Chapter 7 - Break

Kevin and Irene continued their training but kept an eye on me. They were probably worried. Father went back to his office, and I continued to swing.

How long has it been since Ive tried to get stronger?

In my previous life I would never have done much, I didn punch the air, I didn hit a punching bag. I was in actual fights. Of course, I did a little bit of exercise, but it wasn much. I didn have the time.

But now, I was training. I was swinging, trying to perfect my swing. I was running laps and training my body.

It felt good. I wasn getting stronger purely so I could survive anymore.

I didn stop swinging my sword until it was time for dinner.

There was a huge table, Father was seated at the head of it, while Irene and Percy were sitting on the sides. I took a seat.

”Hows your training going Kai? ” Father asked

”G-. ” I was about to speak, but then I just gave a thumbs up in response.

It wasn easy to talk.

”I see. ”

”How about you Irene? ”

”Its been good, Father. Kevin is a great instructor. ”

I gave a confused look for a brief moment before looking around.

”Thats good. Hows about you, Percy? ”

”Its good! Ive been learning the noble etiquette! ”



Do I have to do that too?

I must have had a very confused look on my face because all three of them started to look at me.

”…You have to relearn that as well… ”

”Oh, dear brother… I pray for your well-being. ”

”Don worry brother!! Youll learn fast! ”

I sighed. Learning manners was vastly different than learning how to fight.

The servants brought food to the table.

For the past few days, Ive been eating soup, and I was fine with that. It was delicious anyways. But what they brought to the table was a big steak with potatoes. It looked **ing good.

My mouth watered.

”You have to eat well to train well Kai! ” Father said loudly but then started to eat.

Everyone else started to eat as well.

But there was one problem.

They were all eating in some fancy way, cutting up the steak into even smaller strips than it already was.


Did I have to eat like that too? It seemed pointless; the food all went to the same place anyway.

”You can eat it however you want for now Kai. ”

Father knew I was confused.

In my previous life, on the rare chance I was able to eat meat, I would eat with my hands like a beast.

Though there was no way I could do that in this atmosphere.

I decided to use the utensils and put a whole mouth-sized piece of steak in my mouth. I also ate the potatoes at the same time.

The other three became concerned.

”Sorry Kai, we didn know we were starving you… ”


Was there a problem with the way I was eating now? I was holding myself back a lot, you know? Whatever, I kept eating.

After we all finished eating Father began to speak.

”Looks like well have you take lessons with Percy as well Kai. ”


”Well have to teach you some noble etiquette before knight school. ”

Why did noble etiquette matter at a school to teach you how to fight?

”Youll have to keep your basic manners; you and Irene will be representing our family after all. ”

This guy was getting good at knowing what I was thinking.

I sighed.

Whatever, I can do that at the very least.

Father signaled to a servant

”Call Kevin and Jane, well have them make a schedule. ”

”Looks like well be learning together, Kai! ”

I nodded.

Irene left to train, and soon after Kevin and Jane arrived together.

After a couple minutes, Kevin and Jane found a schedule for me. Id be learning the sword from when the sun rises to when it starts to get dark and learning etiquette and the basic knowledge I needed from then until the moon was at its highest.

With this schedule I would practically be training and learning from when I woke up until I went to sleep. This was probably going to be painful.

The next day training officially started.

”I think instead of focusing on your swings, for now you should work on your footwork. ”

I tilted my head in confusion.

”No matter how I see it, even if you were a genius at the sword, 2 months is not long enough to be able to beat a trained person in a duel. ”

”Thats why I want to focus on your stamina, and footwork. ”

It made sense, itd also be easier for me because I at least somewhat knew how to move around in a fight.

I thought so at least. That was until he suddenly moved very quickly and left and his boot imprints on the ground.

”Now just follow the footsteps. ”

There were a bunch of jumbled up footsteps on the ground.

”Easy enough, right? ”

No. It was **ing not.

Every time I messed up a movement, hed tell me to restart from the beginning. He even said if I wasn so injured right now, hed be hitting me instead.

So, I guess I was thankful for that?

The sun went down, and the sky blackened, it was time for me to go learn some etiquette.

”Kai! Well be learning together from today on huh? Ill be in your care! ”

It was Percy, he greeted me with a smile.

I nodded my head.

This should be easy enough, even Percy could do it.

Spoiler alert. It wasn .

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