Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 16: Provoking with Words

Chapter 15: Discerning Medicine

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The youth was called Tang Yu and was at the same Dan Wu Academy as Ye Yuan. But the difference was that Ye Yuan got in through connections, while Tang Yu relied on his own abilities to get into the Dan Wu Academy.

In reality, the majority of the geniuses at the Dan Wu Academy were from noble families. Only a very small number of these geniuses came from ordinary backgrounds. Noble families had the advantage in terms of resources which the masses did not; a disparity that no amount of hard work could change. Geniuses with ordinary backgrounds already lost from the starting line.

Techniques, medicinal pills, and money. The nobility possessed the advantages that commoners could never attain even if they worked hard their entire lives. That was the advantage accumulated after generations.

Tang Yu being able to enter the Dan Wu Academy as a commoner said a lot by itself. Being at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm at his age was not considered outstanding, but he indeed was not mediocre.

From the Third Level to the Fourth Level, there was quite a hurdle. Being able to cross that hurdle without depending on piles of resources showed that Tang Yu was very talented in the Martial Path.

Naturally, there was no lack of personal hard work on Tang Yus part to have the strength he possessed today, as well as having entered the Dan Wu Academy. However, his fathers support was not to be overlooked.

Tang Yus father was called Tang Zonghuai, an experienced demonic beast hunter. These few years, Tang Zonghuai braved untold dangers in the Endless Forest. All for the sake of a better future for his son.

But eventually, a person would encounter ghosts if he walked around too often at night. This time around, Tang Zonghuai encountered a mighty demonic beast in the Endless Forest. Despite having narrowly escaped death, he suffered grievous injuries.

Tang Yu was a sensible child. He saw with his own eyes the countless injuries that his father suffered all these years. Hence, as he pursued Martial Dao, he also aspired to become an alchemist all so he could help to treat his fathers injuries whenever necessary. If it was not for the time wasted on the Alchemy Path, it was possible Tang Yus accomplishments would be far beyond what it was today.

However, being an alchemist was a profession which burned a lot of money; something that Tang Yu frankly could not support. Before entering the Dan Wu Academy, he had spent a considerable amount of time to understand theoretical knowledge, but his practical experience was nearly zero. Only after entering the Dan Wu Academy did he really have the chance to practice refining pills.

Even so, what he learned was very shallow.

In order to support Tang Yu to learn martial arts these past few years, Tang Zonghuai already depleted the households savings. This meant that Tang Yu could no longer afford the cost of a completed Tier 1 medicinal pill anymore. But Tang Yu could not just watch his father die in front of him like this, so he decided to take the final plunge and attempt to refine a Great Returning Pill.

Tang Yu had never spoken to outsiders about his familys matters before, yet he spilled out everything in front of Ye Yuan. Furthermore, this youth in front of him looked to be around the same age as him, yet his accomplishments in the Alchemy Path were way above his. If this person was willing to help him refine the Great Returning Pill . . .

Thinking up to this point, Tang Yu put aside his initially indifferent attitude, cupped his hands toward Ye Yuan, and he said sincerely, ”This Brother, I was being apprehensive. If Id offended you just now with my words, I apologize for that. ”

Ye Yuan knew his words took effect, so he smiled and waved his hands. ”Since its for saving a life, you dont have to be courteous, Brother. ”

Briefly hesitating, Tang Yu asked, ”Judging from the way you talked, could it be that you also have an interest in this Six Leaf Grass? ”

Tang Yu was an intelligent man. From the words just now, he already guessed that Ye Yuan seemed to have an interest on this Six Leaf Grass which was why his tone initially was rude.

Ye Yuan did not hide this and said with a smile, ”Thats right. I have great use for these three stalks of Six Leaf Grass. But I also know that you, Brother, need it to save someone. I dont know if you trust me enough to bring me to see the patient, but perhaps I could be of some assistance? ”

If Ye Yuan said this right away after they met, Tang Yu would naturally have snorted in derision. However, Ye Yuans words just now truly stunned him, letting him know their differences in skill. He could not help but to reconsider it.

In reality, Tang Yu did not have much assurance about Tang Zonghuais injuries and was even less sure about refining the Great Returning Pill. Hene, the reason why he bought all three stalks of Six Leaf Grass in preparation for failure.

Fathers injuries cannot be delayed any longer. Tang Yu hesitated for a moment and then made a firm decision. Cupping his hands toward Ye Yuan, he said, ”Then I will have to trouble you. How do I address you, Brother? ”

”My humble surname, Ye, with a single character given name, Yuan, ” Ye Yuan answered directly without hiding anything.

”Ye Yuan? ” Tang Yu ruminated on this name, thinking it was somewhat familiar and wondering where he had heard it before.

When the shopkeeper standing by the side heard how the young master talked to the youth, he could not help but developed a better impression of Ye Yuan. However, when Ye Yuan reported his name, the shopkeeper shouted in his mind, Not good!

The name Ye Yuan was too thunderous within the capital.

As expected, Tang Yu thought for a moment before connecting it to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, and he came to a sudden realization where he heard that name before.

”You . . . You were at the last place in the ranking at the Dan Wu Academy, the one who was always first at the bottom in every subject? That super silkpants Ye Yuan? ” Tang Yu blurted out.

Ye Yuan secretly sighed. He did not know if his predecessor lived a successful life or a failed one; to have made such a name for himself.

”Thats right. Im that Ye Yuan. But you shouldnt reject me in such a hurry first. If Im guessing correctly, you have no confidence in refining the Great Returning Pill yourself. Am I right?

”That . . . ” Ye Yuans words sent a chill down Tang Yus spine.

”How about this? Bring me over to have a look first. If I cant resolve the issue, I will let my father personally take action and help you to refine a Great Returning Pill. How about that? ” Ye Yuan offered, striking the iron while it was hot.

The instant Ye Yuan brought up his father, Tang Yus eyes lit up immediately. If Ye Hang would really take action personally, then his fathers injuries would definitely be under control.

”Is this true? ”

”Of course, its true. If you dont believe me, we can write a contract. ”

Tang Yu felt that it was not very nice to be this untrusting of others, but with his fathers life at stake, he honestly could not care that much any longer. Furthermore, with Ye Yuans distinguished reputation, he really did not dare take the risk. If his father could be saved, then he would apologize to Young Master Ye then.

Having made his decision, Tang Yu cupped his hands and said, ”Then I will have to trouble Young Master Ye. ”

Waving his hands, Ye Yuan said lightly, ”Youre welcome. Shopkeeper, help me draft a contract. ”

The shopkeeper naturally did not dare to delay; he quickly took a brush and a paper to draft out the contract. Only when Ye Yuan signed his name on it did Tang Yu finally relaxed.

Looking at the back view of the two who were already far away, the shopkeeper felt what happened was somewhat unreal. He knew better than anyone that in the past, Ye Yuan would definitely not be this easy to talk to; unless he really did mature after surviving a calamity.

. . . . . .

Every inch of land in the capital was like an inch of gold. Even though demonic beast hunters generally had much higher income than the average person, Tang Zonghuai still could not afford an excessively large house; let alone supporting his son to practice martial arts.

This was a very ordinary house for commoners which looked gloomy inside. The moment Ye Yuan stepped inside the house, a wave of medicinal smell wafted out.

”Tranquil Heart Lotus, Red Pine Nuts, Golden Flower Fruit . . . All of these medicinal herbs are meant for entry-level medicinal pills. It looks like Brother Tang is still practicing refining Tier 1 pills. Its just that this Great Returning Pill is a high-grade Tier 1. With Brother Tangs current standards, Im afraid even if you used all three stalks of Six Leaf Grass, you wouldnt be able to refine it, right? ” Ye Yuan was not the slightest bit courteous with his words; drawing blood with a single prick, he exposed Tang Yus standards.

Tang Yu could not even imagine how great Ye Yuans skill was. Relying on his nose and sniffing just once, Ye Yuan managed to completely determine Tang Yus ability. Although they were around the same age, in front of Ye Yuan, Tang Yu felt as if he was just like a child stumbling while learning how to walk.

Ye Yuan also intentionally revealed some abilities so that Tang Yu would not look down on him. He did not have any choice since his predecessor was such a piece of work. He had no alternative but to show off a little.

Being talked to in such a way by Ye Yuan did not anger Tang Yu, but instead, it startled him. They just stepped into the entrance, but the medicinal herbs were placed deep within the house. Ye Yuan could not possibly see them, yet he could rely purely on his nose to discern the medicinal herbs without missing a single one. What kind of comprehension in Alchemy Dao was needed to do that? Most likely even the instructors in the academy did not have such abilities . . .

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