Chapter 5 - Slowly

Kevin arrived at the training grounds shortly after. Father had to go do something so he couldn come with him apparently.

Irene had already started her solo training a little bit away from us, I could see her doing some fancy footwork and swinging her sword.

”So, youve lost your memories, Kai? ”

I nodded my head, though I never knew how to use a sword in the first place.

”So, we
e starting from zero. Hm. ”

”Well, thats okay, Ill teach you slowly. ”

Was he a godsend? Im sure father would have just kept hitting me with a sword and said Ill remember if I get hit or something like that.

Kevin gave me a wooden sword.

”Get into stance. ”

I held the sword and tried to get into a stance.

”No, not like that, spread your feet apart more. ”

After I did as he asked, he still said I was doing it wrong.

He noticed I probably wouldn know by just telling me, so he helped me get in a stance.

”Alright, now remember this position, this is the basic stance of our swordsmanship. ”

I memorized the stance and nodded my head.

”Alright, good, now. Defend. ”


He picked up a sword and began to rush me.


He swung; I instantly dropped the sword after he knocked it away.

Then he continued his attack, he swung at my body, and it hurt like hell.

”Never drop your sword, every time you drop it, Ill hit you. ”

Was he a devil?

He picked up my sword and threw it at me while telling me to get in stance again.

I mustve been hit over 100 times by now, every time I dropped the sword I would get hit once. My body hurt like a bitch. Could you even call this training? It was more like punishment; I haven been this injured since I fought against 10 people in a row.

”You keep dropping your sword. ”

He constantly sounded like he was belittling me. Though I was used to it, I was getting annoyed. There was only so much bullshit I could take.

”Is that really all you got? ”

”You used to be pretty good with the sword, but now. You
e just weak. ”

”Shut up… ”

”Huh? Did you say something? ”

”I said shut the ** up and attack me. ”

I was ready in stance.

”Oh? Is your personality coming back? ”

He rushed and did another side slash.

I tried to block it, but he was too fast, his attack sent me probably over 10 meters to the right. But I didn drop the sword. Even though my hands were bleeding and the handle was bloody, I didn drop it.

”You held on to it? ”

”Impressive. ”

”But you should save the death glare until you can actually beat me. ”

I was glaring at him; my breathing was heavy and my whole body ached. But I stood tall, no matter how much I was beaten I would never fall.

”Now can you endure this!? ”

He rushed me again; he swung his sword in a fast succession.

I was able to block the first attack but the second knocked my sword away, he hit me again.

”Was it a fluke before? ”

I wanted to punch this **er once.

I picked up the sword again and he charged once more.

I thought he would do another slash, but he stabbed, his wooden sword hit my chest and I coughed up some blood. I dropped my sword.

I picked up my sword and got into stance again.

It was a miracle I was still able to move, I was fading in and out of consciousness. I was practically fighting on pure willpower.

I knew I sucked at the sword; I knew I wouldn be able to learn how to fight with a sword fast. But I really wanted to punch this **er.

He charged at me again.

”Brother! ” I could hear a distant yell. But I ignored it.

I swung my sword. This was the first time I swung it.

It was slow, sloppy, and predictable. Kevin easily blocked it.

”Is that it!? ”

The sword flung out of my hands; I didn need it anymore. I was close enough.

With the remaining strength I had, I swung my fist.

It connected with his cheek.

It didn have much power at all, but I was able to hit the **er once. I was happy.

I faded out of consciousness.

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