Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 11: Silencing

Chapter 10: Giving Him a Dose of His Own Medicine

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Currently, Wan Donghai was regretting that he did not send people to investigate the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. He remained passive as the situation was unclear. But he never expected something to happen to Liu An who had concealed himself so well.

”Ma-Manor Lord, sa-save me. ” Liu An groaned and currently was lying feebly on the ground.

Liu Ans words, as if it triggered Wan Donghais sensitive nerves, made him frown even harder, almost like an upside down eight. 1

”Yiii? Manor Lord, why do I feel as if this friend over here knows you? ” Ye Yuan acted as if he just realized somethings odd.

He purposely said these words loudly so that everyone could hear them. Other people naturally felt nothing when they heard him, but these words held a different meaning in Wan Donghais ears.

Wan Donghai felt extreme hatred in his heart, yet he displayed a nonchalant attitude. ”Honorable Nephew, you must be joking. This Wan can be considered to have some fame within the Imperial City. My Drunken Star Manor also saved many demonic beast hunters before. Naturally, it isnt strange for him to recognize me. ”

Ye Yuan came to a realization and said, ”So thats the case! But when I brought this friend over here, Ive never mentioned that he is a demonic beast hunter. How did Manor Lord Wan manage to tell with one glance? This nephew is impressed by Manor Lord Wans sharp eyes. ”

Initially, the crowd was still unclear about whats going on. But after Ye Yuans insinuation, everyone suddenly understood what was going on, resulting in an awkward atmosphere.

Liu An was only an Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm martial artist. It was not odd for him to recognize Wan Donghai, but for Wan Donghai to recognize him as a demonic beast hunter at a glance was definitely something unusual.

However, this did not mean Wan Donghai cannot get to know demonic beast hunters. On the contrary, he knew several of them. However, with his status, the demonic beast hunters he knew were all at least Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists and outstanding ones at that. How could Wan Donghai recognize a small fry like Liu An?

There was not a wall in this world which did not have a crack. There had always been rumors about the Drunken Star Manor sending people to infiltrate demonic beast hunter teams and killing their companions. It was just that there was never any evidence found. Furthermore, the Drunken Star Manor was extremely powerful and had helped many demonic beast hunters. Hence, these rumors had always remained as just hearsay.

Ye Yuan intentionally baited Wan Donghai by purposely creating inconsistencies with what was said. This made it as if Wan Donghai had something to hide, which left the crowd to their imaginations.

At this point, Wan Donghai felt as if there were tens of thousands of horses galloping across his heart, yet he was unable to stop Ye Yuan at all. Ye Yuan purposely blew the matter out of proportion so that Wan Donghai would spare the rat to save the dishes, and not take action against him.

”Ha-Hahaha. Honorable Nephew misunderstood the situation. This person looks like he has some abilities, plus he is inflicted with a bizarre poison. Just a single glance and its clear there is an 80% chance he is a demonic beast hunter, ” Wan Donghai explained with a forced laugh.

Ye Yuans goal had been accomplished, so he did not choose to keep harping on it. Instead, he left the crowd to their own thoughts.

”So thats the case. Manor Lord Wan would have to forgive me. This Nephew, I, was just recently poisoned and nearly lost my life. Hence, the doubt. Maybe Im overthinking it. After all, those rumors are obviously nonsense. Oh right, weve been chatting for so long we almost forgot to save the patient. Just look at the expression in this friends eyes. Hes practically seeing Manor Lord Wan as his relative. Oops. Wrong. It is his savior. ” Ye Yuan messed around for some time before finally returning to the topic at hand.

In any case, its not like you have to pay with your life for grossing people to death. Ye Yuan naturally did not mind grossing Wan Donghai out a little more; he was also collecting some interest for his predecessor.

At this moment, Wan Donghai could not argue even with a hundred mouths; Ye Yuan would not give him the chance to do so either. Wan Donghai frowned as he looked at Liu An on the ground, and then instructed the servants, ”Men, bring this . . . Friend to the back hall. I will diagnose him- ”

Wan Donghai was only half-finished before being interrupted by Ye Yuan. ”Manor Lord Wan, cant you see how many friends came today. All of us just want to witness the splendor of Manor Lord Wans Alchemy Dao. Manor Lord Wan cannot disappoint us! Everyone says that Manor Lord Wan is the best in the capital, yet few had actually seen Manor Lord Wan demonstrate own skills. Hearing is deceiving, seeing is believing. Manor Lord Wan should just display own abilities, so everyone can broaden their horizons, as well as giving us juniors an opportunity to observe. Right, everyone? ”

The crowd came to watch a show, and with such a great show starting they naturally would not leave. Instead, they echoed their support.

Now that Wan Donghai was riding a tiger, he found it hard to get off. Looking at Ye Yuan, he wished he could hack him to pieces. At any rate, he was a grandmaster class figure. Who would have thought he would be cornered to such an extent in front of so many people by a junior?

Isnt it just a detoxification procedure? I will detoxify for you to see! Within the State of Qin, what poison was he unable to treat? Not to mention this poison was concocted by a junior like Ye Yuan.

Wan Donghai understood Ye Hang quite well. This matter was definitely not instigated by Ye Hang. That fellow always competed openly and with honor. Even if it was to make trouble, he would not send his own son. This was definitely all Ye Yuans idea.

Merely a silkpants. Did he expect he can flip the heavens?

Although there was nothing to be proud of with smacking a juniors face, since you already delivered yourself to the door, then isnt it a shame to not smack you?

Wan Donghai waved his long sleeve and instructed, ”Since everyones in such a good mood, I will detoxify this friend in front of everyone. Men, set him down. ”

Seeing this, the crowd acted as if they were on stimulants and flocked in at once. They really wanted to see how this super silkpants Ye Yuan, with his wide-spread notoriety, could challenge the Drunken Star Manors Manor Lord.

By this time, even a fool would not believe that Ye Yuan just happened to bump into Liu An on the streets. This poison was most likely concocted by Ye Yuan himself.

As for the person who got poisoned . . . even if it was not like in the rumors, he definitely had a close and intricate relationship with the Drunken Star Manor.

Many of those present were professionals. They already found out about what happened in the morning over at the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. Connecting the dots to the situation happening under their eyes, several brighter folks already guessed Ye Yuan came here to give the Manor Lord a dose of his own medicine.

. . . . . .

Wan Donghai looked at the half-dead Liu An and could not wait to kill him with a single blow. This incompetent thing not only failed to complete his mission but had also caused so much trouble for him.

At this moment, Liu An was already in agonizing pain, occasionally twitching, just like a dead fish.

Wan Donghai did not want to smash his own signboard. Hence, there was no choice but to save Liu An.

Wan Donghai occasionally lifted Liu Ans eyelids, sometimes took his pulse, and at times loosen up Liu Ans clothes to inspect his body. Tinkering for almost half the day, his heart gradually sunk to rock bottom; his brows locked even tighter together.

He was actually incapable of identifying any clues at all!

An Alchemy Grandmaster was actually unable to diagnose what poison the patient was inflicted with. This was completely inconceivable. Were it not for the fact Liu An was like a dead fish right now, Wan Donghai would even suspect that he was collaborating with Ye Yuan to tear down his stage.

”Big Brother, how is it? ” Looking at Wan Donghais knitted brows, Wan Dongyang had a bad premonition.

”Go, fetch my high-grade Detoxification Pill over, ” Wan Donghai instructed while gritting his teeth together as if he just made a difficult decision.

”What?! That high-grade Detoxification Pill was something you spent a great effort to refine; its intended for His Majesty. Now you want to use it on him? ” exclaimed Wan Dongyang.

”Just go since I asked you to! Whats with all the nonsense? ” Wan Donghai had already lost his patience at this point and became very irritable.

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