Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 12: Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian

Chapter 11: Silencing

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Wan Dongyang had never seen his big brother this anxious before. He did not dare to delay and quickly went to retrieve that high-grade Tier 3 Detoxification Pill.

Detoxification Pill was a universal type of pill which meant it could treat any poison. But as for its efficacy, it depended on exactly what sort of poison the person was inflicted with.

A Detoxification Pill could cure virtually any ordinary poison. Hence, it was the most widely used, as well as being one of the most practical pills.

In Ye Yuans eyes, Detoxification Pill was considered under the low-level category of pills. For this pill, there were several tiers; there were Tier 1 Detoxification Pill, Tier 2 Detoxification Pill, and all the way to Tier 5 Detoxification Pill. As for poisons above Tier 5, a Detoxification Pill was basically useless against them. That was because poisons above Tier 5 were either very unique or extremely rare; Detoxification Pills were ineffective on them.

This Detoxification Pill, refined by Wan Donghai, naturally was not an ordinary item within the State of Qin. This high-grade Tier 3 Detoxification Pill was his lifes most exceptional work. Not even Ye Hang could refine a Detoxification Pill of this grade.

Even though both were Alchemy Grandmasters, they had their own specializations. Ye Yuan knew that his father, Ye Hang, was inferior in terms of dealing with poisons. That was why Ye Hang could only let Ye Yuan consume a low-grade Tier 3 Detoxification Pill while Wan Donghai could take out a high-grade Tier 3 Detoxification Pill.

This Detoxification Pill essentially represented the pinnacle standard of this specialization within the State of Qin. Even the Imperial Uncle cannot be compared with Wan Donghai on this aspect.

When Wan Dongyang handed the pill over to Wan Donghai, his face twitched violently. To use such a pill on a lackey such as Liu An was a waste of Gods gifts.

Wan Donghai received the pill, looked at Ye Yuan, and gave a cold humph . Regardless of the result today, he was already bested by this junior.

Yet Ye Yuan just stood there watching Wan Donghai with a nonchalant expression.

Wan Donghai rolled his sleeves, and Liu An involuntarily sat up. Following this, Wan Donghais fingers rapidly jabbed Liu An with extreme speed. The crowd only saw an afterimage of fingers before hearing a series of puffing sounds.

Each of Wan Donghais finger jabs made Liu An groaned in anguish. As the last finger jab landed, Liu An opened his mouth in excruciating pain. Wan Donghai did not hesitate and hastily threw the Detoxification Pill into Liu Ans mouth.

After Liu An swallowed the pill, Wan Donghai then ceased his actions. Liu An who had lost his balance slumped down once more.

Clap . . . Clap . . . Clap . . .

At this moment, slow applause echoed. Ye Yuan sighed with a smile. ”Ive long heard Manor Lord Wans Profound Phantom Finger technique is exceedingly wondrous, capable of reviving the dead as well as granting a fate worse than death. Seeing it today truly broadened my horizons. How extraordinary! ”

Wan Donghai lightly gasped for air. Clearly, the bout just now was not so easy for him. Hearing the ridicule in Ye Yuans praise gave him the impulse to want to kill someone.

”Humph! Who cares what poison was it. In front of my Profound Phantom Finger and the Detoxification Pill I refined, he will be as good as new. ”

It was not that Wan Donghai was wildly arrogant. But within the State of Qin, he indeed had never encountered any problem he could not resolve.

”That would be for the best. Just look at the state this friend is in. I also hope that he can be safe and sound. ” Ye Yuan then sighed.

Ye Yuan sounded very sincere, as if Liu An was an old friend for many years. But to Wan Donghais ears, it conjured a faint premonition.

As if confirming his thoughts, after those words, Liu An suddenly threw up a mouthful of blood.

Wan Donghais face changed color. Supporting Liu An, he asked, ”Are you alright? ”

”Ma-manor Lord, pain . . . argh . . . The pain is killing me! ” Liu Ans initially alleviated symptoms had flared up once more. It hurt so much that he rolled off the bed onto the ground.

It was clear that Wan Donghais actions failed to remove the poison from his body but instead stimulated the toxin inside him resulting in tormenting pain.

”Why . . . Why is it like this? ”

Wan Donghai was utterly befuddled. Although the display just now did not seem very impressive, it was actually his limits. Who would have guessed that not only Liu Ans poison was not cured, it actually became even more intense.

Liu An rolled on the floor in agonizing pain, yet nobody stepped forward to help him.

”Yiii? Manor Lord Wan, looks like your Profound Phantom Finger and Detoxification Pill failed to have any effect. Instead, it worsened this Friends condition. Just take a look at that painful appearance; I cant bear to stand it. Dont tell me Manor Lord Wan has no other methods to ease his pain? The Drunken Star Manor is known as the number one in the capital! ” Ye Yuan exclaimed questioningly.

Wan Donghai could no longer keep up appearances. Pointing at Ye Yuan, he bellowed, ”Stinky brat! What on earth did you make him eat? Want to frame our Drunken Star Manor? You are still not qualified! ”

Ye Yuan deliberately gave a shocked expression and said, ”Why did you say that, Manor Lord Wan? As the saying goes, saving a life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda. Are you telling me now that this friend is suffering like this, I have to be indifferent to it? Or is the Drunken Star Manor undeserving of its reputation, unable to even diagnose what this friend is poisoned with?

”You! ” Were it not for his last trace of reason, Wan Donghai would have stomped off instantly.

Ye Yuan gave a look of pain while leaning down to say to Liu An, ”This Brother, Ive already tried my best. In the capital, if even Manor Lord Wan cant save you, then there is nothing I can do. When you arrive at the Underworld, dont blame me for it. ”

Liu An was originally half dead already. But after hearing Ye Yuans words, it was as if he regained terminal lucidity; his initially dull, lifeless eyes gained a trace of brilliance.

”Ma-Manor Lord! Sa-Save me! I helped you to se-sell . . . ” Enduring the pain, Liu An forced out a few words between the gaps of his teeth.

At this point, Liu An only had his instinct for survival stimulated by Ye Yuan, but the second half of his words were like lightning bolt during clear weather to Wan Donghai. Initially, Wan Donghai was filled with wrath towards Ye Yuan. But right now, it was as if he was drenched from head to toe in cold sweat.

Without waiting for Liu An to finish speaking, Wan Donghai quickly leaned down and told Liu An, ”Dont worry. I will save you no matter what. ”

Wan Donghais eyes were filled with sincerity, completely different from Ye Yuans phony sincerity. The feeling it gave Liu An were as if they were life and death comrades.

At this moment, that sense of uneasiness stirred up by Ye Yuan got suppressed, and what replaced it was serenity.

”Ma-Manor Lord, h-he . . . said this poison . . . is called Heart Inch Fissure. ”

After saying this, Liu An ceased all movements just like a deflated ball.

”Heart Inch Fissure . . . Heart Inch Fissure . . . ” Wan Donghai muttered it over and over while his brows furrowed even harder.

The more he repeated it, the more he felt like he had heard that name somewhere before.

”Heart Inch Fissure? HEART INCH FISSURE?! Its actually Heart Inch Fissure?! Th-This! How could a brat like him knows Heart Inch Fissure? ” A trace of astonishment flashed across Wan Donghais eyes.

Wan Donghai finally recalled where he had heard that name before. It was during his early years where his master once mentioned that name!

Thinking back on it now, his master had even said that this sort of poison was abnormally tyrannical, practically without any cure. A Heart Inch Fissure Pill was not some high-tier pills. In fact, it was the opposite; it was only merely a high-grade Tier 1 Pill. Yet, his master, a Tier 4 Alchemy King, back then had said it was incurable. It was evident just how terrifying this poison was.

How could Ye Yuan possibly refine such a terrifying poison? Unless it was Ye Hangs work?

Right now, Wan Donghai could not be bothered to think about it. After being stunned for a while, he knew that no matter what he did, Liu An was beyond saving.

Since that was the case, he could only sacrifice Liu An!

His own reputation might be important, but if the matter of spies among demonic beast hunters were to be exposed, the impact on the Drunken Star Manor would be even more significant. Liu Ans incomplete sentence just now made it clear that if Wan Donghai failed to save him, he would undoubtedly expose the ugly side of the Drunken Star Manor in front of all these people. When that happened, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Choosing the lesser of two evils.

Wan Donghai took a deep breath and sighed, ”This poison is indeed remarkably overbearing. This Wan is incompetent. I only have one last move left. ”

Finishing, he ordered people to hold up Liu An. Rolling his sleeves, the Profound Phantom Finger was executed once more. Only this time, the commotion was greater than before.

Flashing around Liu An and engulfing him in afterimages, Wan Donghai caused a gale to blow so fiercely that the crowd almost could not keep their eyes open.

As Ye Yuan looked at Wan Donghai giving it his all for this performance, a cold sneer appeared on his face. The Profound Phantom Finger might be a martial technique, but it could also be categorized as a technique under the Alchemy Dao. In Ye Yuans view, it was clumsy. But he had some understanding of this finger technique.

This finger technique could save lives while also harming others. Furthermore, the way it harmed people was incredibly vicious. This finger technique was used on the acupuncture points in order to stimulate the body. But right now what Wan Donghai was executing was precisely the malignant version of the technique.

However, Ye Yuan did not expose Wan Donghais intentions. Since he was willing to smash his own signboard, Ye Yuan was naturally amenable to assist him. Moreover, with Ye Yuans current strength, it was impossible to take down Wan Donghai. He was currently too weak.

Indeed, after Wan Donghais finger technique ceased, Liu An had immediately stopped breathing and slowly slumped to the ground.

”Manor Lord Wan is indeed remarkable! Displaying a set of finger technique and directly cured someone to death. Impressive! Impressive! ” Ye Yuan exclaimed as he maintained the same smile as before.

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