Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 23: I Will Only Use One Finger

Chapter 22: Instant Flash

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Chou Ying spent the past two days observing Ye Yuan from afar, so he was not aware of Ye Yuans transformation. Now that he was facing Ye Yuan, he realized that his assassination target was already at the Third Level Essence Qi Realm.

To Chou Ying, there was not much difference between the First Level Essence Qi Realm and the Third Level Essence Qi Realm. An opponent like this was basically an instant kill for him.

Every three levels in the Essence Qi Realm was considered as one stage. Even though there was only a difference of one stage between the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm and the Third Level Essence Qi Realm, one should not underestimate it, as the difference in strength was huge. It was not difficult for a person at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm to face off against five or six people at the Third Level Essence Qi Realm.

As Chou Ying was two stages above Ye Yuan, he did not feel that Ye Yuan posed any threat to him.

What made Chou Ying uncertain was whether the employers information was wrong, or it was this youth in front of him that was too monstrous?

Chou Ying would rather choose to believe the former. After all, only two to three days had passed since the mission was issued. To train from the First Level Essence Qi Realm to the Third Level Essence Qi Realm in two to three days?

Was this a joke?

”Brother Ye, this person is very troublesome to deal with. In a while, I will delay him; you and Lu-er quickly rush off! The academy is only around ten miles from here. The two of you quickly go and get help! ” Wielding his sword, Tang Yu positioned himself in front of Ye Yuan and Lu-er.

He could feel the killing intent emanating out of Chou Ying, yet he could not see through Chou Yings abilities. He knew that this time around, they had met a tough character. Not only did Ye Yuan save Tang Zonghuais life, but he also gave him a high-level medicinal pill. It could be said that Tang Yu owed Ye Yuan a great debt of gratitude. What Tang Yu was doing now was risking his life to repay the debt.

Although Tang Yu was also a genius student from the Dan Wu Academy, when compared to Chou Yin who had been through hundreds of battles, regardless whether it was strength or experience, he was too lacking. Staying behind naturally meant certain death.

Among the three of them, Tang Yus strength was the greatest. Hence, he did not hesitate at all to stand out.

Seeing Tang Yus appearance as if he was about to face a great enemy, Lu-er also started to become nervous. ”Young Master, run away first! Big Brother Tang and I will cover your retreat! ”

When Ye Yuan saw Lu-er standing in front of him, he could not help but to laugh. ”Silly girl, what can you do by staying behind. Move away. ”

”No way! Im not moving! ” Lu-er said stubbornly.

Looking at Tang Yus and Lu-ers actions, Ye Yuan found it hilarious, yet he was extremely touched in his heart.

One can only see true feelings during a crisis. Lu-ers actions were within Ye Yuans expectations. However, he had only just met Tang Yu a few days ago. Even if he had saved Tang Yus father and gave him an Exploding Yuan Pill, someone who lacked resolution would have long fled for his life.

One had to know, with Chou Yings strength, without any accident, the three of them would undoubtedly die.

”Hahaha. What a touching scene! Ye Yuan, it is fine if you dont say anything. But this young lady looks rather ravishing, in a while . . . ” Chou Ying started laughing wildly.

At this point, Chou Ying was confident that this Ye Yuan definitely cultivated some technique, or he had some treasure on him, which was how Ye Yuan found his location.

Such a technique or even a treasure like that was tremendously useful to him. Hence, he felt that no matter what, he had to force an answer out.

Furthermore, Lu-er was indeed tempting. Why would he let go of this chance?

”You guys, make way! ” Ye Yuan pushed Lu-er and Tang Yu aside and stood in front. He still had a smile on his face, except now, that smile became ice-cold.

An inexplicable chill suddenly filled his heart. It made Chou Ying shuddered.

Whats going on?

Chou Ying had killed at least a hundred, if not eighty people. He initially already had an ice-cold air around his body. Even if a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist were to stand in front of him right now, it would be impossible to make him shudder. Yet when he was facing this Third Level Essence Qi Realm brat, he actually felt a chill?

Chou Ying felt that everything that had happened today was too abnormal. This was supposedly a mission that was simple without a doubt. Why did things become so bizarre?

”You and I originally had no grudges. Initially, I only wanted to try things out with you seeing as you are helping others avert disaster by taking their money. But since you dare to have ideas about Lu-er, then dont blame me for taking your life. ”

Ye Yuans words revealed a bone-piercing chill.

At this point, Ye Yuan swallowed a medicinal pill; something that he refined before setting off.

Since he knew that this journey would be dangerous, Ye Yuan naturally would not be unprepared.

This medicinal pill was named Five Elements Spirit Link Pill; it was refined using medicinal herbs having five different attributes being metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. An Essence Qi Realm martial artist, after consuming it, could directly raise their strength by an entire stage for a period of time!

”Hahaha. This is hilarious! I want to see how a Third Level Essence Qi Realm brat like you can take my life! ”

Chou Yings emotion was nowhere as calm as what he was showing on his face currently. In reality, he only used these words to encourage himself, to chase away the shadow that was shrouding his heart.

At this moment, schwing! Chou Yings sword left its scabbard.

As a killer, Chou Ying would stoop to anything to kill his opponent. Nobody said that you could not do a sneak attack during a frontal battle. A moment ago, Chou Ying was still talking and laughing, and the next moment, his sword already reached in front of Ye Yuan.

”Brother Ye (Young Master), be careful! ” Tang Yu and Lu-er shouted in unison.

However, their cries were not faster than Chou Yings sword. By the time they reacted, Chou Yings sword had already stabbed through Ye Yuans body.

”Young Master! ”

”Brother Ye! ”

Looking at this scene, Tang Yu and Lu-er gave a heart-piercing cry.

Chou Ying felt that something was wrong. His sword obviously passed through Ye Yuans body, but why his hand did not feel anything?

The reason why Chou Ying drew his sword so quickly was not only because he was cautious, but also because the uneasiness in his heart had become increasingly stronger.

He watched as Ye Yuan swallowed that medicinal pill. Although he did not believe that Ye Yuan could threaten him just by eating some pills, as a person who had always been cautious, he did not hesitate at all before drawing his sword.

Only a dead person could make one rest easy.

However, he clearly had killed Ye Yuan. But why was this ominous feeling in his heart still there?

At this moment, Ye Yuan who was stabbed by Chou Ying gradually dissipated and then turned into nothingness.

What Chou Ying stabbed was actually just an afterimage!

”Hey, its very dangerous for you to show your back to the enemy. ”

Ye Yuans voice made Chou Ying went stiff.

How is this possible?! I already stabbed him!

”Instant Flash! Its actually Instant Flash! ” Tang Yu exclaimed.

”Young Master! Its great that you are fine! ” Lu-er shouted, pleasantly surprised.

”Hahaha. Of course Im fine. How can your young master die so easily? ” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

”Brother Ye actually managed to master such difficult footwork. Furthermore, your use of it was absolutely superb. What a genius! ” Tang Yu marveled at this show of ability.

”Just a trifling skill. ”

To other people, Instant Flash was an incredibly profound footwork which was exceedingly hard to comprehend. However, to Ye Yuan, this level of footwork did not possess any challenge.

Instant Flash might look impressive, but it was actually only a footwork technique that allowed the user to move freely in a small radius. It was merely a Tier 1 Martial Technique, something that was not very profound.

However, this footwork encompassed Heavenly Dao, making it easy to learn but challenging to master. An ordinary person who wanted to master it would find it incredibly difficult. Even within the Dan Wu Academy, Instant Flash was a highly challenging technique with hardly anyone able to master it.

However, this level of Heavenly Dao was not worth mentioning to Ye Yuan who once had possessed an incredibly high cultivation level.

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