Or at least I thought I did. It felt as if the world turned empty. My newfound body disappeared in a swarm of different feelings, and then I remembered it, a melody of soul wrenching pain that has always been with me. Only now do I realize how much I missed it. I just let that feeling of peace sink in. Is it wrong to like something that is harmful? Does this classify as an addiction? The feeling of loving something that hurts is truly remarkable, but then I got yanked back to reality.

The first thing I noticed was how everything appeared to be covered in a veil of darkness. A very natural yet disturbing color. My hearing seemed to be dulled, however I could barely make out multiple pairs of footsteps. They seemed to grow increasingly louder with each passing moment. Other than that, I could only make out some muffled sounds.

I could feel the breath of death go along my body, giving me a bone piercing chill. It caused me to shiver, making me knock my head against the ground. Weirdly enough, it didn really hurt. In fact, the ground was quite soft but sticky and cold.

A feeling of weakness started to overcome me. I started feeling increasingly panicked and flailed around. No matter what, I wouldn allow myself to go back to that place. I needed to keep myself awake by any means necessary. I even tried to punch myself to induce adrenalin. Thats when I let out a tiny breath of air.

I seemingly had forgotten to breathe. Not only that, I didn even notice it until I almost lost consciousness. My body started back up on its own and started to spasmodically breathe in. I could even feel my empty body rising and dropping, inflating and deflating at a rapid speed. If I didn realize this problem before I fainted, even Satan would have laughed at me in the afterlife.

Having overcome a near fatal crisis, I also noticed quite a few other things. Only at this point did I realize that I hadn actually been looking around. It had been so long, that I had forgotten the need to manually open my eyes. Something that was supposed to be instinctive became a manual task.

Opening my eyes felt painful. It stretched the thin layer of skin around my eyeballs that had been stuck shut. I had to repeatedly blink for quite a long time before I could even recognize anything. My blurry surroundings slowly regained clarity and I could finally partially figure out my situation.

I seemed to be lying on my back in a very tall room. Although I couldn even see any walls in my peripheral vision, the area had to be indoors, as I could faintly make out multiple glaring balls of light embedded in the weird ceiling. I couldn bring myself to focus on the light, so I focused on the rest.

It seemed to be a light-gray material covered in faintly glowing symbols that remind me of hieroglyphs. There were multiple rows of small symbols that seemed to represent either animals or objects. Each row was separated by a line, and these rows ran parallel to each other from one end of my vision to the other. The only reason I could even notice them was because they reflected a blue glow due to the light from the spheres reflecting off them.

As I tried to stand up, I felt like I had to tear myself off the ground. My clothes, which could barely be considered rags at this point, seemed to be fixed to the floor by a dark red substance that could only have been blood. But wasn this amount a little excessive?

At this point, I randomly thought of how it is also possible to breathe through my nose. And then I smelt something weird. I wasn quite sure if It was a good smell or not. I didn know what to make of it, so I just ignored it.

Trying to stand up was a weird experience. At first, I turned my body so that I was laying on my stomach and ripped up an area of moss whilst doing so. I then got on my knees, pushed my body up with my arms, and then tried to stand up just to fall head first into the slightly red mossy ground.

My breath got knocked out of me due to the impact and I landed on something weird. I barely glanced at it before I fell, but it was a long darkish gray object covered in a dark red color similar to my clothes.

At this point I was breathing extremely heavily, lying on the ground with my head turned towards the left and saw a few figures enter through an arched gateway. The golden gateway stood out in contrast to the gray walls that similarly glowed blue, like how the roof did.

I could make out 3 figures and that was about it. They probably noticed me around the same time I noticed them, as the area I was lying on contrasted heavily to its surroundings. From above, it would probably appear to be a red island in a sea of green. As they came closer, I was finally able to somewhat understand my situation.

The young boy in the front was a tall, muscular warrior with short black hair, a body full of scars, and wielded a monstrous weapon. You could almost feel his desire to battle, and he seemed like a person who had seen all the dark aspects of life. The two girls behind him stood in stark contrast to him.

They both wore robes, one of them a red one and the other a white one. They also wore pointy floppy hats that matched their robes, and everything seemed to be laced with gold. It was almost as if they were trying to scream ”WERE RICH AND IMPORTANT, ROB US IF YOU DARE! ” which really irritated me.

I mean, yeah, sure, I was a little bit jealous of their cool looking equipment, but that was pretty much it. The kid carried a huge ass black sword that seemed to be twice his body size, and the robed girls held tall, intricate staffs. Similar to something that would only ever appear in an RPG video game.

They finally reached a distance where I could clearly see them. The one furthest back had long silver hair and appeared quite nervous. The other robed girl stood directly in front of her and had short red, spiky hair.

At this point, I was quite dumbfounded. The coincidences seemed ridiculous, and I wasn sure if they dyed their hair based on their clothing or based their equipment on their hair. After what felt like an eternity, they finally reached a point around 10 meters away from me where they just stopped.

Big sword boy started talking and seemed to be questioning me, but I couldn really concentrate on what he was talking about. What I did notice however was that one of my ears was sealed shut by a solid dark red mass that I had to scratch out.

I then heard big sword boy say something along the lines of, ”Are you deaf? Hello? Can you hear me? ”

He spoke so fast, I wasn even sure how I should respond, which made me just stare at him. If I said no to his first question, he might just think that Im trying to provoke him because he just asked if I could hear him.

Deciding to answer yes, I opened my mouth, but the only sound I managed to produce sounded like ”yeughhh ”.

For a moment there I panicked and thought about how annoying it would be to relearn talking, but then I realized my throat was just dry.

Misunderstanding me, big sword boy promptly asked, ”Are you mute? ”

Before I could even register his response and shake my head, he started to apologize for being inconsiderate. This kid was really hard to follow. Considering how it was the first human contact Ive had since forever, I really couldn understand how a regular human thinks, but Im pretty sure that hes an anomaly. Although he did seem a little nicer and friendlier due to how flustered he appeared.

”Sorry for being so inconsiderate, but don worry, I have nothing against disabled people. Do you need help getting out of here? ” asked the friendly big sword boy.

This kid was messing with my thought process. Up until now, Ive only ever needed to talk to myself, but I always wanted a companion to talk to. Now Im not so sure about that anymore.

All these new streams of information from new sources, like smell, are overloading my brain and giving me a massive headache. I couldn keep up, so I just decided to ignore them and lie down. Next thing I knew, they have set up a camp around me. What is wrong with these people?

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