uld only mean one thing: P O T A T O. NEED POTATO. NEEED POTATO! I sense it nearby. Must be close. Can feel it in my blood. Towards the left.

I shot up and saw it. A potato. By sheer force of will, I managed to avoid squashing it to pieces. Within seconds, I inhaled that potato. Awwww that taste, I could get used to it. I have found my purpose in life. I shall eat ALL THE POTATOES.

Wait a second, what in devils carnation am I talking about? A potato is just a plain old vegetable, why do they seem so heavenly all of a sudden? They don even look that tasty with their dirt brown exterior. Why did ….

”Yo dude… weve got enough food. Just try to calm down. You
e acting as if you haven eaten in ages. ” I finally noticed friendly boy standing there with a stick in his hand. Why is that stick pointed towards me? ”If youve finally calmed down, you
e more than welcome to join us over by the fire. Weve brought enough food to last us a few weeks so you really don need to panic. Ok? ” Im not sure why I reacted like that, Im not even hungry to be honest, but potato. Seemingly taking my silence as a sign of confirmation, massive sword boy guided me to the light.

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