My first job?

”Cut him some slack, he looks like hes been to hell and back. The last thing he needs is your condescending remark, ” said sword boy as he came strutting over.

”So kid, just get some rest. Nobody can hurt you as long as Im around, ” he snickered. ”As long as you don wander off, Ill be sure to bring you along when we leave this place. ”

Thanks, I guess? In the end, I was able to pick out a nice patch of moss amongst all the other patches of moss. This patch was nice and squishy. So there I lay, hearing mutterings in the background, with my consciousness slowly drifting apart. Before I got the chance to fear what might happen, I was already out cold.

I awoke to the sound of a snap and shortly after I heard a voice.

”Hey, whyd you bring him along? ” That sounded like red head.

”I promised him I would help him get out. ” And that mustve been sword boy.

”This isn exactly a safer place, what the hell were you thinking? ”

I had trouble opening my eyes, but when I did, I saw a majestic landscape. As far as the eye could see, a crimson sky ruled. I lay upon a narrow path. Towards the left was a steep fall with jagged rocks ending in a glowing red abyss. And towards the right … well, I never got the chance to see what was towards the right, but I did feel the tremors coming from deep beneath.

”Oh yeah, you
e right. ” *snap*

”Better? ”

”Old Man Donalds place? We haven been here in a really long time. Really brings back memories, doesn it? You finally grew a few brain cells, ” praised red head condescendingly.

So there we stood, in front of a traditional looking tavern. Based on the large sign reading ”Surga Inn, ” I was able to conclude that it was in actuality an inn. A very nice looking inn, if I do say so myself.

The worn down wooden boards and heavy usage of cobblestone flooring did nothing except accentuate the traditional feeling of the inn. Even from outside, you could tell the inn was magnificently lit thanks to the sunlight shining through the multitude of windows.

With doors wide open you could even feel the welcoming atmosphere from afar.

”Old Man Donald is known for his generosity. As long as you
e willing to work for it, hell always offer you a place to stay. Ill give you an introduction seeing as you might need it due to your disabilities. ” Leave it to good ol sword boy to be considerate. After that we went inside to look for Old Man Donald, and his appearance sure didn disappoint, with few none gray hairs left, a long, tangled beard, and a slight beer belly, he really did look like a friendly old man.

After a bit of light back and forth banter between them, the topic eventually reached the point where sword boy introduced me and explained my situation. Although I wouldn exactly agree with everything that was said, it was at least all somewhat true.

He looked at me with his rough face, but kind eyes. ”You poor boy, over here we only judge inner values. If you
e motivatd enough to work, Ill always give ya a place to stay. ”

Although I wanted to object, I couldn exactly bring myself to reject such a kind old mans offer, so I just nodded along. And thats the story of how I was, albeit a bit willingly, forced into my job at the Surga Inn. Next came the partings.

”Be nice to the old man, although he might work you till exhaustion, thats only because hes doing it to build character, ” explained sword boy.

”Stay safe and don let the bedbugs bite, ” warned red head somewhat jokingly.

”We met due to fate, and we shall definitely meet again if thats what fate decides. Farewell. ” If it wasn for that final moment, I wouldve probably completely forgotten that 3rd party member. But thats what happens when you don talk.

And with that final remark sword boy snapped his fingers …

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