Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 24: Good Dogs Dont Get Underfoot

Chapter 23: I Will Only Use One Finger

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As a matter of fact, there were still some advantages in Ye Hang sending Ye Yuan to the Dan Wu Academy. That fellow at the very least will attend a few classes and pick up some stuff.

Although these things were not worth mentioning to the current Ye Yuan, it was still a pretty decent option for fooling people.

With Ye Yuans current strength, Instant Flash was a practical martial technique, yet not overly conspicuous.

Even though this martial technique faintly encompassed Heavenly Dao, in reality, it just barely touched a corner of it; it did not even count as crossing the threshold.

Ye Yuan spent the past few days reorganizing his predecessors memories. By relying on these vague impressions from his predecessors classes, he managed to fumble out several basic martial techniques with Instant Flash being one of it.

In reality, while the Instant Flash that Ye Yuan executed seemed right, it was actually different. But by executing it with Ye Yuans comprehension, it was only stronger and not weaker than those demonstrated by the teachers in the academy.

”No wonder you dare to not bring along followers. To think that your Instant Flash already reached such a level. Very impressive! Looks like the appraisal of you in the report was fairly misleading. ”

Chou Ying naturally knew that Instant Flash was not a unique martial technique. However, as Instant Flash was a footwork technique with only a small range of motion, it was not very useful for assassination. This was why he did not study it much.

Mastery of a martial technique could be classified into several categories. From low to high respectively: entry stage, small success stage, large success stage, great circle stage, and the legendary breaking illusion stage.

Even so, Chou Ying knew that for Instant Flash to leave behind an afterimage, it had to reach at least the great circle stage. To be able to train such an amazing movement technique to the great circle stage, as long as he did not meet any martial artists specializing in movement technique and the opponent was at the Essence Qi Realm and below, he basically had the ability to self-preserve.

No wonder this brat dared to be so arrogant, he really had some capabilities.

As an assassin, Chou Ying naturally had a movement technique that he specialized in. However, his movement technique was only trained till the large success stage. There was still quite a bit of distance away from the great circle stage.

It would be wrong to think that there was only a small difference of one realm between the large success stage and the great circle stage. For mastery of a martial technique, it was as far apart as heaven and earth.

The great circle stage would mean training the martial technique to the pinnacle, without any further room for improvements. Except for those monsters who possessed incredible comprehension, it would be very difficult to train a martial technique to the great circle stage.

As for the legendary breaking illusion stage, it would mean to break out of the great circle stage and create an alternate possibility; a sort of evolution from the original martial technique.

The requirements needed to train a martial technique to the breaking illusion stage were so harsh that it made ones hair stand on its end. That was why it was considered a legendary stage. Generally speaking, training a martial technique to the great circle stage represented attaining the highest stage.

Chou Yin had always been somewhat confident of his movements, but he did not want to lose to a silkpants.

”You flattered me. But there are no bonus marks. You still have to die, ” Ye Yuan said lightly.

”Hahaha! ” As if he just heard a hilarious joke, Chou Yin laughed wildly before saying, ”To not know the immensity of heaven and earth! I admit that my movements are inferior when compared to you. But I dont think those two people beside you also have movement techniques at the great circle stage, do they? Id like to see how a weak silkpants at the Third Level Essence Qi Realm like you going to receive my blow directly! ”

Chou Ying was a veteran in battles. After missing that one strike, he immediately looked for another way. Obviously, the two people beside Ye Yuan were his biggest weakness.

Tang Yu was still fine, but Lu-er was a lamb waiting to be slaughtered in Chou Yings eyes.

Your movement technique is fast? Whats the use of you being fast if I force you to fight me head-on?

Yet at this moment, that wild smile froze on his face; what replaced it was bafflement.

Because at this moment, Ye Yuans aura started to increase explosively under everyones perception.

Peak Third Level Essence Qi Realm!

Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm!

Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm!

Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm!

Ye Yuans cultivation realm broke through its bottleneck from the Third Level Essence Qi Realm to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm and continued rising rapidly; all the way until it passed the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm before stopping.

Looking at this scene, Chou Ying was dumbstruck and forgot to make his move for a moment.

”H-how is this possible? ” Chou Ying sucked in a cold breath.

He suddenly recalled the scene where Ye Yuan swallowed the medicinal pill and thought to himself; could this possibly be the effects of that medicinal pill?

Even though he had heard that some medicinal pills were able to increase strength temporarily, this was his first time seeing a medicinal pill which could increase three small cultivation realms in a row.

Chou Ying could not help but think that if he had a medicinal pill like this, wouldnt completing missions be as simple as cutting up vegetables?

Yet the reality was that a rookie who had a difference of four small cultivation realms from him, in a blink of an eye, created a gap by only one small cultivation realm than him . . .

Although the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm and the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm were not on the same level, without a doubt, Ye Yuan indeed possessed the capital to fight with him now. Coupled with his Instant Flash being at the great circle stage, it might be possible for Ye Yuan to battle him.

Chou Ying suddenly felt that today was very bizarre. This brat in front of him had truly given him too many surprises. Initially, he was still grumbling about how this mission was too simple. Now, he could not help but somewhat regretted taking on this mission.

However, regardless of what happens, the mission had to be completed. Otherwise, he would most likely lose the status he earned painstakingly in Mosha.

Apparently, the reason why Chou Ying was still thinking about completing the mission was that even after Ye Yuan swallowed the Five Elements Spirit Link Pill, his cultivation realm ultimately had stopped at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm.

This was a cultivation realm that he could handle.

Narrowing both eyes, the killing intent from Chou Yin firmly locked onto Lu-er.

”One Word Kill! ”

Chou Ying immediately made his strongest move which he had used to finish off countless opponents in the past.

One Word Kill; simple and straightforward, yet it was domineering. A straightforward move that was not flashy at all.

Lu-er stood there completely unable to react as the sword already reached in front of her.

A hideous smile flashed across Chou Yings face as if he could see the beauty, Lu-er, was dying, and the image of Ye Yuans heart-wrenching grief.

However, just as Chou Yings sword was about to pierce Lu-ers throat . . .


His hand which was gripping his sword became numb, and the short sword which had never left his side was sent flying away.

A terrifying strength was transmitted, and Chou Ying was sent flying away as well.

At the critical moment just now, Ye Yuan reached Lu-er with Instant Flash, while his attack which was released after, struck first.

He only stretched his finger out and tapped lightly, accurately hitting Chou Yings short sword and sent it flying!

Absolute Yang Finger!

Ye Yuans Absolute Yang Finger already had some progress, reaching the entry stage after several days of cultivation.

A martial technique of this rank obviously was not so easy to learn. To have reached the entry stage within a few days showed how outstanding Ye Yuans talent was.

Even though it was only the entry stage of Absolute Yang Finger, executing it with Ye Yuans current Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm was not something that Chou Ying could withstand.

Chou Ying rolled on the ground. Puhwark! He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Looking at Chou Ying, Ye Yuan said coldly, ”I will only use one finger. Whether you can escape or not, it is up to your abilities. ”

Right now, Chou Yings innards were in mayhem. But he knew that he had hit a hard plate. This brat was clearly pretending to be a pig in order to eat a tiger! He was too strong!

Forcefully suppressing his injuries, Chou Ying could not be bothered to care about anything else and started to wildly circulate all the essence energy in his body.

He wanted to flee!

Chou Ying could feel Ye Yuans surging killing intent. Clearly, his actions to kill Lu-er just now had thoroughly infuriated Ye Yuan.

Chou Ying used all the strength in his body to escape. He could even feel that his current speed was faster than it had ever been before. It was so fast that his movement technique had touched the threshold of the great circle stage.

This discovery made him ecstatic with joy!

I can escape!

I definitely can escape!

Chou Ying was screaming in his mind, and then his consciousness gradually blurred . . .

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