Chapter 6 - But surely...

”Hes waking up! ”

”Why do you keep getting injured? ”

”Brother are you okay?! ”

As I opened my eyes, I could see that Percy and Irene were there. How long have they been there? Were they worried about me?

”How are you feeling? ”

It was Kevin, he was sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed.

I slowly looked around and tried to sit up

”Ah, brother! You shouldn sit up yet! ”

Ah, **! It hurt like hell, moving my body at all hurt.

”6 broken ribs, fractures in too many places to count, what is wrong with your heads!? ”

It was Marcus, he seemed worried.

”Haah, you
e lucky your father is calling a priest. ”

Priest? Like the ones who worship God? What would they do for me?

I had a confused look and Irene mustve noticed it.

”You forgot that too!? A priest can heal you quicker. You won be fully healed but it reduces the amount of time drastically. ”

I sighed, it hurt like hell.

”Young Master Kai, first of all, I would just like to say Im sorry. ”

It was Kevin, he was apologizing while bowing his head.

I just shrugged my shoulders; I didn care much. I got to hit him after all.

”Hahaha! Thats the right mindset Kai! ”

”And don be sorry, Kevin! I told you to do it! ”

It was father, he entered the room laughing with a priestess next to his side.

”Stop encouraging that! ” Marcus yelled at father.

”God… What am I gonna do with you strange family of people. ”

The priestess looked at Marcus for a brief second but then started to speak.

”Everyone please back up. ”

Once everyone backed up, she had come to the side of the bed.

”Mr. Kai, could you please face away from me? ”

I faced away.

Before I knew it, she put her hands on my bandaged back and started to chant something.

”Holy goddess of life, please hear my plea and bless this individual with healing. ”

I could feel my back start to tingle and start to get cold.

This feeling felt surreal, I couldn explain it if I tried.

After a few minutes, she took her hands off my back.

”That should be all. ”

”Itll take about 2 weeks for you to heal fully, Id advise against strenuous activity. ”

”Thank you, Ms. Priestess! ” Percy had bowed

”It is the Goddesss will to heal those in need. ” She smiled

I nodded my head in thanks.

After that, the room slowly emptied again, until it was just me and Percy.

”Brother, are you okay? ”

I nodded my head.

”Irene said you didn fall even after you went unconscious, is that true? ”

I don know, I was unconscious. But it was probably true, thats how I got my nickname Unfallen after all.

”Do you need any water or anything brother? ”

I shook my head.

”Alright, Ill get going then. Get well soon, brother. ”

As he was leaving, I spoke.

”Kai. ”

”Call me Kai. ”

He looked back immediately like he couldn believe what he was hearing.

”A-Are you sure!? ”

I nodded my head.

”No take-backsies! ”

I waved him goodbye, and he left.

That lady said Id be healed in 2 weeks? I hope I won be bedridden for all that time again.

2 days later and I could move, there was still some slight pain, but it was nothing.

Irene and Percy visited me a couple times and had some one-sided conversations with me during that time.

No one knew I was up and moving yet so when I exited my room a maid accidentally dropped a few pieces of paper.

”Y-Y-Young Master, y-you
e up and moving? ”

”O-Oh, sorry! ”

She began to pick up the files quickly.

I crouched down and picked up a paper before giving it to her.

”Y-You picked it up f-for me, Y-Y-Young M-Master? ”

I just handed her the paper and left.

I didn like how much they stuttered when talking to me. All the past Kai did was say Shut up. or Fuck off. Why were they so scared?

I decided to head to the garden, the fresh air felt comfortable.

As I was laying down and enjoying the breeze, I heard of voice from behind me.

e up already, Kai? ”

It was Irene.

I nodded my head.

She sat next to me.

”It really was impressive though, you looked just like father at the time. ”

”Standing your ground like that, it was pretty cool. ”

I looked at her, she seemed happy.

”Though, how do you faint while standing. I just don get it, hahaha! ” She started to laugh

How do I faint while standing? It was a question I got asked often in my previous life. I had always kept quiet whenever someone asked that, but the true answer was, I had no **ing idea. It just kindve happens, I don want to fall, so I don fall. Simple as that.

We enjoyed the breeze together for a little longer before Percy came to us.

”Kai! Irene! Thats where you were! ”

”Are you two enjoying the wind without me!? ”

”Then why don you join us. ”

”I will! ”

Irene and Percy talked for a little more while I just laid down and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Was this what it was like to have family? Surprisingly it felt quite nice. I think I might get addicted to this feeling.

I closed my eyes while thinking about that and slept.

”Kais asleep! ”

”Thats when we should quiet down Percy. ”

”Oh! You
e right. ”

They started to whisper

”I like that Kais spending more time with us! ”

”Whisper, and… Me too. ”

”He was always so busy before. ”

”He must have a lot on his mind. ”

”Or maybe he might have nothing on his mind, he did lose his memories after all. ”

”Haha! ”

”Goodnight, Kai, Irene. ”

”Goodnight. ”

When I woke up, Percy was sleeping on my arm and Irene was sleeping to my right. Did they join me for a nap? The breeze did feel quite nice after all.

I thought about getting up, but I decided to just enjoy the wind for a few more minutes.

About an hour later Percy and Irene were both up.

”Kai! Irene! Howd you sleep? ”

I gave a thumbs up gesture while Irene said with a smile

”The best Ive slept in a long time. ”

”How about you Percy? ”

”It was the best sleep ever! ”

”Haha, thats good. ”

I got up and yawned

It seemed to cause a chain-reaction of yawns, because next Percy yawned and then Irene yawned.

I was feeling better than before already, that healing thing was really useful.

A few minutes after, the three of us went separate ways. Percy had to go to his teacher, while Irene went to train.

I decided to walk around the manor a bit more.

”Y-Young Master, good afternoon. ”

A maid I walked past suddenly said.

Her eyes were shut tight, and she looked nervous.

Ah, he still doesn like us. the maid thought, until she opened her eyes.

I gave her a nod and then left.

”Maybe…not? ”

I walked past a few more of the servants who kept giving their greetings. What was with the sudden change? I mean it worked out better for me because they started to stutter less, but I was kindve curious.

The next day I felt even better, I was fine enough to move my arms easily. So, I decided to head to the training grounds. On my way there though, I was greeted a lot by the passing servants, I had given them all a nod back, but they seemed happy for some reason.

When I arrived at the training grounds, Irene was already there training. It seemed like Kevin was helping her out a bit.

I decided not to bother them and quietly grabbed a sword.

Lets see… Was it like this? I got into the stance I learned before and started to swing my sword.

It seemed like Irene and Kevin, both noticed me because as soon I started swinging, they ran over.

”Ah! Kai! You shouldn train yet! ”

”Young Master! You shouldn train yet! ”

They both said simultaneously.

I looked at them, tilted my head a bit, then went back to swinging the sword.

”Stop! ”

Irene grabbed the sword from my hand

e too injured to train right now! ”

But I felt fine? It only felt like I was beaten up the day before, this was nothing serious. And plus, if I were to fight anyone at that knight academy or whatever Id definitely lose.

I just shrugged my shoulders.

Father walked in at that moment

”Let him train! Hahaha! ”

”Hell be fine! He inherited my metabolism! ”

”But Father! ”

”If he thinks hes fine enough to train, then hes fine enough. I trust my son. You should try trusting him a little more. ”

Irene looked defeated; she couldn say anything in retort to that. She hesitantly gave me back the sword.

e fine, right!? ”

I nodded my head.

”Okay… I trust you. You
e my brother after all. ”

I got into stance again and kept swinging.

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