Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 14: Explosive Yuan Pill

Chapter 13: A Father and Son Talk

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Entering the herbal bath, Ye Yuan who was feeling embarrassed tried to reorganized his feelings and then circulated essence energy to begin absorbing the medicinal efficacy of the water in order to purge the residual toxins left within his body.

The medicinal herbs used for the herbal bath were all common Tier 1 and Tier 2 ingredients without any remarkable effects. But Ye Yuan was able to make good use of these lowly materials, extracting out the medicinal efficacy from these herbs to the utmost limit.

To most people, the higher the level of the medicinal herbs, the more valuable and more significant the effects were. But in reality, that viewpoint was not worth a sh*t in Ye Yuans eyes. Regardless whether it was cultivation or alchemy, foundation skills were the most vital. The stronger your foundation was, the higher you would go in the future; likewise, vice versa.

In his previous life, Qingyun Zi once spent over 10 years to bitterly study medicinal herbs and pills that were Tier 3 and below. Those years were not in vain, as his foundation skills in Alchemy Dao became terrifyingly extensive. For him to become the youngest Alchemy Emperor, that over 10 years period were absolutely critical.

In the Divine Realm, virtually no one could surpass him in terms of understanding medicinal properties. That was also the reason why he was hailed as the one from the younger generation most likely to become an Alchemy God.

Actually, even if Ye Yuan had the intention of using some high-tier ingredients, at this moment, he was powerless to do so because his current strength was too weak!

Otherwise, Ye Yuan would not have taken only a single Tier 1 pill to challenge the Drunken Star Manor; that was the limit he could refine. Although he reckoned Wan Donghai was not able to resolve the Heart Inch Fissure poison, it was somewhat risky after all. If Wan Donghai really had a way to cure the poison, then it would be as if Ye Yuan had lifted a stone to smash his own feet.

In fact, Wan Donghai had actually heard of the Heart Inch Fissure poison before. Except that this sort of pill was too obscure, he had merely heard of it. Otherwise, the outcome of the incident would be hard to tell.


Ye Yuan gave a deep sigh as he finished absorbing the medicinal efficacy of the herbal bath in the wooden tub. Right now he urgently needed to raise his strength. Without strength, revenge and whatnot were all empty talks. He would not even be able to protect his loved ones.

With Ye Yuans current condition, there was no need to mention Wan Donghai; even if Wan Yuan had come, Ye Yuan would still not be his match.

Ye Yuan believed that after todays incident, Wan Donghai would definitely view him as a thorn in his eyes. He would want to eliminate Ye Yuan as soon as possible. Furthermore, with Wan Donghais temperament, he would not be resigned to letting the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion continue to suppress him, and he would consider all means to counterattack.

At that time, if he did not have sufficient strength, todays action would instead put greater pressure on his father.

”Young Master, Old Master has already waited outside for quite some time. ”

While Ye Yuan was engrossed in his imagination, Lu-er came in to report.

”Why didnt you say earlier that Father came? Its just an herbal bath and not a closed-door life-and-death seclusion. ”

If Ye Yuan guessed correctly, Father came to warn him to be on the lookout for Wan Donghais schemes. Ye Yuan was still very respectful towards this overprotective father.

Even though it had only been two short days since he transmigrated, without a doubt, Ye Hang, Ren Hong Ling, and Lu-er already became Ye Yuans fetters.

Lu-er pouted her mouth and said with resentment, ”I wanted to come in and call for Young Master, but Old Master pulled me and didnt allow me to enter. What could I have done then? ”

Sweating profusely, Ye Yuan quickly said, ”Good Lu-er, Young Master was in the wrong. Young Master apologizes to you, dont be angry alright? ”

Hearing that, Lu-er broke into a smile, ”Lu-er isnt angry. Lu-er knows Young Master loves and respects Old Master. I treat him just like my biological father and respect him deeply like you do, so why would I be angry? ”

Ye Yuan was relieved hearing her reply. ”Hahaha. Then its alright. Go outside and tell Father to wait a moment, I will be out after wearing my clothes. ”

Lu-er acknowledged his words and went out.

. . . . . .

Inside Ye Hangs study room, the father-son pair sat down closely and started to talk.

”Yuan-er, what you did today really vented my frustrations. I reckon Wan Donghai that old punk is probably thoroughly livid at the moment, right? Hahaha! Its been so many years, and yet its the first time Ive seen that old punk had to swallow such a grievance. How great! ” Ye Hang laughed out loud.

Clearly, Wan Donghai bullied him rather harshly these past few years with how Ye Hang was laughing so cheerfully. Although Ye Hang could stand it, he had never felt this frustration being vented out like today. Even though he was not the one who went up to smack Wan Donghais face, what was the difference between being smacked by his son and him?

Seeing his father laughed merrily, Ye Yuan felt pleased. ”Father, it was all thanks to what Master imparted to me in my dreams that I could make Wan Donghai that old punk suffered this grievance. I dare not claim any credit. ”

Ye Hang waved his hands dismissing Ye Yuans words. ”No need to be so polite with your father. Im thrilled that you possess your abilities today. But I still have to remind you once again; Wan Donghai that old punk is very insidious. Having suffered such a loss today, he wouldnt be able to take it lying down. Who knows if he will come up with some underhanded measures? I can still guarantee your safety at home, but once you go to the Dan Wu Academy, Fathers hands wouldnt be able to stretch that far. Yuan-er, how about you dont attend the Dan Wu Academy anymore, and just stay at home? ”

Ye Yuan sighed in his heart. No wonder his predecessor was a good-for-nothing youth. Ye Hangs overprotectiveness of his child was too extreme. Ye Yuan had no intention of becoming a caged canary; the Dan Wu Academy was a place he had to go to.

”Father, I have to return to the Dan Wu Academy. Even if I stay at home, it is impossible to never leave home. I can hide for a while, but I cant hide for a lifetime. Furthermore, if I stay at home and never leave, this life would be wasted. Even if Master teaches me skills, without contending with rivals and getting affirmation, I will never become an expert. Dont you agree? ”

In Ye Yuans eyes, Wan Donghai could not even be considered as an opponent. If he could not even make it pass Wan Donghai, this hurdle, how would he slaughter his way back to the Divine Realm? Only by attending the Dan Wu Academy and competing with other geniuses of his generation that Ye Yuan can grow up faster. Moreover, having a high cultivation realm did not mean combat prowess will also be high. In the cultivation world, there are too many examples of the weak defeating the strong; flowers in a greenhouse would never be fully mature.

In his previous life, Qingyun Zi was a greenhouse flower. Although his cultivation realm was very high, his combat abilities were a complete mess; all because he experienced too few actual fights. In this life, being burdened with a blood feud, he naturally had to become ruthless with his own training.

”This . . . Yuan-er does make sense. It is Father who was too protective. Its just that you have to be careful outside there no matter what. If you encounter any problems, dont be stubborn. Remember to come back and ask Father for assistance. Something like being poisoned to death, Father just doesnt want to witness it for the second time. ”

”Relax Father. Since I didnt die in this disaster, in the future, no one will be able to bully me anymore. ” Ye Yuan unveiled a powerful self-confidence at this point. Ye Hang discovered that his son had really matured.

”Good! My good son! Since when have the two of us feared anyone? Isnt it just Wan Donghai? In the future, Father will definitely have him under these feet. ” Influenced by Ye Yuan, Ye Hang felt his confidence swelled as well.

Ye Yuan laughed silently in his heart. He was well aware of his fathers standards. There might come a day where he could surpass Wan Donghai, but there would be no way he could trample him under his feet. Of course, that was under the circumstance that Ye Yuan did not appear.

With the current Ye Yuan, time was all it takes for Ye Hang to trample Wan Donghai underfoot.

Just as Ye Yuan was about to leave, Ye Hang stopped him. Asking with a curious face, ” Oh right. What pill did you let that person eat today? To think it was so powerful. You are just at the First Level Essence Qi Realm. How did you manage to refine such a high-tier pill? ”

Ye Yuan discovered that Ye Hang was also an alchemy fanatic. Upon encountering any alchemy problems, he would become extremely studious. Evidently, this question had troubled him the entire day.

In his opinion, a poison pill that could render Wan Donghai helpless definitely had to be Tier 3 and above. But Ye Yuan was clearly just at First Level Essence Qi Realm. It was impossible to refine a Tier 2 pill with this cultivation realm, not to mention Tier 3 and above.

Even if Ye Hang pulled his hair out over this paradox, he still could not understand why. Now that he finished the heart-to-heart talk with his son, he could not bear it any longer and shamelessly asked.

Towards his own father, Ye Yuan naturally did not hide anything. Beaming, he said, ”Father, that pill is called Heart Inch Fissure. Its not a high tier pill, but merely a Tier 1 pill. With my current standards, refining this pill is already at the limit. ”

Ye Hangs smile froze on his face. A Tier 1 pill? How is that possible?!

If these words did not come out from his sons mouth, Ye Hang would not believe it even if the person beat him to death.

”Ti-tier 1 pill? ” Ye Hang swallowed hard and asked disbelievingly, ”How could a Tier 1 pill be this amazing? ”

Ye Yuan took out a brush and paper and wrote down the pill formula for Heart Inch Fissure; he also included the refining method as well as things to take note of and then passed it to Ye Hang.

Ye Hang carefully received the pill formula, treating it just like a treasure.

Ye Yuan knew he probably would not see his father for a few days . . .

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