So they
e just going to ignore me? That works for me, I guess. So now what? What am I supposed to do? Try to figure out my current situation? That would probably be the smart thing to do and really easy to accomplish. All Id need to do is pretend that Im just lost and ask big sword boy. Im sure hed tell me everything Id need to know and then some.

But whats the point of that? Do I really need to know? If I want to survive, information is key. On the other hand, whats the point of survival?

Well at least I wouldn need to find out what happens after death, which could be considered a positive. I also wouldn be dead. Well what else could the point of living be?

Wheres that buzzing noise coming from? Wait Im distracting myself from the real issue. Although finding out if I want to survive is important, I can help but get this feeling that Im forgetting something. Something really important, the reason I really wanted a body. Its on the tip of my tongue. I think I wanted to go meet someone.

And then I smelled it, something mystical. I could feel the warmth spread across my body, like an angels touch. This smell could only mean one thing: P O T A T O. NEED POTATO. NEEED POTATO! I sense it nearby. Must be close. Can feel it in my blood. Towards the left.

I shot up and saw it. A potato. By sheer force of will, I managed to avoid squashing it to pieces. Within seconds, I inhaled that potato. Awwww that taste, I could get used to it. I have found my purpose in life. I shall eat ALL THE POTATOES.

Wait a second, what in devils carnation am I talking about? A potato is just a plain old vegetable, why do they seem so heavenly all of a sudden? They don even look that tasty with their dirt brown exterior. Why did ….

”Yo dude… weve got enough food. Just try to calm down. You
e acting as if you haven eaten in ages. ” I finally noticed friendly boy standing there with a stick in his hand. Why is that stick pointed towards me? ”If youve finally calmed down, you
e more than welcome to join us over by the fire. Weve brought enough food to last us a few weeks so you really don need to panic. Ok? ” Im not sure why I reacted like that, Im not even hungry to be honest, but potato. Seemingly taking my silence as a sign of confirmation, massive sword boy guided me to the light.

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