Chapter 8 - The Town

”Wrong. ”

”Wrong. ”

”Wrong. ”

This was more painful than learning the footwork.

At first, she slowly taught me how to bow, and eat properly. That was easy enough, though I couldn perfectly copy the actions I could at least look a little proper.

But the real problem was when she started teaching us history, math, and how to maintain the land. The math I could just barely do, my previous life was coming in handy for that.

But history and maintaining the land? I had no **ing idea about.

She had asked us questions in order, it would go me and then Percy. Percy was able to answer most of the questions correctly while I on the other hand, was completely **ed.

”Its okay, Kai. ”

Percy tried to comfort me.

I just put my head down on the table.

”Kai! No putting your head down. ”

But she wouldn let us.

It was hell.

The next day, and the days after that went by similarly; practicing the footwork, learning about whatever nobles needed to learn about.

I wasn allowed to take any breaks. I was supposed to go to the knight academy in 2 months and I had things I needed to learn.

It was about 2 weeks into training when my father called me to his office.

I knocked on the door.

”Come in. ”

Entering the room, I bowed. It wasn perfect, but it was good enough.

”Looks like Janes treating you well. ”

I wanted to violently shake my head no, but she was teaching me. As painful as it was, she was patient.

”Take a break from training today. ”

I was shocked, the man who constantly told me to train had told me to take a break.

I immediately nodded my head in excitement.

I already knew what I was going to do.

Visit the garden. That place was my favorite place in the manor, the breeze, the flowers, the trees, it all felt great.

”Take a visit to the town. ”


”Ill send Kevin with you. Walk around and learn about the people. ”


I don want to.

”Shall we go, Young Master? ”

It was Kevin, he was in front of a fancy-looking carriage.

I sighed then hopped in the carriage.

Kevin entered soon after me, it was just me, him, and the driver.

Percy wanted to join me, but father told him no.

I was looking out the window when Kevin started to speak.

”Its a nice place isn it, Young Master? ”

I nodded my head.

It really was a nice place. It was very clean, the roads were well kept, and the trees looked full of life.

”It wasn always like this. ”

Hm? I tilted my head in confusion.

”Before your father, Duke Steel took over the territory, this place was awful. The people were very sad, poor, and just like the land, unkempt. ”

Unkempt? What a weird word.

”But once he arrived, he brought life to the territory. The people were once again happy, and the land became rich. ”

”Your father, he would personally help build the town as well, the people all love him. ”

”Then a few years later, you were born. ”

”I was just a commoner back then, one of this lands people. ”

”I remember the day you were born, everyone in town had celebrated. Your father was that great of a man. ”

Why was Kai hanging out with gangsters then? After listening to Kevin speak, it was clear that my father was a great man, who loved Kai. I couldn understand why Kai would hang out with the urchins then?

We still had a little bit before we reached the town. I decided to speak.

”…What was I like… Before I lost my memories…? ”

Kevin opened his eyes wide for a moment before beginning to speak.

”What you were like, Young Master? ”

”Hmm, Ill tell you everything I know. ”

”I became a knight around the time you were born, and only was able to be alongside the duke after you turned 5. ”

”You had a great, vibrant personality. You were very talkative, and kind to everyone. ”

”…Until you turned 10. ”

I looked at him with an unchanging expression.

”When you turned 10, you suddenly disappeared for a day. ”

”It caused mass panic. ”

”Your father, the knights, and even the townspeople had looked for you constantly until the next day. ”

”I had found you sitting underneath a tree the next day. ”

”You had a very blank expression. ”

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”Y-Y-Young Master! ”

”Are you okay?! ”

Kai did not look at Kevin.

”Here, come with me! ”

Kevin had picked up the young Kai. And ran to Duke Steel.

”D-Duke! I found him! ”

Duke Steel had looked over and cried, he ran towards Kevin and Kai.

”Kai! ”

Taking Kai from Kevins arms, Duke Steel suddenly talked with a frantic voice.

”Kai! Are you okay!? ”

”Kai? ”

Kai did not speak, nor did he look at the duke.

Duke Steel quickly brought Kai to Marcus.

”Marcus! Is he okay?! ”

After checking Kai, Marcus looked towards the duke.

”He has no injuries. ”

Duke Steel breathed a sigh of relief

”Kai… Where did you go? ”

A young Irene, an even younger Percy, Marcus, Kevin, and Duke Steel looked at him.

Kai looked into Duke Steels eyes for the first time.

They hadn noticed it before, but now it was way clearer. The forever-smiling Kai was no longer smiling. Instead, he had a blank expression on his face.

Everyone in the room was surprised, their eyes were wide open. They could only think of what could have happened to Kai, but there were no clues. Unless Kai said something theyd have no idea.

Suddenly Kais eyes began to water.

He cried.

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