Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 29: Wager

Chapter 28: Each Preparing for Battle

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At a hidden location in the Dan Wu Academy.

Two people were currently discussing in a low voice.

”Qingping, what do you think about your deathmatch with Ye Yuan? ”

”Whats there to think about? Just kill him! This punks life is really tough! The last time he was sent back, he was already not breathing. Who would have thought that after a few days, he would be alive and kicking? This time, I will definitely not give him any chance. ”

Fei Qingpings words were filled with contempt as if full of disdain towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan and Wan Yuan grew up competing with one another, so the latter was also naturally very clear on Ye Yuans nature as well as his strength. Therefore, he did not feel any burden to kill Ye Yuan during the deathmatch.

With regards to Wan Yuans question, Fei Qingping felt that it was very unusual, so he could not help but asked, ”Young Master Wan, listening to your words, you cant possibly be thinking that I will lose to him during this battle, right? ”

Wan Yuan frowned and said, ”I would not go so far as to say lose to him. I just feel that this time around, after Ye Yuan returned, he is rather unusual. Like . . . somewhat different from the past. ”

” Sigh. I was wondering what it was. Of course, hes different, but isnt it just rising by two minor realms? However, from the way I see it, he will probably stay like this for the rest of his life. Hahaha! ”

Although Fei Qingping was older than Wan Yuan by two years, he always treated the latter as the boss.

Seeing how Fei Qingping was looking down on Ye Yuan like that, Wan Yuan felt that it was very inappropriate, and wanted to rebuke him. Yet, he also felt that Fei Qingpings opinion was correct.

That joke who was like rotten mud that could not even support a wall; could he overturn the heaven?

Although Fei Qingping was not some extraordinary talent, he was an experienced Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm martial artist, merely a step away from the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm.

The Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm and the Third Level Essence Qi Realm were not even on the same level. Thus, Fei Qingping had a good reason to look down on Ye Yuan.

This small step was not so easy to cross over.

The Dan Wu Academy was an academy for elites. Practically anyone here, when placed in the outside world, could jump ranks during battle.

The resources they enjoyed, martial skills and techniques they learned, as well as guidance from accomplished teachers, all of these were not what those from the outside world could compare with.

However, within the Dan Wu Academy, jumping ranks during a battle was a challenging thing to do. Unless one really had extraordinary talent.

If Long Tang or Feng Zhiruo was only at the Third Level Essence Qi Realm, Wan Yuan had no doubt that they could jump ranks to defeat Fei Qingping.

But if it were Ye Yuan, even if he were to beat Wan Yuan to death, he would not believe it.

Because he understood Ye Yuan too well!

After a moment of silence, Wan Yuan still shook his head and said, ”Qingping, the deathmatch this time, you can only win. Defeat will not be tolerated. Even if Ye Yuan is only a rat, you have to go all out to defeat him. Bear in mind that you must not take him lightly, understood? ”

Looking at Fei Qingpings careless attitude regarding his words, Wan Yuan finally became angry. ”If you still have this attitude, I will eliminate you first! You are not only representing yourself in this match. You will also be representing the Wan Family, the Drunken Star Manor! If you are defeated by Ye Yuan, where do you want my father and me to put our faces?! ”

Wan Yuans roar surprised Fei Qingping for a moment; his brain unable to react in time.

But one thing was clear, and that was Wan Yuan really got angry!

For Wan Yuan to be so concerned with Ye Yuan, that was something that had never happened before.

”I-I understand, I will go all out to finish him! ”

Feeling Wan Yuans wrath, Fei Qingping did not dare to be arrogant and meekly promised this.

With a sigh, Wan Yuan said, ”Qingping, I know that you feel Ye Yuan isnt even worth looking at. Actually, isnt that the same for me? But this time around after he returned to the academy, I keep feeling that theres something off. ”

”Off? Off in what way? ” Fei Qingping could not help but became curious after Wan Yuan said that.

He knew that even though Wan Yuan was younger than him by two years, he was very prudent in doing things, just like his father.

Regardless of whether it was talent or intelligence, Fei Qingping was much worse than Wan Yuan. That was why he was sincerely convinced to be his follower.

”Today, I went to find him to destroy his spirit and give him some trouble. I used 70% of my power, but I failed to catch him! Who knows when that punk managed to learn Instant Flash and even trained it to the great success stage! ”

”What? Instant Flash?! Great success stage?! H-how is that possible? ”

Fei Qingping was startled. He apparently knew what Instant Flash at the great success stage meant. It meant that Ye Yuan was already standing at an undefeatable position.

If it was like this, Wan Yuans warning was not an unnecessary action!

As if he was confirming his exchange with Ye Yuan today, Wan Yuan mused for a moment before nodding his head, saying, ”Thats right. Its Instant Flash at the great success stage! ”

”I-isnt that too shameless? How could he possibly manage to learn such profound footwork? Could it be a fluke? ” Fei Qingping suddenly started to ramble incoherently.

Wan Yuan said in a deep voice, ”A fluke? Why dont you try executing Instant Flash at the great success stage by luck for me to see?! ”

” . . . ”

”Actually, he stirred up a lot of trouble during his trip back to the capital. He even went to the Drunken Star Manor to make a scene, and Father was unable to do anything to him. This time around on the way back here, Father arranged for a Mosha assassin. Yet the result was that Ye Yuan actually arrived at the academy safely! Thats why I feel that there is something odd about Ye Yuan after he came back! ”

”Then . . . what should I do? ” At this point, Fei Qingping was thoroughly panicking.

Patting his shoulders, Wan Yuan slowly said, ”Relax. Even if he is a little unusual, the difference in strength between the two of you cant be made up! However, you cant let down your guard during these three days. You have to make full use of all the time you have! ”

Hearing Wan Yuan said all these, Fei Qingping really did not dare to lower his guard this time. This battle was a deathmatch where life and death must be determined. Fei Qingping was not willing to treat his life jokingly.

”Young Master Wan, just tell me what I have to do. I will absolutely listen to you! ”

Seeing how he really took things seriously, Wan Yuan took out a bottle of medicinal pills and placed it in front of Fei Qingping. He said, ”This is the Essence Gathering Pills that my Father refined. Its effectiveness is 50% greater than Essence Qi Pills! These three days, you will use these pills to raise your strength. You must definitely break through to the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm! ”

Fei Qingpings eyes lit up. If he could break through to Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm, then his chances of victory would increase significantly. Just as Wan Yuan said, the difference in strength was not something that can easily be breached. A Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm martial artist versus a Third Level Essence Qi Realm martial artist; he really had no reason to lose!

Immediately, Fei Qingping gave a deep bow and said gratefully, ”Many thanks for Young Master Wans support! ”

Nodding his head, Wan Yuan acknowledged it calmly and continued saying, ”Another thing. These three days, you also have to put all your effort into training the Lesser Capturing Hand. Use it to counter Instant Flash, and you will be in an invincible position.

. . . . . .

In a training room at the Dan Wu Academy.

Ye Yuan stood quietly with his eyes tightly shut as if asleep.

Ever since he looked at the jade piece, Ye Yuan was already standing here for close to two hours!

Suddenly, Ye Yuans eyes snapped open.

Taking a step back, he then executed a palm movement!

”Stacking Waves Layered Palm, First Layer Wave! ”

A burst of wind carried forward, and with a boom, a fleshy palm smashed onto the wall!

A dent was made on the wall, but one could see it rapidly recovering with their naked eyes.

Looking at the wall, Ye Yuan shook his head, ”This Stacking Waves Layered Palm is indeed hard to train. No wonder Senior Apprentice Brother Zhao advised me to give up. I already used two hours to adjust the essence energy in my body, yet this palm still doesnt have the effects of the First Layer Wave. ”

Ye Yuan sighed. If Zhao Chunyang saw this, his jaws would definitely drop, followed by scolding Ye Yuan being an ungrateful wrench.

One has to know, back then when Long Tan was training his martial technique, the First Layer Wave was only mastered after a month.

Even though Ye Yuan did not mastered it yet, he was not far from mastering the First Layer Wave already. Furthermore, he merely used two hours.

”Once more! ” Ye Yuan was not discouraged. Following the original method stated, he started to circulate the essence energy within his body once again.

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