Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 19: Conspiring

Chapter 18: Increasing Strength

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Watching Ye Yuans acupuncture skill and movement flowing naturally like water, Tang Yu became even more confident. At this moment, he discovered that Ye Yuan was utterly not worthless like the rumors suggested.

”Father, how are you? Do you feel better? ” after the acupuncture session was over, Tang Yu asked anxiously.

Presently, Tang Zonghuais face color was a lot rosier, and his coughing was not as violent as before. ”Mister Ye is indeed skillful. Right now I feel that my entire body is a lot more relaxed. ”

Even though he was still out of breath when talking, it was much better compared to previously.

This needle technique of Ye Yuan naturally was not something ordinary, but a pinnacle needle technique which was self-created. Ye Yuan named it the 72 Paths Great Cycle Acupuncture. This set of needle technique once stirred up the Divine Realm, and it possessed unfathomable capabilities.

Of course, with his current realm, he simply could not unleash the power of this needle technique. It could only control Tang Zonghuais condition a little right now.

”This acupuncture can only alleviate the symptoms, but it cannot treat the root of the problem. Tomorrow, I will send the medicinal pill over. Theres no time to waste. I will return first. ” Finishing his words, Ye Yuan immediately bade farewell and left.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan went to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to retrieve the medicinal herbs for refining the Exploding Yuan Pill and directly entered the pill refinement room together with the three stalks of Six Leaf Grass.

Exploding Yuan Pill was only a low-level Tier 1 medicinal pill in the Divine realm, perfect for the current Ye Yuan to refine. He even had better Tier 1 medicinal pills for increasing strength, but currently, he was unable to refine them. Once his strength increased, he would naturally be able to refine higher level medicinal pills of the same tier.

To Ye Yuan, the refinement method for the Exploding Yuan Pill was very simple. After six hours, Ye Yuan brought a few medicine bottles with him out of the pill refinement room.

Next was naturally a closed-door seclusion training. He found a quiet chamber, and informed the servants to not disturb him, and started his meditation.

Looking at the row of pill bottles in front of his eyes, Ye Yuan frowned lightly. He was very discontented with this round of pill refinement. Three sets of ingredients, yet he only managed to refine 26 Exploding Yuan Pills. Among the pills were 15 middle-grade Exploding Yuan Pills, eight high-grade Exploding Yuan Pills, and only three superior-grade Exploding Yuan Pills.

Medicinal pills were divided into several grades: low-grade, middle-grade, high-grade, superior-grade, and transcendent-grade. If it were in the past and Ye Yuan refined these sort of lowly medicinal pills, in this case, the low-level Tier 1 Exploding Yuan Pill, the lowest grade would at least be of superior-grade. And yet today, he could only refine out a bunch of trash. This was obviously something he was not accustomed to.

If the few Alchemy Grandmasters in the State of Qin were to hear Ye Yuans thoughts, they would definitely find a hole in the ground to crawl into. If they were to refine the Exploding Yuan Pill, they would express thanks to the heaven and earth if there was one superior-grade medicinal pill. Now, Ye Yuan refined three of them, and he still was not satisfied? Superior-grade medicinal pills to them were something that could only be encountered by luck and not by attempting to refine it. Only sometimes when they were lucky could they manage to refine it.

Ye Yuan let out a sigh. He knew that this was not something that could be helped. After all, this body had never refined medicinal pills before, so his skill was still lacking. The most important thing was still that his strength was too weak. One portion of essence energy had to be split into three to be used; naturally, he could not refine high-level pills.

Holding the bottle containing the superior-grade Exploding Yuan Pills, Ye Yuan took one out and immediately swallowed it.

The instant the pill reached his abdomen, it immediately transformed into gushes of essence energy which swept outwards. The surging essence energy repeatedly gushed through all the meridians in Ye Yuans body. Ye Yuan did not dare to delay, and he immediately cultivated the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art to direct the chaotic essence energy to flow along the meridians properly. The initially violent essence energy immediately became extremely subservient under the guidance of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. After essence energy fully circulated through Ye Yuans body, it finally converged within his dantian. After tempering using the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, the initially somewhat chaotic essence energy became incomparably stable.

The Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was divided into three chapters of Mortal, Earth, and Heaven. Right now, Ye Yuan was cultivating the early part of the Mortal chapter. The Mortal Chapter was further divided into three sections, and each section had an accompanying martial technique. That was also a strong point of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. A martial technique dedicated to the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art had unmatched power.

The Spirit Bristle Divine King was invincible in the Divine Realm because he had mastered the final martial technique in the Heaven Chapter of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art; this martial technique was called the Nine Suns Burning Heaven. The moment this martial technique was unleashed, a radius of several thousand miles would burn into nothingness; it was immensely terrifying.

The supporting martial technique for the first section of the Mortal chapter was named the Absolute Yang Finger. It unleashed essence energy from the fingertips, and after mastering to the large success stage, it could smash rocks and break metal, having an extremely high attacking power.

After four hours, the medicinal efficacy was fully absorbed by Ye Yuan after cultivating with the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. Ye Yuan felt the essence energy in his body was lacking just by a bit more before he could step into the Second Level Essence Qi Realm.

Without any hesitation, Ye Yuan threw the second superior-grade Exploding Yuan Pill into his mouth and continued to temper the essence energy in his dantian. Another four hours passed, and Ye Yuan then swallowed the third pill.

After Ye Yuan finished taking all the superior-grade Exploding Yuan Pills, he continued to consume the high-grade Exploding Yuan Pills. But the effects were much more inferior compared to the superior-grade Exploding Yuan Pills. Furthermore, with the increasing consumption of Exploding Yuan Pill, the medicinal effects would become less efficacious for Ye Yuan.

When dawn was about to break, Ye Yuan felt his entire bodys meridians and dantian slightly swelled, and he was in pain. He knew that the maximum amount of essence energy he could absorb had been reached. If he continued, his body would explode, and he would die. Once again checking his bodys essence energy, it had actually reached the peak of the Third Level Essence Qi Realm; just a little more needed before stepping into the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. Right now, Ye Yuan had already exhausted three superior-grade Exploding Yuan Pills as well as six high-grade Exploding Yuan Pills. It could not be said that it was not extravagant.

From the Third Level Essence Qi Realm to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, there was a small bottleneck. In a mortal country like the State of Qin, many people were stuck at this bottleneck, and some might even never broke through it during their lifetime.

But this bottleneck was basically non-existent for Ye Yuan. With his extremely high cultivation realm in the past life, a small bottleneck in the Essence Qi Realm naturally could not stump him. As long as the accumulation of essence energy was sufficient, Ye Yuan could cross this threshold anytime.

It was just that continuously rising through two small cultivation realms overnight had made Ye Yuans foundation slightly unstable. With Ye Yuans experience, he naturally would not do something where the loss outweighed the gain. Even though he desired strength, he did not want to quench his thirst for it without regard for the consequences. Only by keeping his feet firmly on the ground could he walk further.

Over the next few days, his primary mission was to stabilized the sudden rise in strength and to strengthen the foundation of his Initial Stage Essence Qi Realm. Only then would he consider stepping into the next stage.

Of course, because Ye Yuan cultivated the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, his essence energy was much thicker and purer than the average Third Level Essence Qi Realm. If someone else was to consume the Exploding Yuan Pill, one superior-grade Exploding Yuan Pill and two high-grade Exploding Yuan Pill were enough to make the First Level Essence Qi Realm promoted to the Third Level Essence Qi Realm.

Which was to say that currently, Ye Yuans essence energy was three times thicker than the average Third Level Essence Qi Realm! No wonder the Spirit Bristle Divine King had such power. If a person was to cultivate the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art to an exceedingly high realm, even if one squandered essence energy, one could exhaust his opponent to death.

If a person took into account of this, then even if his own strength was inadequate, his essence energy was sufficient enough to refine a Divine Realms middle-level Tier 1 medicinal pill.

”Its late. Time to help Uncle Tang refine the Ink Jade Heart Returning Pill. ” Ye Yuan stood up and stretched his body, pushing the door outwards.

Right after stepping out the door, he saw Lu-er swaying around like a sylph. She smiled and said, ”Young Master, you exited your closed-door seclusion? ”

”En. Yii? You are already at the First Level Essence Qi Realm? ” Ye Yuan replied with a smile while his perceptions unwittingly swept over Lu-ers body. He discovered that Lu-er who was initially void of any essence energy was actually at the First Level Essence Qi Realm right now. Furthermore, he only taught Lu-er the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul a day ago!

Lu-er nodded her head obediently and asked timidly, ”Young Master, am I cultivating too slowly? ”

Ye Yuan could not help but laughed. ”You little lass. Dont say these words outside. Otherwise, you will anger others to death. Your cultivation speed is too fast; so fast that it makes everyone feel ashamed of their inadequacy. ”

Lu-er had just stepped onto the path of cultivation and completely had no understanding of cultivation speed. Listening to how her young master was praising her, Lu-er was elated.

”Really? Does that mean that in the future, I will be able to help Young Master? ”

”Haha. Of course. Our familys Lu-er is the most amazing. Lets go, follow young master to settle some matters. Tomorrow, we will depart for the Dan Wu Academy. I will bring you to the academy through recommendation, ” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

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