Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 6: Changing the Prescription

Chapter 5: Vomiting Blood

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”You are clueless about what we are talking about! What Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python? Ive never even heard of such a thing! Do you think that by fabricating a demonic beast, you can deceive us? ”

Qian Miao was considered an accomplished alchemist in the State of Qin. Thus, he indeed had researched demonic beasts before. As for this Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python, he had never even heard of such a thing!

If even he had never heard of it before, forget about Ye Yuan, who was an ignorant and incompetent brat.

”Young Master Ye, you arent just insulting Master Qian and me, you are insulting all of us demonic beast hunters! We demonic beast hunters spend all of our time fighting for our livelihood under the demonic claws of those demonic beasts. Ive been a demonic beast hunter for so many years, yet Ive never heard of this Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python before. ”

At this point, the brawny-looking man felt even more confident that Ye Yuan was causing trouble out of nothing. Ye Yuan was plotting to harm his life. Thus, his words were no longer courteous and instead wanted to expose Ye Yuans ulterior motives.

Small fries had small fries way of living. Although the brawny-looking man might appear unrefined most of the time, in reality, he was sharp in some ways. He was still relying on Qian Miao to save his life, and so, in order to not offend Qian Miao, he tied Qian Miao and him together. Additionally, he brought out the group of demonic beast hunters, all to make Ye Yuan retreat in the face of difficulties.

Even if Ye Yuan does not retreat in the face of the overwhelming odds, the Ye Family would know better than to offend the entire group of demonic beast hunters.

Many of those who came here were demonic beast hunters. After hearing his words, the scene became chaotic immediately.

”Thats right! What Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python! Never heard of it! ”

”This affluent second generation really lost face for Grandmaster Ye! It looks like the Ye Family wont be able to compete with the Drunken Star Manor, and its glory will end with this generation. What bullshit Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python?! Ive been around the Endless Forest for almost 30 years, and Ive never even heard of such a demonic beast. ”

”Enough, enough. I think we all better go over to the Drunken Star Manor. A perfectly fine Fragrant Medicine Pavilion befouled by an affluent second generation. ”

Ye Yuan remained standing still silently, which was unthinkable to Qian Miao who knew him well. If it happened in the past, this punk Ye Yuan would have exploded long ago. Yet now, he was behaving like nothings happening, as if those patients were not scolding him.

However, Ye Yuan had thoroughly swept away any face he had today. No matter from which perspective one looked at, Qian Miao stood at the side of reason, so he had nothing to fear. Best to let this brat suffer some hardship. Otherwise, if things continue like this, the family business carved out by Old Ye would sooner or later be destroyed by this brats hands.

Ye Yuans gaze slowly turned towards the noisy crowd and swept his gaze over those who were happily making the most noise. Initially, those people were very pleased, but without knowing why, those who crossed sights with Ye Yuan, felt like their entire person fell into an ice cellar.

Ye Yuans gaze finally fixed onto the face of the person who first incited everyone to go to the Drunken Star Manor. That man was just in the midst of snickering to himself when all of a sudden, he felt a piercing cold killing intent lock onto him. His facial expression froze, feeling indescribable eeriness.

He was a very keen and capable middle-aged man, as well as a demonic beast hunter himself. Those familiar with him knew him as Liu An, but nobody knew that he was actually a spy placed among the demonic beast hunters by the Drunken Star Manor. Anytime something valuable was discovered in the Endless Forest, he would kill and rob that person, and then passed it over to Drunken Star Manor.

This Drunken Star Manor was precisely the Fragrant Medicine Pavilions biggest competitor in the State of Qin.

All of a sudden, the initially noisy hall turned silent; the racket akin to a waterfall was being cut in half and stopped abruptly.

For a moment, the hall was so quiet that one could even hear a pin drop. The silence was terrifyingly oppressive.

Liu An was stared at by Ye Yuan that he had goosebumps all over his body. He thought to himself, whats going on? This punk, Ye Yuan, clearly only has the power of a First Level Essence Qi Realm. A person at the Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm like him could crush someone like Ye Yuan to death with a single hand. So why would he experience such terrifying oppression where he did not even dare to breathe loudly, the feeling of facing a terrifying opponent?

Ye Yuans strength was evident at a glance. Apart from a few mortals in the hall, virtually everyone was able to see his cultivation realm with a glance. A punk who was weak to the extreme, how could he possibly create such a sense of oppression?

Liu An felt that this was definitely a hallucination, yet the silent hall constantly reminded him that it was not.

The oppressive feeling made him feel extremely uncomfortable, making him feel like he absolutely had to dispel the current state. An Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm being oppressed by a First Level Essence Qi Realm till he could not speak? What an utter joke!

Liu An decided to tear apart this joke. Gathering a breath of true essence, he was just about to open his mouth when Ye Yuans gaze moved away from his body . . .


Ye Yuans words were interrupted halfway by a sound.

The crowd turned towards the source of the sound and discovered that it was by Liu An. At that moment, he was spraying a mouthful of blood far away, splattering on quite a few people.

He forcefully gathered a breath of true essence to talk, and yet Ye Yuan just happened to withdraw the pressure exerted onto his body, which made his chest feel like it was heavily struck by a sledgehammer. Plus his body was originally carrying some injuries, so he directly sprayed out a mouthful of old blood, and became even more heavily injured right now.

”Young Master, this person seemed to be heavily injured. Why not let Master Qian treat him first? ” Lu-er pulled on Ye Yuans sleeve and said pitifully.

Ye Yuans face briefly revealed an astonished expression, but he was actually full of joy in his heart. He thought to himself that this little lass was intelligent, to actually have such a remarkable follow-up.

”Killing a chicken with a butchers knife? It might look serious, but in reality, this warrior only has some light internal injuries. Our Fragrant Medicine Pavilions Heart Protecting Pill is renowned far and wide. Just let him consume one, and it will do. ” Ye Yuan had a radiant smile on his face while he looked at Liu An.

Lu-er saw that Liu An looked horrifying, so she did not wait for Ye Yuan orders, and immediately left to fetch the medicine. But this deeply frightened Liu An.

”N-no need. T-there are still so many people queuing up in front of me, c-cutting isnt very nice, ” Liu An said with guilt.

”That wont do. I know you dont trust me, but are you telling me that you cant trust our Fragrant Medicine Pavilions reputation? I believe everyone is aware of the reputation of our Heart Protecting Pill. Using it to treat your injuries will definitely work, ” Ye Yuan said, full of concern.

As he finished, even Qian Miao nodded and said, ”Thats right. This time around, Little Yuan isnt messing around. Even though your injuries arent severe, it wouldnt be good if it continues to deteriorate. Using a Heart Protecting Pill to treat your injuries is perfect. ”

In reality, Ye Yuans gaze just now stopped on quite a few people. It was just that it paused on Liu Ans body just slightly longer. The others did not feel what he felt, so they did not discover anything amiss with Liu An.

Right now, Ye Yuan seemed to be full of concern for Liu An. Even though nobody knew what medicine he was selling in his gourd, there was nothing wrong with saving people.

In the time it took to have this conversation, Lu-er already rushed back like a gust of wind with a Heart Protecting Pill.

”Young Master, here. ” Lu-er gave it to Ye Yuan like she wanted to claim credit for it.

Turning around, Ye Yuan received the medicinal pill. Petting Lu-ers head, he smiled and said, ”It was hard on you. ”

”Not at all. ” Lu-er shook her head vigorously.

Right now, Ye Yuan had his back turned towards the crowd, and nobody, not even Lu-er, noticed his hand movements.

If one were to pay attention to Ye Yuans hand that was holding the medicinal pill, one would discover that the medicinal pill was not being held in his hand, but instead, hovering on top of his palm. While at the same time, Ye Yuans fingers were moving at a very high frequency.

After talking with Lu-er, Ye Yuan turned around, walked in front of Liu An and passed the medicine pill to him. ”Here, swallow it quickly. ”

Receiving the Heart Protecting Pill, Liu Ans face changed color several times. Did this brat really discover something? No matter what, this brat isnt some saint, so why would he suddenly be concerned about others.

Just as Liu An was feeling nervous and uneasy, his eyes swept around until they were on Qian Miao who was by the side. Immediately, he went up and said righteously, ”Master Qian, its not me whos narrow-minded, but rather, Young Master Ye whose reputation isnt that good. Honestly speaking, I worry about this medicinal pill. Master Qian, please make the decision for me! ”

When he said this, everyone all nodded in agreement. But Lu-er could not stand it. ”You are such an ungrateful person! Our familys Young Master is filled with good intentions to save you, yet you are suspecting him! ”

”Hmph. Everybody knows what kind of person your young master is. Is there anything wrong with suspecting him? ” Right now, Liu An also became resolute and refused to eat it.

Qian Miao looked at Ye Yuan and discovered that Ye Yuan was very calm and did not get angry because of this, making him even more suspicious.

Looking once more at the medicinal pill in Liu Ans hands, he took it and scrutinized it, even sniffing it before saying, ”This is indeed our Heart Protecting Pill without anything inappropriate. Furthermore, this particular Heart Protecting Pills medicinal fragrance is overflowing. Clearly, its quality is even greater than the average ones. I am not forcing you to eat this Heart Protecting Pill, but your injuries right now arent light. If you are not careful, it might affect your cultivation in the future. I advise you to just take it. ”

Liu An really became confused this time. Could it be that he was really overthinking it? Supposedly, Ye Yuan, this brat had just escaped death, did he really have a change in nature ever since?

Qian Miao, this old fellow, is an honorable man, so he cant possibly be cheating me. Thinking up to this point, Liu An gave thanks and swallowed the Heart Protecting Pill in one go.

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