The Surga Inn

”Well, first of all, we need to get you dressed, and you also reek of death. For now, you can just have this coat of mine. ” This ”coat ” that he mentioned turned out to be a full on white double-breasted overcoat.

”I can already feel you judging me; you didn except me to have such a fabulous coat, did you? Im just messing with you, I know it looks weird, but I received it as a gift. ”

”So over here, these are my … colleagues. But seriously, just leave them alone unless you really want to die a really painful death. ” Suddenly, the temperature started to drop at an insane rate. First came the frost, then came the cracks. Wow, thats cool, I guess.

Sword boy had this snarky grin on. ”Chill out, Im just kidding. No need to get violent. ” Then he slowly raised his right arm, held his thumb against his middle finger, and then everything exploded. Or at least I thought it did. His snap caused the ground to tremor and somehow closed all the cracks.

”So where were we? Oh yeah, so these are my colleagues, just don mess with them too much.

”Over here is our food pile, you
e welcome to help yourself. Weve got buffalo beast jerky, a wide assortment of sandwiches, the finest trail mixes, and lots and lots of cookies. Just don touch the chocolate chip ones. ”

Looking through their pile, only a single thing awaited me; disappointment. I felt really disappointed. Even after all that bragging, they didn have anything worth considering food. I kinda feel bad for eating their potato. If Id known, I wouldve left them some, … probably not. How did I end up in such a situation, no food…

”Hey, why do you look so upset? ” Looking up, I saw red-head coming over. Although she was smiling, her smile creeped me out. It felt unnatural and almost forced. She approached me slowly, one step at a time and stopped every few steps. Almost as if she was anticipating something. That creepy smile never faded. What is awkward girl up to? Left foot, right foot, one after the other. Next thing I knew, she was right in front of me.

So there we were, just standing in pure silence staring at each other. I couldn help but notice how beautiful eyes are or to be more precise, how spectacular hers were. I could see the sun in its blazing glory. Such a nice, cozy feeling.

”You smell like a corpse! ” . . . . . . What? Alright, sounds about right. And with that, she just turned around and left.

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