Chapter 4 - Fighting Genius

I decided to speak

”Was…I violent? ”

She seemed shocked that I spoke. Maybe she thought I forgot how to.

She quickly shook her head no though.

”No, you were never physically violent. ”

Oh, Kai wasn a bastard, sorry about that.

”But… ”

But? That doesn sound good.

”You were verbally violent. ”


I was a pushover?

”Oh, poor me and Percy who had to endure your verbal wrath. ” She dramatically put her hand on her cheek

”Those constant days where youd be like ”Fuck off. ” Or ”Shut up. ” Those words hurt us! ”

”If only we could get an apology! ”

Huh? Was he not a pushover? He just wanted them to leave him alone or to be quiet? What was wrong with that?

”The maids had it the worst of all! ”

”Theyd constantly hear you tell them to ”Fuck off. ” and ”Don bother me. ” ”

What? Was this a joke? Kai did nothing wrong but the maids were all afraid of him?

Was this a family of pushovers who got hurt over every little word? I feel bad for you Kai, but also I don at the same time, what were you even hanging around gangsters for?

I sighed and then looked back up at the clouds.

”No apologies? ”

I shook my head and enjoyed the atmosphere.

I was planning on living peacefully from now on and just enjoy life.

”Since you
e up now, its time to get training. ” Father said while sitting at his desk



”You look confused. ”

Uh? I am? Amnesia don you remember?

”I forgot that you forgot. ”

”In 2 months, you have to go to Knight Academy for 2 years. ”


”Don worry, your sister has to attend it as well. ”

”When Percy is 16, hell have to attend it too. ”

”Now go to the training grounds, youll have to make up for lost time. Im sure your body remembers how to use the sword even if your mind doesn . Haha! ”

What about my peaceful life…

Soon after I was at the training area with Irene. Father had forgotten that I didn know where it was, so he took me. I think he also wanted to observe if I could still fight.

Well, not to brag, but I was pretty good at fighting. The only people Ive lost to were these big, massive, dudes who were probably geniuses at fighting.

”You and Irene will fight. ”

I wasn afraid to hit a woman, in fact, they were some of the scarier people Ive had to fight.

I got into stance.

”Now, grab your swords. ”



I have no **ing idea how to use a sword.

”Huh? Kai, did you forget how to use a sword? ”

”Nonsense, Irene! His body would never forget! ”

Father threw me a wooden sword and I caught it.

Um, I think I was **ed?

”Now get into your stances! ”

I didn know any sword stances.

Holding the sword, it was obvious I had no clue what I was doing, but father thought differently.

”Did you pick up a new stance, Kai? ”

”Well, whatever. Fight! ”


Irene immediately rushed in and did a big side slash.

I was hit directly, it hurt like hell. The amount of power in her strike had made me slide over 10 meters. Obviously, I dropped the sword.

”Huh? ”

”Huh? ”

Both of them were confused.

Don Huh? me!? If anything, I should be the one Huhing! It **ing hurts! I wanted to scream it hurt so bad.

My hand was on where I got hit, I think I broke a few bones or something.

”Kai? ”

”Did… You forget how to use a sword? ” Father asked

No shit.

I nodded my head.

”Fuck. ”

FUCK!? Why are you the one saying Fuck!?

The physician came and bandaged me up.

”Sorry Kai. ”

”Sorry Kai. ”

Both father and Irene looked apologetic.

I just looked away.

”But Im surprised, you got hit directly from my attack and you didn fall. ”

Ill never fall even when Im dead. I wanted to say that, but I just kept quiet.

”So… Why did you have him fight, Duke Steel? ”

”You couldn have perhaps thought that… ”

Father gulped

”His body would remember how to fight? Would you? ”

”N-N-Not at all, Marcus. ”

What was the relationship between these two? I thought Father said the dukes family only loses to the royal family.

Father cleared his throat

”E-hem, looks like youll have to learn the best you can in 2 months then. ”


Was he crazy?

How could I learn how to use a sword in 2 months?

”Ill call Kevin to help you learn. ”

Whos Kevin? I had a curious look on my face and Irene mustve caught on.

”Youve probably forgotten, but Kevin is the captain of the dukes knights. ”

I nodded my head in thanks to Irenes answer

”Kai needs to rest for now. ”

”Hes broken a few ribs. ” Marcus said sternly

”He can he only has 2 months to learn the sword. ”

Eh? I mean personally I could easily continue because thats how I used to do it. Even if I had broken a bone, I wasn allowed to just take a break. But I don live like that anymore, so, I was trying to side with Marcus here.

I nodded my head towards Marcus

”See! Hes saying that he can continue! Ill go call Kevin! ” Father said with excitement as he left


When the ** did I say that?

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