Chapter 9 - New Skill

”To this day I have no clue what happened after that. ”

”Your father had brought you to his office alone. ”

”He hasn spoken to anyone about what happened that day. ”

”But after that day, your usual vibrant personality was gone. Youve had the same personality you have now since then. ”

”Though its gotten way better since youve woken u- ”

”Im sorry Young Master, I misspoke. ”

I looked off into the window.

Kai was like Percy then? What changed after his 10th birthday? I couldn imagine what had happened.

We heard a sudden knock on the drivers window. I opened the window and the driver spoke.

”Young Master, We
e here. ”

Kevin and I got off the carriage.

”Ill be back for you when it starts to get dark. ”

”Thank you for taking us. ” Kevin spoke

”Stay safe, Young Master. ”

The driver drove off.

”Shall we look around, Young Master? ”

I nodded my head.

I was wearing some comfy clothes the servants had picked out for me, while Kevin was wearing his uniform.

As we walked around, I could feel some strange looks at me.

According to Kevin, I stayed around the gangsters, but I never did anything. All I did was ignore people, and occasionally tell someone to ** off.

The town looked bright and bustling. There were kids playing around and having fun, and people conversating everywhere.

It was completely different than how I lived before.

Suddenly I felt a bump on my stomach. It was a kid who accidentally bumped into me and fell down.

”Im sorry. ” He said before looking at me

I looked down at him and extended my hand. I could see some adults running over towards me.

The kid looked at me

”Y-Young Master Kai!? ”

e sorry Young Master Kai! It won happen again. ” I could hear the adults scream halfway to me.

”…Are you okay? ” I decided to ask. My hand was extended to help him up.

The adults who were running before suddenly stopped and everyone who was looking at the scene became quiet. They all had a shocked expression on their faces.

”Are… You helping me up? ” The boy asked with a scared expression.

I thought about nodding my head but suppressed the urge. I wasn living the life I had before, I need to change a little at least.

”…Yes… ”

Kevin was watching the whole situation unfold.

The boy took my hand I helped him up.

”T-Thank you. ”

The boys hand was injured.

”…Hand. ”

”H-Huh? ”

I gave a gesture for him to show me his hand and he did.

”This is nothing, Young Master! ”

”I-Im sorry for bumping into you! ”

As he started to say that, I had already pulled a handkerchief out of my pocket. Jane taught me to always keep two on me.

I wrapped my handkerchief around his injury and tied it.

Putting my hand on his head I spoke again.

”…No problem. ”

I walked off and everyone who was looking stood still. Even Kevin looked shocked before I looked at him and nodded for him to come along.

I had always felt bad for kids. The ones who were growing up in my previous life all hadn had the chance to be happy. Thats different here though. Everyone looked so happy. It makes me want to protect this place.

”Young Master? ”

We walked along the road for a little bit before Kevin spoke.

I looked at him and tilted my head.

”Nothing, never mind. ”

Kevin had a smile on his face, I could barely hear him speak, but he whispered to himself.

”The duke will be happy… ”

We walked around for a little more before Kevin started to speak.

”Young Master, should we get something to eat? ”

I looked at him, then looked to my left. It seemed we were in front of an inn, Kevin probably got hungry smelling the food.

I nodded my head, then walked inside the inn. It was called Monsoon Inn.

After I walked in, there were a bunch of people who looked at me, I ignored them and went to the counter and looked at the menu. Kevin followed.

”Y-Young Master. ” The cashier seemed nervous.

There were a bunch of different kinds of food names, though, I had no clue what any of them were. I decided to just point to a random name.

Kevin ordered as well.

”Y-your food will be right out! ”

Kevin and I went to sit at an empty table, the place was pretty quiet after I walked in.

Soon after we sat down, the person from before brought our plates to the table.

Kevin had gotten some sort of meat meal, while I got some sort of soup.

I nodded to the server and began to eat.

The server quickly moved away from our table and went back behind the counter.

The food was pretty delicious, though it wasn better than the food at the manor this was still really good.

After eating a bunch of the soup with a spoon, I kind of got too lazy to continue to eat that way. I picked up the bowl and just drank the rest of it.

The people around looked shocked, but I didn care. It was good.

Kevin also finished his meal a bit after me.

”Young Master, you know you shouldn eat like that right? ”

I shrugged my shoulders; I would do it again if I had more.

Kevin and I went to the counter, and he paid for the meal.

”T-Thank you for your patronage! ”

The cashier bowed as we started to walk out.

Kevin exited the building and I decided to stop before I left.

I looked back towards the cashier and spoke.

”…Thank you for the food… It was good. ”

And with that I left.

Everyone in the store had a shocked look on their faces.

Kevin and I had walked back to where we started and the carriage was there.

”How was the town, Young Master? ” The driver asked

I looked at him and just gave a simple thumbs up before entering the carriage.

”Thats good. ” The driver smiled

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