Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 7: Bleeding from the Seven Orifices

Chapter 6: Changing the Prescription

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When the medicinal pill reached his abdomen, Liu An felt a refreshing wave. It was as if his entire body relaxed quite a bit.

The medicines efficacy was pretty good!

From the looks of it, this punk Ye Yuan really had a change in personality. To actually give him a high-grade Heart Protecting Pill. At this moment, Liu An felt he gauged the heart of a gentleman with ones own mean measure.

”This Warrior, how are you feeling? ” Ye Yuan asked, his face beaming with a smile.

Liu An cupped his hands and replied with gratitude, ”Thank you, Young Master Ye. This one was too rash. I hope you can overlook my transgression. However, lets return to the topic at hand. Forgive me for being ignorant, but Ive never heard before of a demonic beast called Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python. ”

Liu An did not overlook his mission and immediately dragged the topic back after he recovered.

After the disturbance, everyones focus was diverted and forgot all about that matter. Now that Liu An brought it up again, everyone came to a realization and once again looked towards Ye Yuan with contempt in their eyes.

Ye Yuan smiled lightly and said, ”Actually, a Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python is a mutation of a Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Python. Its just that a Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Python is more common, while a Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python is much rarer. Snakes belong to the yin attribute. Thus, the majority of snake species possesses yin poison. However, there is a minority which mutated to have yang attribute. It happens to be that the one you encountered was this. Appearance wise, a Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python doesnt differ much from a Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Python. However, its known as the Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python because theres a seven-colored flower on its seven inches thick skin. ”

”This demonic beast has a huge frame. When this Warrior was facing it, there was no way of spotting that seven-colored flower. Naturally, this means that he couldnt differentiate between a Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python and Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Python. Its just that these two demonic beasts, one possesses yin poison while the other yang poison. If we used the prescription intended for yin poison to detoxify yang poison, we would actually be harming this warrior. ”

Ye Yuan finished talking while Qian Miao started frowning.

What Ye Yuan said sounded plausible, with virtually no flaws. If this brawny man were genuinely suffering from a Yang poison, then this treatment method would really harm him.

However, he could not comprehend how Ye Yuan came up with this diagnosis. How could Ye Yuan possibly know a demonic beast that he himself had never even heard of before? Even if he knew about this demonic beast, how had he found out the poison inflicted on this brawny man was different from the venom of Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Python?

”Humph! Even if it existed this so-called Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python that you spoke of, why are the symptoms of his poisoning exactly the same as the Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Python? ” Qian Miao asked coldly.

Ye Yuan smiled and replied, ”Whats so unusual about that? A Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python and a Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Python both came from a common ancestor. Naturally, after being poisoned, the symptoms are almost similar, but not the same. This warrior, try pressing down on the spot seven inches below your armpit. ”

The brawny man was at a loss on what he should do. Seeing Qian Miao nodded his head, he then measured the mentioned range of seven inches below his armpit and pressed down the spot.

There was not much force, but a pained expression immediately appeared on his face. Following which, a mouthful of blood sprayed out.

As the blood splattered on the ground, a foul stench assaulted their noses. Seeing how it made people feel dizzy, it was clear it contained a deadly poison.

”This . . . ” Qian Miao was astonished. Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Pythons poison was not uncommon; hence, he was able to identify it after a brief diagnosis. But according to what he knew, Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Pythons poison would absolutely not have such a situation occur.

Although a Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Pythons poison is potent, it is far from being this overbearing.

Ye Yuan frowned slightly and ordered the attendants, ”Men, come and clean this place. ”

If it were in the past, most likely no one would heed his order. But looking at the current situation happening in front of their eyes, two servants immediately came forth and started cleaning.

These two servants were clearly used to doing such things. Soon enough, no sign of blood could be seen on the ground.

Qian Miaos facial expression kept changing before finally taking in a deep breath and said, ”Yuan-er, in your opinion, how should the Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Pythons poison be treated? ”

By saying this, it was equivalent to acknowledging his misdiagnosis earlier. It was just that in front of so many people, there was naturally no way he would apologize to a junior. Hence, his words were more subtle with implicit meaning.

Furthermore, the way he addressed Ye Yuan also had changed. Calling him with Yuan-er seemed much intimate now. Of course, with his status, Qian Miao could certainly address him as Yuan-er.

Even so, these words caused a stir in the crowd.

”Yin poison has to be treated with yang means. Yang poison naturally has to be treated with yin means. Uncle Qian has a deep understanding towards medicines. The prescription just now didnt actually have major mistakes. You just have to swap yang attribute medicines with yin attribute ones. That will do. Green Flow Grass and Vermillion Soul Sand are neutral medicines. But Ironwind Eagle belongs under yang attribute. Furthermore, eagle subdues snake. If it were the Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Pythons poison, this medicine would be the best. Right now, we just have to swap the Ironwind Eagles inner core with a Lightning Ferrets inner core, and that should solve this problem. A Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Pythons poison burns more fiercely. So it is best to add some Extreme Yin Datura. ”

Ye Yuan talked as if he already had a well-thought-out plan. But most importantly, everything he said was reasonable and well-founded. As long as the person understood medicine, there would be no way to refute his words at all.

Lu-er looked at the Young Master and felt that he was simply too handsome today.

”Mas-Master Qian, i-is it true what he just said? ” the brawny man asked hesitatingly.

Qian Miao took one look at the brawny man, shook his head with a bitter smile and said, ”Honestly, even Im not so sure now. But looking at the poisonous blood you spat out just now, what you are inflicted with, indeed, doesnt look like a Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Pythons poison. ”

”Bu-But will the method he said work? What if I die from his treatment? ”

It was not that the brawny man did not have faith in the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. It was just Ye Yuans former reputation was too rotten. This prejudice left him unable to trust Ye Yuan at all.

His bodys poison as diagnosed by Ye Yuan was only the latters claim. Nobody could determine whether its real or bogus. How could he be confident?

Qian Miao forced a smile and said, ”I dont know either. But I feel that his method is worth a shot. What do you think? ”

”What are you still standing there for? Quickly grab the materials! Do you want the patient to die from the poison? ”

At this moment, a thunderous voice roared in everyones ears. The crowd looked toward the door and saw a rough-looking man walked in swiftly.

”Understood, Family Head. ” The attendant standing beside Qian Miao saw who it was and immediately responded and left.

That man was Ye Hang.

”Father. ”

”Family Head. ”

Ye Yuan and Qian Miao greeted Ye Hang at the same time.

Ye Hang stopped in front of Ye Yuan and nodded his head lightly. With approval and relief being apparent in his eyes, Ye Hang said, ”Looks like your personality changed for real this time. To have finished reading all those books I left you during this period, you really did diligently studied the Dao of Alchemy. Not bad. ”

Without waiting for Ye Yuans reply, he turned and said to the brawny man, ”Little Brother, my son is right. You are truly inflicted with a Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Pythons poison and not a Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Pythons poison. This type of demonic beast is extremely uncommon which led to Old Qian being unable to identify it. I apologize for that. However, the prescription my son issued isnt wrong either; just drink it and see. If something happened, my Fragrant Medicine Pavilion would take full responsibility. What do you think? ”

Ye Hang had a very distinguished identity in the entire State of Qin. Usually, it was impossible to see him here; let alone request for him to treat you. Today, he personally guaranteed it. What reason was there left for the brawny man to hesitate?

Looks like even though the Ye Familys Young Master might be incompetent, it was in no way as exaggerated as the rumors outside. At least he had some real capabilities.

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