every day, Percy asked me if it ever got old, but I shook my head no. I mean, how could something this delicious ever get old?

I had finally been able to get up, honestly it felt kind of suffocating being bedridden that whole time. I mean in my previous life we just had to suck it up and walk it off.

Leaving my room, I was met with a long empty hallway. This hallway was bigger than where I used to live.

After walking around for a dozen seconds, I had walked past a maid.

”Y-Y-Young Master, y-y-you
e up! ” It was the maid who brought me the soup, she seemed scared whenever she saw me. Did Kai hit this woman or something?

I just ignored her and kept walking.

”Y-Young Master? ”

Eventually after walking down some stairs, I had reached the front door. It was big. On the way here I walked past a couple more maids who had similar reactions to the first one.

I exited the building and went to the garden; it was empty but peaceful. I had wanted to get some fresh air; I couldn stand being in that room any longer.

Laying down, I looked up towards the clouds. The cool breeze felt nice, the grass was green, the flowers weren withered, and the trees were alive. I had truly been in an extraordinary place.

”Kai? ”

A females voice came from behind me, it was Irene.

e up? ”

I nodded my head. I had barely talked since I woke up here. In my other world talking too much would only cause you to get in a fight or get beat.

It was probably different here but its hard to get rid of subconscious actions.

”Now that you
e up, I can hit you. ”

She then lightly smacked me on the head-

”I told you; you shouldn hang out with those types of people. ”

”I guess you wouldn remember that though. ”

I stared at her.

She looked surprised for a moment-

”What? Are you thinking about hitting me? ”

Kai was a bastard who hit his family?

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