Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 22: Instant Flash

Chapter 21: Bronze Assassin

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Chou Ying was gloomy these past two days.

As a Bronze Rank assassin from Mosha, his assassination targets were mostly martial artists of the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm and above. Yet this time around, the mission he received was actually to assassinate a First Level Essence Qi Realm rookie.

To have obtained the title of a Bronze Rank assassin showed that his abilities had already received preliminary recognition from the organization. Chou Yings strength was at the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm, meaning the missions he received were mostly corresponding to his level; sometimes even against martial artists who were stronger than him. Asking him to assassinate a First Level Essence Qi Realm rookie was simply a form of humiliation to him.

Chou Ying was an ambitious assassin. His goal was to become a Gold Rank assassin. Hence, the training he received back in Mosha was rather severe. Concealment, disguising appearances, and one hit certain kill; he studied all of these very diligently which was why his strength grew very quickly as well.

In order to stimulate his potential, Chou Ying frequently accepted quite challenging missions. There was even an occasion where he accepted a mission to assassinate a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm target which he barely managed to complete by the skin of his teeth. Ever since then, he received more attention from the organization, and the resources allocated to him also increased by a lot.

This time around, the assassination target was said to be a reckless silkpants who did not have any abilities. A 15-year-old but only at the First Level Essence Qi Realm; he was definitely akin to rotten mud which cannot hold up the wall. Supposedly, the employer spent a large sum of money to request for a Bronze Rank killer to move out.

Facing a target like that, Chou Ying only needed to use a single finger to crush him.

However, Chou Ying was an extremely professional killer. Although he completely dismissed the employers repeated cautioning, he still made adequate preparations.

Many of those in the same profession used their blood to teach Chou Ying one particular truth; a lion would go all out even when hunting a rabbit.

In the past, many rookies, even Bronze Rank assassins from Mosha, tried to kill their targets out in the open just because the targets were too weak, but ended up losing their own lives.

Additionally, it was expected that the targets father had planned for two experts to escort him, which would make things very troublesome for Chou Ying.

However, Chou Ying was extremely confident in his assassination techniques. As long as he made use of the favorable climate and geographical advantage, he would definitely be able to assassinate the target successfully even while under the protection of the two experts.

But who would have thought that the retarded silkpants actually chose not to bring along those two followers. Instead, he left the city with only another punk and a young lady with him.

Hehehe. Since you are courting death, then I wont hold back.

Chou Ying who was looking from far away was so excited that his heart was about to jump out.

After leaving the city, Chou Ying had been following the three of them from far behind, without any intention of making any move. He had already investigated the route leading from the capital to the Dan Wu Academy and already had a place in mind where he will make his strike.

These three people did not seem to be anxious. They took their time while enjoying the scenery.

Ha, you guys just have fun a little while longer. After all, this is the last bit of fun you guys will enjoy in your lives.

Chou Ying laughed coldly in his heart.

Seeing as they were about to arrive at the Dan Wu Academy, Chou Ying circled around and went ahead of them, and then laid in ambush among the rocky terrain. He had long predetermined that this was the best location for him to strike. Here, the rocks formed an uneven terrain which was advantageous for concealing himself. He was prepared to kill Ye Yuan in a single blow.

Right when Ye Yuan and his entourage were about to enter his certain-kill range, the three of them stopped, leaving Chou Ying stunned.

. . . . . .

”Come on out. I believe Mister is tired after following us all the way. Am I right? ” Ye Yuans words slowly drifted into Chou Yings ears.

No one answered . . .

This brat . . . is he making a blind guess?

Trying to trick me to go out? Hehehe. That must be it!

But he seemed to have underestimated this brat. To think he actually guessed that someone would send people here to kill him. Since Ye Yuan managed to predict this, then why he did not bring along followers? Unless those two followers had been following them all along, and even he himself did not discover it?

But how was that possible?

The strength of those two followers was at best about the same as him. If they had been following these three people all the way, it would be impossible for him to not have spotted them!

As a Bronze Rank assassin from Mosha, Chou Ying had considerable confidence in his abilities to conceal and tail people. If it had been a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist who followed them, then it would be reasonable for him to not have noticed anything. But those two followers were just Essence Qi Realm martial artists. There was no way he could not discover them.

No matter what, as long as they entered his attack range, he would just send that Ye Yuan to see King Yama.

. . . . . .

”Young Master, whats wrong? ” Lu-er did not understand why Ye Yuan would suddenly blurt out something like that and asked him in puzzlement.

Rather, it was Tang Yu whose vigilance was quite high. The moment Ye Yuan said those words, Tang Yu entire body went on alert.

”Hahaha. Its just a small thief. No big deal, ” Ye Yuan said without any care.

Lu-er, upon seeing Ye Yuans casual attitude, took things even less seriously. ”But Young Master, where is that bad guy hiding? ”

”Oh. Right behind that big boulder. My guess is that he is waiting for us to go over before ambushing us. ” Ye Yuan gestured with his mouth and gave a smile.

Chou Yings emotions which had just relaxed, once again tightened with Ye Yuans words. Wasnt he behind a big boulder right now?

However, this place was filled with piles of rocks and stones; even gigantic boulders were everywhere. How would that guy know which boulder he was hiding behind?

Still trying to draw me out?

I, Chou Ying, am a professional killer. How could I possibly be goaded out using this super weak goading technique?

”Hey, the state of your heart is in disorder. Thats not good. ” Ye Yuans voice drifted over once again.

Chou Ying reacted with a violent shudder.

As an assassin, Chou Ying always felt that the state of his heart had already been trained to a realm where he was unaffected by any disturbances. However, those two sentences by Ye Yuan really disrupted the state of his heart.

How was this possible?! The other party is only a First Level Essence Qi Realm rookie!

Could it be that he really discovered me? He wasnt bluffing?

Right at this moment, Ye Yuans demon-like voice drifted into his ears once again. ”How about this? I will throw a rock over. If I hit the correct one, you come out; if I hit wrongly, then I will carry on walking. Hows that? ”

The moment the voice stopped, Chou Yin heard a whoosh, followed by the crisp sound of a small rock hitting a boulder. The boulder that he was leaning against . . .

Chou Ying realized that he was out of luck. Ye Yuan truly knew that he was hiding here and was not trying to trick him.

Revealing himself, Chou Ying discovered three youths staring right at him. Among them, one of the youths had a weird smile on his face, who also happened to be the target he was sent to assassinate: Ye Yuan.

”How did you discover me? ” Chou Ying asked with a dark face.

He was unable to understand how a First Level Essence Qi Realm rookie could discover him. Right now, what he wanted to know the most was where his concealment went wrong, in order to make improvements after todays mission.

As for whether or not these three people in front of him posed a threat, that was something he had never even considered!

How was it possible for a Moshas Bronze Rank assassin to be defeated by three rookies?

”Want to know how? Not going to tell you! ” Ye Yuan looked as if he was not willing to, and it was also impossible for him to answer Chou Yings question.

He could not possibly tell Chou Ying that this body contained a super amazing soul.

”Courting death! ” Right when Chou Ying was about to strike, he suddenly stopped. ”Yii? To think hes actually at the Third Level Essence Qi Realm? The information doesnt match! ”

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