Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 20: Return Journey

Chapter 19: Conspiring

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These few days, the Drunken Star Manor was deserted. Its limelight was stolen by the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

Ever since the incident caused by Ye Yuan, Wan Donghai had been in a closed-door seclusion, rejecting all visitors. This made Wan Dongyang extremely anxious. He really wanted to send someone to finish Ye Yuan off, but without his big brothers consent, he did not dare to make the call. Hence, he would linger around Wan Donghais seclusion location every now and then, hoping that Wan Donghai would exit seclusion faster.

Currently, Wan Dongyang was pacing about the rooms doorway looking very impatient. Clearly, his patience was already at its limits.

”Big Brother, if you are still not coming out, I will bring people along to cripple that punk! I cant stomach this grievance. ” Wan Dongyang clearly already lost his temper.

Getting no response from Wan Donghai, Wan Dongyang stomped his feet angrily. Just as he was about to leave, Wan Donghais voice transmitted into his ears.

”Dongyang, come in. ”

Hearing this, Wan Dongyang was elated and immediately opened the door and went in.

”Uh . . . Big Brother, werent you in a closed-door seclusion? Why . . . ” Wan Dongyang initially thought that his big brother was really in a closed-door seclusion attempting a breakthrough. Who would have thought that he would see Wan Donghai leisurely drinking tea with a very laid-back appearance?

Wan Donghai did not have a trace of frustration nor an appearance of defeat, which was completely different from what Wan Dongyang imagined. In fact, he was full of spirit and energy, as if the incident two days ago never happened.

Maintaining a look as if everything was within his grasp, Wan Donghai smiled lightly and said, ”Dongyang, how many times have I told you? When you encounter problems, dont be overly agitated. This is the capital. It is our territory, but also Ye Hangs territory. Do you think you can eliminate Ye Yuan just by bringing people along? Not unless Ye Hangs brain stops working. ”

”But Big Brother, I cant stomach this insult! How can our Drunken Star Manor carry on operating in the capital after being smacked across the face by a brat who is still wet behind the ears?! ” Wan Dongyang retorted.

”Doing business is all about harmony bringing wealth. Even if we have to fight, it should be behind the scene. There would be no meaning for you openly slaughtering your way to their doorstep other than forcing the Drunken Star Manor into a more passive position. ”

”This . . . ”

”You just have to settle down and help me manage the Drunken Star Manor. As for Ye Yuan, you dont have to worry about it. Ive already made arrangements. ”

Wan Dongyangs eyes lit up, and he quickly asked, ”What kind of arrangements? ”

With a smile, Wan Donghai said, ”He is just a First Level Essence Qi Realm brat. Why do we need to personally take action to kill him? Now that his bodys recovered, I estimate that he will be returning to the Dan Wu Academy within these two days. If he were to have some mishap along the way, then it would have nothing to do with us. ”

”Big Brothers intentions are . . .? ”

”I already hired a Mosha assassin to take action. He cant possibly fail to handle a First Level Essence Qi Realm brat, right? ”

”Hahaha! ” Wan Dongyang laughed wildly and exclaimed with admiration, ”Big Brother truly has the situation well within your grasp. This Little Brother is impressed! Why didnt I think of this move? Mosha assassins come and go like the shadow. Within the Tranquil Cloud Ten Nations, anyone who hears that name will turn pale. With them taking action, that stinky brat definitely cant escape death! ”

”En. Mosha is the most outstanding as well as the most trustworthy assassination organization within the Tranquil Cloud Ten Nations. Since my son, Yuan-er, failed to poison that brat to death, I will send that punk on his way once more. To dare provoke me, Wan Donghai, that brat must be tired of living. ”

Wan Donghais entire personality became colder as he uttered those words.

”Thats right. Who knows where that brat got such an obscure poison from. To dare to challenge us? He simply has no idea of life from death. If he himself had some strength, then forget it. But he just had to be a wastrel at the First Level Essence Qi Realm. Eliminating him simply takes no effort at all. ” In Wan Dongyangs eyes, Ye Yuan was already a dead man.

Wan Donghai laughed as if he had no more interest in Ye Yuans matters. In his eyes, Ye Yuan was not even being considered an opponent; at best, he was a just a flea.

”If this incident was instigated by Ye Hang behind the scenes, then he has successfully infuriated me! This time, our Drunken Star Manor will definitely strike down the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion completely! I want Ye Hangs friends and relatives to abandon him! ”

Wan Donghai took out a medicinal pill from his sleeve and passed it to Wan Dongyang. Filled with suspicion, Wan Dongyang took the pill, but even after staring at it for a while, he could not see anything special. Not every alchemist could reach Ye Yuans level of understanding of medicinal effects. Wan Dongyang was only able to determine that it was a pill similar to the Essence Qi Pill.

”Big Brother, this is . . .? ”

”This pill is called Essence Gathering Pill. Its the same type of essence energy accumulating pill like the Essence Qi Pill. However, an Essence Gathering Pills medicinal efficacy is 50% stronger than the Essence Qi Pill! What do you think would happen once our Drunken Star Manor starts to offer a large supply of this pill? ” Wan Donghai could no longer conceal the pride on his face.

Wan Dongyang had a faint idea, but he never thought this Essence Gathering Pill could have such an effect. After listening to Big Brothers explanation, Wan Dongyangs heart felt an upsurge of emotion.

Once a pill like this was released onto the market, it would definitely be making a killing!

Even though an Essence Qi Pill could help increase strength, if one had started consuming it at the First Level Essence Qi Realm, this sort of pill would not have significant effects after reaching the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm, much less at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm.

But if the person swapped the Essence Qi Pill with an Essence Gathering Pill and started consuming it at the First Level Essence Qi Realm, it would mean ones cultivation speed became faster than the others by 50%! For the geniuses from major families, it was something they could only dream of.

Every minute and second counts in the Martial Path. With an increase in bone age, the potential in the human body would gradually be squeezed dry. Therefore, the amount of time available for getting stronger would be extremely limited. Hence, this naturally meant that anyone who could cultivate to a higher realm when they were young and could walk further along the Martial Path. Looking at things from this point of view showed the extraordinary significance of an Essence Gathering Pill.

”Big Brother, what is the cost price of this Essence Gathering Pill? ” As an alchemist himself, Wan Dongyang wasnt a fool. He asked the crucial question straightaway.

”Relax, this Essence Gathering Pill is also a Tier 1 medicinal pill. The cost price is only slightly higher than the Essence Qi Pill. ”

”Thats great! Big Brother, we will be able to completely take down the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion with just this Essence Gathering Pill! ”

The two pairs of eyes met, and the brothers started laughing in unison.

. . . . . .

At the Tang Familys residence.

Tang Zonghuai had just eaten the medicinal pill which Ye Yuan brought and was in a closed-door seclusion right now attempting to refine the medicinal efficacy.

The pill which Ye Yuan helped Tang Zonghuai refined was called the Ink Jade Heart Returning Pill. This sort of pill naturally did not exist in the State of Qin. But the required medicinal herbs were not difficult to find. With the Fragrant Medicine Pavilions resources, Ye Yuan quickly collected the medicinal herbs and refined it successfully.

This Ink Jade Returning Heart Pill was a pill specializing in treating internal injuries. The medicinal properties were about the same as the Great Returning Pill, but the medicinal efficacy was more than an entire grade higher compared to the Great Returning Pill. Not only it could help protect Tang Zonghuais heart meridians, but also it could repair his damaged organs. As long as Tang Zonghuai managed to absorb the medicinal properties thoroughly, he would recover within three days.

In the Tang Family Outer Hall, Tang Yu gave a deep bow to Ye Yuan. ”This time around, if I didnt coincidentally meet Brother Ye, Im afraid Father would be doomed. Brother Ye, please accept this bow. ”

Stopping Tang Yu with his hands, Ye Yuan gave a smile and then said, ”No need to be so polite, Brother Tang. It was also Brother Tangs filial piety which touched me. Looking at you, a father and son pair, I would recall the anxious appearance my own father had a few days ago. How could I bear to watch the two of you be separated by death? In a way, you were the one who saved your father, Brother Tang. If you didnt give me the Six Leaf Grass, then I would be helpless against Uncles injuries. ”

Hearing Ye Yuan said this, Tang Yu suddenly realized that Ye Yuans essence energy was way too abundant. To think he already reached the Third Level Essence Qi Ream after one day!

”This . . . in just one night, Brother Ye actually improved by two levels? H-how is this possible? ” Just now, Tang Yus thoughts were completely on his father. Now that he discovered the changes in Ye Yuans body, he was dumbstruck with astonishment.

The Dan Wu Academy was a place where geniuses congregated. Tang Yu had seen a lot of geniuses before, but he had never heard of a genius who could improve by two levels overnight. It was completely inconceivable.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, ”I just took advantage of the opportunity. Ive incurred Brother Tangs ridicule. ”

To Ye Yuan, it was naturally taking advantage of the opportunity. However, if other people had the Exploding Yuan Pill, they would not dare to consume it as he did. The result would undoubtedly be death due to the rupturing of the persons meridians. However, Ye Yuans understanding of medicinal properties had reached a height that no ordinary person could understand. With the addition of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, it was also the reason why he dared to swallow such pills.

Recovering from his surprise, Tang Yu forced a smile. ”Taking advantage of the opportunity? Incurs ridicule? Brother Ye, these words truly made me ashamed of my inadequacy! ”

”Hahaha. No need to be like that, Brother Tang. I still have some medicinal pills here which aids cultivation. I will give them to you. I think theres no longer any concern for Uncle Tangs injuries. Can Brother Tang accompany me back to the Dan Wu Academy tomorrow? ”

”Alright. After Father exits seclusion and theres really no issues, I will follow Brother Ye back tomorrow. ”

”En. The medicinal pills I gave Brother Tang needs to be kept safe. Take care not to let other people know about it. ”

Hearing what Ye Yuan said, Tang Yu knew that this medicinal pill was no trivial thing. So he replied solemnly, ”Dont worry, Brother Ye. This Tang Yu will definitely keep his mouth shut. ”

An Exploding Yuan Pill naturally was not of much worth in the Divine Realm, but it was far too precious when placed in a place like this State of Qin. How could Ye Yuan not understand the logic of an innocent man getting into trouble because of his wealth?

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