Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 4: Questioning

er. He stood there stunned, not knowing what to do. Why did they start to fight among themselves?

While Qian Miaos prestige cannot be compared with Ye Hang, it was still well-established. Even within the entire Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, he can be considered as a master. At one side stood a renowned master, while at the other side was a punk who was still wet behind his ears. Even a fool knew who to trust.

The brawny man initially did not know who this youth was, but after Qian Miaos fiery remarks, he came to a realization. Was this youth that incompetent son of Master Ye?

As a demonic beast hunter, he naturally would not be ignorant of events happening in the capital. The fame of this young master was likely even greater than Master Qian.

A wastrel like him actually dared to question Master Qians diagnosis? Could it be that this punk was bored to death and decided to come and harm my life?

Thinking about this, the brawny man suddenly became furious. He had never messed with anyone and yet was nearly harmed for no reason. This brat had such a wicked heart at a young age!

”This Brother, Master Qian is currently treating me. Please dont interfere, ” the brawny man said in a low voice. Although his words were polite, it was clear the intention was to chase them away.

If the Ye Family were not a power he did not dare to offend, his words would definitely not be this courteous.

”Hey, this Warrior, I would have to trouble you to wait a moment. I, Qian Miao, spent my entire life immersed in the Dao of Medicinal Pills. Having treated countless mortals and martial artists, have never been maligned as someone who harms people. Ye Yuan, you have to say today, how am I harming him?! ”

Qian Miaos stubborn temper flared up. He was bent on teaching Ye Yuan a lesson before dismissing the matter.

”This . . . Master Qian, the poison in this ones body would become dangerous if its delayed any longer. Master, please dont be angry and help me purge the poison first. They are merely two ignorant youths casually rambling. ” The brawny man did not expect Master Qian to take things seriously, so he could only try to persuade the latter.

However, Qian Miao waved his hands indifferently saying, ”Relax, it wouldnt take much time. This old man has a certain level of confidence in dealing with this poison and wouldnt let you die. If this matter isnt clarified today, in the future, how will this old man have the face to sit here and make diagnoses? ”

Having said this, he then turned to Ye Yuan and questioned the young master with a black face, ”Why dont you say it?! If you cant explain yourself, then dont accuse me of bullying you with my seniority and complain about it to your father. ”

Ye Yuan stood at the side without a word. Only when Qian Miao started questioning that he opened his mouth and replied, ”The poison this warrior was inflicted with did not come from the Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Python. ”

”Utter nonsense! My two companions lost their lives at its fangs. I myself nearly couldnt make it back. Dont tell me I identified it wrongly? Ignorant brat, I have no grudges with you, but why do you want me dead? ” the warrior interjected before Ye Yuan could finish speaking.

”Hahaha . . . ” Qian Miao laughed so hard until tears nearly fell before saying, ”Did you hear that? Completely ignorant! Naive brat, get lost quickly! If you continue to cause trouble, I will call for someone to drive you out! ”

Qian Miao was able to identify the poison the warrior was inflicted with at a glance. That by itself was already convincing enough. Furthermore, the warrior escaped from the fangs of the python; how could he have identified the beast wrongly?

Demonic beast hunters dealt with demonic beasts regularly. One could say that apart from own family, they were most familiar with demonic beasts, which further lowered the likelihood of identifying them wrongly.

”Get lost quickly! Dont delay master Qian from diagnosing us! ”

”This mischievous child is actually ruining his fathers business. Truly hopeless! ”

”If I actually gave birth to a son like this, I would have long beaten him into a paste with a stick. ”

At this time, those around watching a good show could not keep quiet any longer. Believing this was a farce orchestrated by Ye Yuan, they started chasing him away with words.

At that moment, Lu-er no longer had the confidence from before; with a timid expression, she pulled the corner of Ye Yuans sleeve. However, she was not retreating. Instead, she took a step forward, standing right in front of Ye Yuan. She was actually afraid these people would become violent and harmed Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuans heart was touched, but he shook his head before replying calmly, ”What you saw with your own eyes might not be what you thought it was. The poison this warriors inflicted with actually was not from a Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Python, but instead, it was a poison from a Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python. ”

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