Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 8: Courting Death

Chapter 7: Bleeding from the Seven Orifices

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In a courtyard at the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

Ye Hang was currently glaring at Ye Yuan.

”Stinky brat, tell me honestly, how did you identify it? ”

Ye Yuan looked helplessly at his father and replied, ”A wild guess. ”

”Hmph! I was nearly hoodwinked by you yesterday. Looks like you really are different than in the past. What Seven-Colored Flowing Cloud Python. Ive never heard of it before this too. Just now, even if I personally diagnosed him, Im afraid the results would be the same as with Old Qian. ”

Thinking of it now, Ye Hang was a little fearful after that episode. If it was not for his sons stroke of genius, the golden signboard of the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion would be ruined today.

That brawny-looking man already drank the medicine, and he got better. He was eternally grateful to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion and Ye Yuan. What was supposed to be a disaster, became a good thing because of the anomaly, Ye Yuan.

In fact, what could be foreseen after today was that the prestige of the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion would soar even higher among the demonic beast hunters. The benefits involved would be immense.

”What? Even Lord Father doesnt know about this? I thought that with your attainments in the Alchemy Dao, treating this sort of poison would be a piece of cake. ” Ye Yuan pretended to be surprised.

”A piece of cake? Hehehe. Naturally, within this tiny State of Qin, I have some status. But outside of the State of Qin, I, your father, am nothing. What Alchemy Grandmaster? Its merely just crossing the threshold of the great path of Alchemy. The State of Qin is a well, and I am a frog in that well. Its just that I am a slightly larger frog. There are too many things I dont understand. ”

Ye Hang suddenly started to mock himself, looking a little desolate, which made Ye Yuan somewhat surprised. In his predecessors memory, his father, Ye Hang, was a man of indomitable spirit, as if nothing could bring him down. He had never seen his father reveal such an expression before.

Ye Yuan could feel that Ye Hang displayed this side of him because he felt that his son had grown up and was more sensible now. So he felt like a heavy load had lifted off his shoulders, which was why his tightly wound nerves finally relaxed.

Ye Yuan felt touched in his heart. His father most likely had his heart crushed over these years for his son. It was just that he never showed it in front of his son.

Ye Yuan once again thought of his past lifes father, Zhengyang Zi, and felt a multitude of feelings surge up. He could not bear to mock Ye Hang anymore, so he opened his mouth and said, ”Father, I know what you want to ask. Actually, I also dont know whats going on. This time around when I got poisoned and was on the verge of death, I met an expert in a dream. He imparted to me both martial and alchemy techniques which were exceedingly profound. Initially, I thought it was just a dream, but after waking up, I discovered that I remembered clearly what happened in the dream. Furthermore, I could completely do it in reality. If it wasnt for that expert, with Fathers means, you probably wouldnt see me again. ”

Ye Yuan could not possibly tell Ye Hang that his sons body had already been occupied by another soul. So he had no choice but to fabricate a white lie which was close to the truth.

Hearing Ye Yuans words, Ye Hang could not help but become ecstatic. To think an expert took fancy of his son and imparted profound techniques in his dreams. This was a completely inconceivable thought for him. With such an expert for a master, the massive boulder that had been pressing on Ye Hangs heart was finally lifted.

”T-That expert, did he say who he was? He saved my sons life. As a father, Ive got to at least thank him. ”

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, ”That expert didnt reveal his name, neither did he say why he saved me. He just said to properly comprehend the skills he imparted to me. When the time comes, he will naturally look for me again. ”

”So thats the case . . . Then the next time you see him, you must definitely give thanks to him on Fathers behalf, ” Ye Hang said with regret.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, ”Of course. Father, I still have some matters on hand, so I will take my leave first. ”

A moment later, Ye Yuan arrived at the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion once more and said to the shopkeeper, ”In a while, if someone looks for me, let him come to the manor at the east of the city. Additionally, here is a prescription. Help me prepare the medicines. ”

. . . . . .

Presently, Liu An was quite pleased with himself, while also feeling a little dejected.

He was pleased because Ye Yuan that brat was indeed a fool. To actually give a high-grade Heart Protecting Pill to someone with both hands. That Heart Protecting Pills effects seemed to be exceptionally good. Currently, not only were his injuries healed, there was even a faint sign of breaking through after his injuries recovered.

He had already been stuck at the Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm for many years, and yet he could never seem to touch the threshold of the Ninth Level. Liu An was prepared to first temporarily put aside his duties for the Drunken Star Manor so that he could attempt to impact through the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm with full force.

What made him dejected was that Drunken Star Manors scheme to redirect the troubled waters had failed. And it actually failed due to a silkpants.

No matter how Liu An thought of the incident, he just could not figure out how a silkpants was able to identify and treat a poison which even the Manor Lord of the Drunken Star Manor, Wan Donghai, could not handle.

This Wan Donghai was an existence on the same level as Ye Hang. His attainments in the Alchemy Dao even faintly surpassed Ye Hang. How could the ignorant and incompetent son of Ye Hang possibly have survived through that situation?

And yet, the situation happened like that right under his eyes. Currently, Liu An had a headache thinking about how he should account to the Manor Lord.

Therefore, Liu An did not even believe that the brawny-looking man was treated by Ye Yuan, but instead, it was Ye Hang who took action behind the scene. Ye Yuan was just a chess piece which Ye Hang pushed out into the open.

Looks like this Ye Hang is very shrewd. When I return, I have to warn the Manor Lord to be on guard.

While Liu An was thinking as he walked, he suddenly discovered something wrong. The area underneath his nostrils was a little wet. Reaching out to touch it, he jumped in fright when he saw that his hands were covered in fresh blood.

Overly heaty? What kind of joke was this? He was an Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm martial artist. How could he possibly have a nosebleed because his body was heaty?

Somehow, he suddenly recalled Ye Yuans sincere smiling face, and he shuddered uncontrollably.

Immediately, he shook his head and rejected that thought. He, Liu An, was not some rookie. Even though he was not at a high level like Qian Miao, he was still capable of identifying between a fake and a genuine medicine. That medicinal pill was absolutely a Heart Protecting Pill; furthermore, it was a high-grade Heart Protecting Pill.

Definitely too heaty.

Liu An consoled himself in this manner, but he quickly discovered that he was too naive.

Not long after, blood then flowed from his two eyes, followed by his ears, and finally, he directly coughed up a large mouthful of blood. His internal organs felt like it caught fire, and his viscera was ablaze right now.

At this moment, he could confirm that he was indeed poisoned.

Liu An could also be considered someone who frequently walked along the borders of life and death. But the more so, the more he was terrified of dying. Right now, his entire person felt a chill as if frozen. He had never experienced the despair he was feeling right now even back when he faced powerful demonic beasts.

At this moment, Liu An only had one thought, which was to survive. He sprinted desperately towards the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. There was not much time left for him.

. . . . . .

The Fragrant Medicine Pavilions shopkeeper was shocked by this person bleeding from his seven orifices. He did not care about anything and just grabbed onto his sleeve after entering, requesting to meet Young Master Ye.

The shopkeeper was taken aback and did not react in time. Suddenly, he recalled what the young master instructed before leaving, so he told the address to this blood-covered person in front of him.

After that person left, the shopkeeper was a little puzzled. ”This person is really weird. Already like that, and yet he didnt look for Master Qian, but Young Master instead. For what? Unless Young Master knows how to treat diseases? ”

Everyone, including initially Liu An, thought that the brawny-looking man being saved today could not possibly have anything to do with Ye Yuan.

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