Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 28: Each Preparing for Battle

Chapter 27: Stacking Waves Layered Palm

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The Dan Wu Academys Scripture Library was divided into three sections. The second section was only opened for those who were in the Spirit Condensation Realm. The current Ye Yuan naturally had no right to enter.

The first section collected Tier 1 martial techniques. It was just perfect for the current Ye Yuan to use.

The entire section was packed with bookshelves. There were cultivation laws, martial techniques, as well as books related to Tier 1 Medicinal Pills. They were sorted out into categories and encompassed everything.

These books were all stone rubbings. 1 The originals were naturally kept at Tranquil Cloud Sect Headquarters.

Concerning cultivation laws, Ye Yuan was already cultivating the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. Naturally, there wasnt any need to cultivate others.

And these books on medicinal pills did not even count as introductory to Ye Yuan. So they were automatically filtered out by him.

Only Tier 1 martial techniques were useful to the current Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan went to the area of bookshelves where martial techniques were kept and started to search for a martial technique suitable for him.

Casually picking up a book, he saw Blazing Palm was written on it. It was a middle-grade Tier 1 martial technique with fire attribute.

Flipping through the contents, Ye Yuan shook his head. This sort of martial technique was too crude. There was no depth at all, and the power was too weak as well.

Even though the book bragged until flowers were cascading from the sky, with Ye Yuans insights, why would he eye this sort of martial technique?

Placing the Blazing Palm book back onto the shelf, Ye Yuan casually looked through several martial techniques. They were mainly martial techniques on the same level as Blazing Palm, flashy without substance.

As time slowly passed, Ye Yuan already looked through several dozen books, yet not even a single one entered his eyes.

Ye Yuan could not help but sigh, thinking that this Tranquil Cloud Sect was so stingy, using these common goods to put up a front.

But after thinking about it, he felt relieved. Cultivation laws and martial techniques were the foundation of a sect. How could truly important cultivation laws be casually placed out in the secular world?

Ye Yuan knew that it was impossible to find a martial technique he wanted on this rack of shelves, so he walked deeper in.

The martial techniques on this rack of shelves were clearly much lesser, but the quality increased by a grade. They basically reached high-grade Tier 1.

Flipping through several books, Ye Yuan still did not encounter anything he was satisfied with.

It was not that he had nothing better to do, but instead, he wanted to see if there were any beneficial insights within these martial techniques.

To Ye Yuan, a middle-grade Tier 1 and a superior-grade Tier 1 did not have too much of a difference. A lower grade martial technique might not be bad, while a higher grade martial technique might not be good.

Just take Instant Flash for instance. It was only a middle-grade Tier 1 martial technique, but this martial technique had some distinctive aspect. So Ye Yuan tinkered with it.

Ye Yuan had just seen this Instant Flash martial technique. Briefly skimming through it, he knew that the insight of its creator was still too low. What he had altered was already much stronger than what was written in the book. Obviously, there wasnt any more meaning to researching it.

Walking further in, there were no longer books on the shelves but a scattered bunch of jade pieces. Ye Yuan know that this was where the essence of the first layer laid.

Highly profound martial techniques could not be recorded down on paper. Only jade pieces could record or replicate it.

Ye Yuan used his essence energy to inspect several jade pieces. These martial techniques were all high-grade Tier 1 martial techniques. These were actually already very rare.

Any single piece of these jade, when placed in the outside world, were objects worth cities. After all, Essence Qi Realm martial artists made up the largest portion of the population in the State of Qin, and the vast majority of them cultivated either low-grade or middle-grade martial techniques.

One high-grade martial technique jade piece to them was something they could only dream of. It was enough for their strength to immediately increase by one stage.

However, Ye Yuan did not have much interest in these high-grade martial techniques. He only looked a while before putting them back.

Ye Yuan had already walked to the deepest part of the first layer. If he still could not find a martial technique he was satisfied with, he could only settle with these high-grade martial techniques.

On the last shelf were only three jade pieces.

Clearly, these three jade pieces were not the same as the others.

Ye Yuan picked up the first jade piece, injected essence energy, and the information within the jade piece reflected in Ye Yuans mind.

Thousand Feet Leap, a movement technique!

When mastered to the large success stage, it could shrink the distance to inches and traverse a thousand feet in an instant.

”A bit interesting. ”

Ye Yuan inspected the details of the Thousand Feet Leap. This movement technique had its unique points. Compared to Instant Flash, the Thousand Feet Leaps movement in a straight line was more outstanding. It was somewhat useful regardless of whether using it to sneak attack or flee.

This movement technique already reached the superior-grade Tier 1.

Placing the Thousand Feet Leap jade piece back on the shelf, Ye Yuan picked up a second jade piece. It was a rarely seen lightning-attribute martial technique which was extremely difficult to learn. Grade wise, it was similar to the Thousand Feet Leap.

Although it might be difficult, it did not draw much interest from Ye Yuan.

He casually picked up the third jade piece and investigated it.

”En? Stacking Waves Layered Palm . . . Incomplete martial technique? Estimated to be at least Tier 3 and above. Its just that it is incomplete, causing its current grade to fall to the high-grade Tier 1 category? ”

Ye Yuan was attracted by the jade pieces introduction.

But it was not because this martial techniques grade was high. Tier 3 martial techniques were not exactly high-tier martial techniques to Ye Yuan.

What truly attracted him was that this martial technique was a martial technique that paid great attention to the way strength was utilized. When mastered, it could release multiple times, even several dozen times of ones power. The might of it was very substantial.

The introduction on this jade piece should have been left behind by a powerful figure from either the Tranquil Cloud Sect or the Dan Wu Academy. If one could execute this technique to its limits, jumping ranks during battle would simply be like eating rice and drinking water. ” Ye Yuan sighed in admiration.

Naturally, Ye Yuan also knew that this kind of martial technique would become harder to improve on as it progressed further. The difficulty of it would increase multiple times.

Simply put, it was easy to release twice the power. But the difficulty would increase for four times. After that, it becomes eight times, 16 times, and even 32 times. The further one advanced, the more terrifying it became. Naturally, the difficulty would also become increasingly immense.

Even so, this was a rather amazing martial technique. But sadly, it was way too incomplete.

. . . . . .

”En? You chose this martial technique? ” Looking at the martial technique Ye Yuan chose, Zhao Chunyang was very surprised.

”Thats right. ” Ye Yuan long knew that Zhao Chunyang would be shocked.

”But . . . This martial technique might be powerful, but its incomplete. ”

Zhao Chunyang tried persuading Ye Yuan.

”I know, but this martial technique looks very impressive. I will put up with it first. We will talk about it again in the future, ” Ye Yuan smiled and then replied him.

”Not only it is incomplete, but also exceedingly difficult to learn. You know Senior Apprentice Brother Long Tang, dont you? He also once tried to learn this technique, but in the end, he gave up. This technique looks amazing, but its an arduous yet fruitless labor. Three days . . . Even if you are brilliant, at best you can learn the First Layer Wave. It wouldnt be much use against your opponent, right? ”

Actually, Zhao Chunyangs words were already very implicit. In his opinion, even if Ye Yuan spent a months time, he might not be able to learn the First Layer Wave.

What was the concept of the First Layer Wave? Just the increment of two times the power simply could not compensate for the difference in strength between Ye Yuan and Fei Qingping.

Rather than that, it might be better to just learn a more practical martial technique.

Ye Yuan had a rather good impression towards this Zhao Chunyang. At least he did not see himself as a joke like the others. So he smiled and then said, ”Many thanks for your concern, Senior Apprentice Brother. But I have my own plans. As for the deathmatch three days from now, I think I can handle it. ”

”This . . . Alright then. Since you insist, I will not persuade you anymore. Try your best. ” Zhao Chunyang shook his head and could only sigh.

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