Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 30: Allow You Three Moves

Chapter 29: Wager

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Stacking Waves Layered Palm was actually a martial technique that creates a resonance between essence energy within the human body and heaven and earth essence energy, amplifying it in order to damage the enemies.

Just like how tossing a rock into water will cause ripples to spread outwards.

Describing it seemed easy, but to actually accomplish it was as hard as reaching the heaven.

Heaven and earth essence energy was a vague and ethereal existence. In order to create a resonance, one needed to have an incredibly profound understanding towards heaven and earth essence energy.

To martial artists, cultivating essence energy was instinctive. One would just need to gather essence energy according to their corresponding martial skill.

It was merely a matter of knowing how to do something, but not understanding why.

Although every martial artist cultivated essence energy, most likely no one would be able to say what exactly was essence energy.

As cultivation realm increased, martial artists would gain a deeper understanding towards essence energy.

When completely ignorant about essence energy, one could only go through non-stop training to be able to slowly grasp that sort of resonance in order to master Stacking Waves Layered Palm. That was the reason why this palm technique was so difficult to learn.

Ye Yuan possessed an extremely high cultivation realm in his past life. Furthermore, he also had extremely great attainments in Alchemy Dao. That was why it was much easier for him to learn this technique.

Slowly raising his right palm, a faint earthly-yellow glow started to condense on Ye Yuans palm, forming a tiny vortex.

Releasing a palm strike, that faint yellow light spread out like water ripples.


The wall sunk in heavily and the dent even deeper than previously.

Stacking Waves Layered Palm!

Ye Yuan managed to execute it on his second palm strike!

”Well, thats the feeling alright. But it still isnt that stable. Also, the execution time is too long. Looks like I still need to practice more, ” Ye Yuan muttered to himself.

. . . . . .

In a blink of an eye, three days had passed.

On this morning, the combat arena was surrounded by a lot of people that not even water could seep through.

After three days of seething, virtually everyone in the Dan Wu Academy knew about Ye Yuan and Fei Qingpings deathmatch.

In this world, there was no lack of people who liked to watch a good show. It was the same everywhere.

Even though the ones fighting in the deathmatch were just two small characters, it was still a deathmatch. It meant that one party would definitely die. Who would miss out on such a good show?

After all, there had not been a deathmatch in the Dan Wu Academy for over two years.

The deathmatch had not even started yet, but everyone was already discussing in groups of threes and fives.

”Who do you guys think will win? ”

Another person looked at him as if he was an idiot. ”Are you retarded? A Third Level Essence Qi Realm versus a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm; whats there to guess? Do you think that Ye Yuan is Senior Brother Apprentice Long? ”

”Hehe. Who knows? Perhaps that Ye Yuan has something surprising up his sleeves. Dont you know that he spent the past few days cultivating in a closed-door seclusion? Maybe when he appears, he would be at Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm already? ” That person did not mind and laughed instead.

His words were once again met with disdain. ”Whats the use of hugging Buddhas feet at the last moment? Ye Yuan isnt the only one who went into a closed-door seclusion. That Fei Qingping also spent three days in a closed-door seclusion. I heard that Fei Qingping has been stuck at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm for a long time. This time around, who knows if he might directly break through to the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm. That Ye Yuan is definitely dead. ”

”Thats not necessarily true! I heard that Ye Yuan managed to learn Instant Flash, and its even at the great success stage. This practically means that he is in an undefeatable position. ”

”Instant Flash? Whats the use? Shitty combat power, low cultivation realm; dont tell me he has to keep using Instant Flash? When his essence energy is finally depleted, wouldnt he still be defeated? Furthermore, Instant Flash might be amazing, but it isnt invincible, okay! ”

”Im guessing that Ye Yuan is making up for his weaknesses during these three days of closed-door seclusion. Its hard to increase cultivation realm in a short period of time, so its possible hes training some amazing martial techniques. I heard that a few days before, Ye Yuan went to the Scripture Library. Oh right, wasnt it Senior Apprentice Brother Zhao on duty then? Senior Apprentice Brother Zhao, what martial technique did Ye Yuan choose? ”

Zhao Chunyang who was currently listening to the strength analysis did not expect the topic to suddenly switch to him.

Hearing their question, he directly replied, ”Its the Stacking Waves Layered Palm. ”

”Pfft! I already said so. This Ye Yuan is outrageous! Plenty to choose from, yet he just had to choose this martial technique. Even Senior Apprentice Brother Long spent a month before he managed to master the First Layer Wave. Ye Yuan is too confident. Does he think hes stronger than Senior Apprentice Brother Long? Even if he is stronger than Senior Apprentice Brother Long, how long does he need to master the First Layer Wave? Half a month? Ten days? Seven days? Hahaha! ” The more that person spoke, the funnier he found it, and he could not help but laugh out loud.

”Uh. So its that martial technique? I was still hoping that he could create a miracle by becoming a dark horse, and finishing off that Fei Qingping. Looks like I was expecting too much. I reckon this deathmatch doesnt have any more value to watch. That Ye Yuan is dead. ”

Ive long said that there isnt anything worth watching, but you didnt believe me. This Ye Yuan is just a silkpants whose father forcefully raised him by two cultivation realms. What combat power can he have? If it wasnt a deathmatch, I wouldnt even be bothered to come and watch. Make a guess, how many moves will Fei Qingping take to finish off Ye Yuan? ”

”That . . . Twenty moves? ” this person said uncertainly.

”Twenty moves? You are expecting too much! At best five moves! ”

”Senior Apprentice Brother Zhao, what do you think? ” another person asked Zhao Chunyang.

”Uh . . . That Im not too sure. But I feel that it might not be impossible for Ye Yuan, ” Zhao Chunyang replied.

Zhao Chunyang was not confident enough, but ever since encountering Ye Yuan that day, he felt that something would happen. But all of the signs clearly showed that it was impossible for Ye Yuan to win. Zhao Chunyang did not know why he had this feeling either.

That person thought he heard wrong and was just about to open his mouth when another voice sounded off from behind him.

”Ten moves. Junior Apprentice Brother Ye wins! ”

That voice did not make any attempts to hide, and many of the surrounding people heard it.


That voice was like a bomb that just went off, and everyone glanced over in that direction.

Before this, everyones opinions were one-sided; thinking that it was impossible for Ye Yuan to win. The two who were predicting how many moves Ye Yuan would last before he loses were not in the minority.

Therefore, this voice could be said to be very different, resulting in all the other discussions ceased.

”Tang Yu, are you alright? ” Someone recognized who it was. It was precisely Tang Yu who returned to the Dan Wu Academy with Ye Yuan. There was even a young lady beside him, who was Lu-er.

”Thats right, Tang Yu. Ive heard that youve been walking very closely with that moron recently. Is that why you also became retarded? ”

”Hahaha! ”

The matter of Tang Yu and Ye Yuan returning together obviously could not be hidden from others. It was dug out over these few days.

Tang Yu emotionlessly swept a look over everyone and gave a cold smile. He then said, ”100 Essence Qi Pills. Who dares to wager with me? ”

Tang Yus words once again made everyone silent, but their expressions were even more like they were looking at a fool.

”Tang Yu, did you really become stupid? ”

”Enough crap. If I lose, I will pay each and every one of you 100 Essence Qi Pills. But if I win, each one of you will pay me 100 Essence Qi pills. If you dont dare, then shut up! ” At this moment, Tang Yus domineering air seeped out.

As expected, the moment he said that most of the people immediately shut up.

100 Essence Qi Pills were not a small amount. It was practically the amount of their usage for three months. Even though there were plenty of people who did not mind, it was still a large enough number to make the majority felt pain for several months.

”Lets wager then. Whos scared of you? But there are at least several hundred people here. If you lose, can you afford to pay? ” At this moment, those who were on good terms with Wan Yuan could not look on anymore, and one of them immediately jumped out and confronted Tang Yu.

Tang Yu gave a cold laugh and took out a bottle of medicinal pills.

”Transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pill! Siii . . . All of them are transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills! ” That person stared till his eyes nearly popped out.

The value of one transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pill could sufficiently match with ten ordinary high-grade Essence Qi Pills. These medicinal pills were all refined by Ye Yuan before he went into a closed-door seclusion. He long foresaw this scene, and so he decided to use this chance to make a windfall.

”I will wager with you! ”

The audience turned towards the voice, only to see Wan Yuan walking in with Liu Ruoshui and Fei Qingping.

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