Unfortunate travels

Chapter 2: Saved Then Enslaved

Never imagine a happy beginning or a happy ending; they aren real and if they are, then you have a silver platter in your hand. But this, its not about happiness, now is it?… No, not really.

”With a strand of this and a strand of that, must let it grow. Then add something new and let it bloom. ” ~Mēkā


Hired men.

Hard working inventive men.

Strange men.

Yes. Strange men.

These strange men, not just any type of men, but gnomes. They were hired to create rare species, creatures, under the order of the elfin prince himself. Searching for a medical cure for his mothers illness. The elfin prince ended up going too far with this experimental job. To the point that the gnomes had ended up making profit off of these rare and soon to be beautiful creations. Selling off every other dozen projects to warlords, wizards/mages, elfs, and wolves, as well as several other races. These creations were now test subjects and imprisoned to slave traders. Making these new born creatures suffer a path that is unbearable to imagine.

Years had gone by now and the princes mother was cured. Her illness had vanished along with her pain, but worry crept in about her sons experiments. After hearing and seeing her concerns he shuts down the projects, making a mess between the gnomes and elfin kingdom. The struggle between the two became noticeable and made a ripple effect in the two lands. Making trade becomes difficult for many trade makers. Many had left to find a better lifestyle for their growing families. But it was never going to be the same, not like it used to.

After 13 years experimenting, the knights went to the lab to dispose of it. With the prince leading the troops for destruction, they were, for some reason, too late. Almost, seeing everything trashed and tarnished, as if someone or something was looking for information. The knights try to uncover the unknown truth to it all, by investigating the lab. Seeing test subjects and gnomes wounded, injured, and dead they collected the bodies. Laying the decaying bodies side by side the men split into small groups.

In the corner of the lab there was movement and noise. This made everyone stop what they were doing and face the source of the sound. For the first response to it, no one moves. The prince takes the first step, the first cautious steps towards the sound in the corner of the room. There in the corner was a cabin door ripped off its hinges broken in threes, messily fallen on a cage. The cage is surrounded by broken beakers and vials that once had chemicals in them.

A knight stops his highness and says he will check it. The prince nods in slight defeat with a quiet sigh, letting his knight to continue. The knight cautiously lifts one of the broken pieces of wood off the cage. Getting a closer look, there was already damage to the cage. As if something was trying to get to the thing thats inside. He drops the wood to the side and does the same to the other pieces. The prince and knights saw something that they thought was impossible. Something that was rare and nearly extinct: a hybrid.

Shaking in the cage that would be used for animals, the small hybrid tries to hide in the very visible cage. The knight binds down with a gentle present, he searches the cage for the opening. With no success he stands up and talks to the other knights.

”It looks like a mad man came in here. ” A knight shared.

”Did you see that creature? ” as another had asked.

”Yeah. I couldn tell if there was or not, but I thought I saw three tails? ” the first knight had questioned, trying to recall what he saw.

”Did you see if there was a door to remove it from? ” a fourth knight had asked while taking a few steps towards the cage.

”Your highness? What would you like us to do with the bodies? ” a knight coming inside had asked with another coming in with him, taking a few steps into the lab room.

”Burn or bury. But either way we have to get rid of this lab so no one else can take this knowledge. ” The prince let out a sigh of frustration while looking around the room for more clues. Then leaves the two men and heads over to another small huddle of men.

”What do you mean tubes? Theres nothing on it. ” A knight claims

”Yeah if anything it would be chains. ” one of the other knights call out.

”Theres noth- ” one starts to say but is cut off by his highness.

”You three. Take the cage out then put it in the carriage. Is that clear? ” The prince orders.

”Yes sir ” the men say in unison.

”Cover it once its in the carriage. ” he calls out as he turns around to pick up files and goes through them.

The men head off and do what they were told to. The three of them lift the cage and carry it out. In the process of this movement, the loud noises end up startling and scaring it. The hybrid starts growling and hissing, making its panic frame to puff out and look intimidating. Pushing itself into the corner of the cage more trying to seem bigger inside its cage. In spite of this reaction one of the three men snickers then pretends to be scared of the young creature.

After the laughs and chuckles the men place the cage in the back of the carriage. One takes their cape and throws it over the cage and then leaves, going inside. With them escaping the slightly cold air, theres no one else outside. The cape didn do much because the cold air still nipped at the hybrids nose. It whines and shivered trying to find some type of warmth that was nonexistent. Its cries became louder but then there was silence in the air.

The elfin knights and prince stopped investigating, then the spell casting. Realizing the loud cries were gone, the once chanting men turned into gasps once outside. The scene before them made them angry because their carriage was damaged and the bodies of the gnomes were moved. The knight that left his cape was ripped apart and slithering across the lightly covered in white ground. This made him snap his head towards the carriage and run to it, then slide to a stop seeing something in the shadows.

A growling noise comes from behind the carriage and a slightly taller figure appears from the shadows. One step towards the men, making the guard that was closer to the carriage step back. The creature steps again then a few more steps, until he is out from the shadows. The once standing so close knight is now in a fighting stance guarding the prince. The creature stood taller than the knights by a few inches as they stood close to 6 0-65, but the creature stood at a 66. As they see this 66 man come out of the shadows with torn shorts on and a cloak over his shoulders. The men saw the beast, with his moonlight black fur that covered most of his body. His mouth that is the same as a wolf, with legs that are the same as an animals, and arms that go down almost touching his knees. His body was big enough to strike down at least three men in one blow with just his nails, that are sharp as knives.

”What do you want, you unwelcome beast!? ” The knight in a fighting stance calls out. Removing his sword from its holder, then lifts his sword higher. The so-called beast growls then looks down at his arm, holding the now unconscious hybrid.

With a rough voice he asks. ”Why should I have a reason when you have a lab of experiments? And to top it off, have ill creatures with no chance to see tomorrow. ” He stops briefly while gently rubbing the small hybrids cheek to feel if its still living. ”Why would you do this if you were going to sell them off or kill them? ” He growls the last few words and steps forward.

”Stay back you foul beast! ” The knight yelled, making the others ready their swords and arrows. A few hold their hands out ready to cast a spell, as his highness stands tall ready to speak.

”Beast? ” With a small half hearted laugh he looks up from the child, tilting his head to the side staring at the knights. ”Im a wolf, elfin, and barbarian. I am not a beast. If anything, you fools are. ”

In a flash he was in front of the prince, in the process of this he knocked a few of the knights out. Then with his free hand he grabbed the prince by the neck lifting him up. With the struggle of his highness he tried to look the wolf man in the eyes with his dark blue eyes. The wolf-man growls one last time before throwing his highness away towards his knights that were standing ready to attack. Then just like that, he was gone in a blink of an eye, leaving the unconscious men in the cold.

A couple of hours later the knights and the prince finally came to and quickly got up. Once up, they hastily check their surroundings then remember what had happened before they were taken out. In anger, his highness finally realized what had happened here to this lab. He stormed into the lab with one of the lanterns that they came with. He looks down at his hand then across the room, staring at the lab that had been ripped apart by the beast, he then throws the lantern at the wall with a loud, angry scream. The knights flinch and step back from the door. His highness steps out from the lab as smoke follows him. The knights look up then bow their heads. One knight speaks up as he takes a step towards his highness.

”My prince please rest assured, we will put a bounty on his head and hunt him down for you. Just say when and it will happen. ” The knight said with reason, as the others raised their heads to the prince.

”We go now. I want that creature back. ” The prince seethes with anger as he storms off towards one of the horses and gets on. ”And I want the bastards head on my wall ” he turns the horse to face his men. ”Leave everything else, well have someone else take care of it! Now get on a horse, we leave now! Understood? ” With that the men responded with a ”yes sir ” then with that they followed his highness, getting on their horses and going back to the castle. He orders his knights to gather more horses and men for their awaited journey. Off hunting the beast, and collecting the child.

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