Ive been sitting in mothers lap and she is tapping, zooming in, out and swiping the tablet screen to show me different places of the world. On the topic of teleportation she even bitched a little about Lucifer. I do not know why my mother is so against Lucifer. Does she hate her or something? Oh well, Lucifer is a demon right? Does she wear very revealing clothes?

Just like that a 3 year old child was sitting in his mothers lap, overthinking about stuff which shouldnt be thought about by a child. If Lilith at this point read his mind then he definitely wouldve gotten a spank on his little butt. She was capable of reading minds but she would never try such things on her children. She loves them dearly and would avoid doing things which are not in her childrens best interest. She was the strongest in the world and that was not for show.

According to mother, each race had 8-10 peak Emperor ranks and they all are the rulers of a country in a continent. They are above all and below one and that one person is the supreme rank individual of that race or continent. There are no more than 15 supreme rank individuals. 8 are out in the open and known to everyone in the world and the rest either are in seclusion or hidden among normal people because it is very embarrassing to be a supreme rank and not have a whole race or continent to themselves. In short, they are insecure so they chose to be hidden. As for the ones in seclusion, they are just either being very lazy or are trying to increase their strength. The 8 ones in the open are the strongest among the 15 supreme ranks and so the rest of them do not come out in open. Sigh, being at the pinnacle of the world and still being a little insecure, are they stupid or something? Nevertheless, mother said that do keep in touch with the 8 mains one though. They are hidden from the rest of the world but they do keep contact with the 8 mains and regard them as their seniors and take tips from them time to time.

The supreme ranks just for the sake of not getting annoyed by their juniors and to discuss some important matters, hold a meeting after every 25 years. The meeting is not compulsory to attend but they all come over here just to chat and have fun. At their level, its not easy to find someone to talk to. Hold on, isnt this just a very high level tea party? Arent they just bored? What bullshit excuse saying that it is for some important matters.

Lilith looked at Lith knowing very well what he was thinking after she mentioned the matters about the meeting. She knew her son was very intelligent for his age, even more so than Lucy was back then. She flicked his forehead lightly.

“Ouch mama.” Lith said and rubbed his forehead with both his hands.

“Fufufu…dont overthink dear, its not healthy for you.” She chuckled a little and kissed his forehead and said.

If only Lilith knew how much her son overthinks, he definitely wouldnt have a gotten a just light forehead flick in that case.

While mentioning the tea party ahem I mean the important meeting of the supreme ranks, mother was speaking of it if it were very normal. Wait, supreme rank of various races in one room for discussing about matters? Wont there be conflicts? I look at my mother and ask

“Mama, if different people are in same room, will they not fight?” I know that my mother knows about my intelligence so I ask her this freely. Ive been trying and instilling this idea in her mind since a year and a half just so I could get more information out of her. Why would she talk about stuff which a child couldnt even understand? That was the sole reason. I am actually very curious about this world so I had to do this to get to know about information from my mother.

She started explaining about stuff gently to me. She said it very clearly for me to understand.

So according to mother, the various supreme ranks of different races do fight but they are not hostile to each other in any way. The people of different races are hostile to each other and may even go as far as to kill each other but at the top most level where there are only 15 such individuals, they honestly do not care about such trivial matters. They are of different races, have different opinions about matters but so what? Why kill each other stupidly? They have everything they need. Power, wealth and fame, well the juniors dont have fame but they dont mind it but that is not point, the supreme ranks actually have everything so why would they fight for no reason? There are just minor conflicts among the top most beings of the world.

For example, Lucifer hates the “old” man Alex paladin. Hes the Heavenly Emperor and he looks after the Angel race. He maybe old but in no way does he look old. He actually looks to be in his late 30s. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and he gives a holy and majestic aura to people. Even by just looking at his photo you may feel sacred. His face had not the slightest wrinkle. He looked very handsome. Mother showed me his photo in the tablet and she told me that looks can be deceiving. He was actually more than a million years old!

I questioned myself, do people really live that much here? But this is a magic world and not a xianxia world like those in chinese cultivation novels!

Lucifer and Alex have a relationship of that of a grandfather and a granddaughter. She feels annoyed by his concerns for her and she actually dislikes his sacred and holy aura. Lucifer is very young as compared to Alex but her age too was in the hundreds of thousands! Alex treats Lucifer as a little girl and he likes making fun of her, so thats why she hates him. Hey wait, dont you just have grandfather issues? What is with these supreme ranks acting all childishly? And why is Lucifer the pinnacle of being the worst person you can? Is mother exaggerating or is Lucifer really a dumbass?

Somewhere far away, in a dark environment,

Inside a majestic castle which somehow looked the same as the one Lith currently was living in except it looked a little more sacred and holy, a huge contrast to the outside gloomy and dark environment, inside one of its room, an elegant lady was in a sleepy position on a couch, in a not so elegant way and without any care in the world and the lights were off, except for the light from the television screen, the lady was in her pajamas and watching tv while eating her favorite snacks.


The lady sneezed loudly and wiped her nose with a napkin.

“Damn it, who is badmouthing me?” Lucifer said cursing.

Lith on the other hand was very surprised. This world was actually so peaceful! Oh well, peaceful in the sense, there really wasnt any major climatic war between races happening anywhere. If the strongest people do not fight it out, then is it really serious? Except for the supreme and the Emperor ranks, the rest of the individuals were hostile to each other. They disliked the other races and discriminated them.

The Emperor ranks werent hostile because, the people who reach these ranks are educated well by their Supremes or the other Emperors in their early stages. There are abundant resources in the world but to make it to the Emperor rank is not easy for anyone. They do not need much resources at this stage and so there was no point in fighting it out for something so childish like hate for the other race and to put onself in danger.

To get to this stage it isnt easy and even if people can reincarnate, start all over again, they do not take risk. Thus, every Emperor rank individual treasure their own life very much and just like the Supreme ranks, they too have their own meetings to get out of their boredom. To make friendly relations with people from the other races and to protect their own interest and life, these Emperor ranks made an alliance. Its calledThe Emperor Alliance and individuals of different countries and races from across the world come together to discuss and have fun in the meeting conducted by the alliance every decade. The gathering has a formal and informal meeting across a whole month. The alliance is made and the meeting is conducted with a cover saying that it is a gathering of world leaders to discuss peace and to discuss over important affairs.Its all but a fa?ade that these children make, just so they can hangout is what mother said to me on this topic. To her, its just a childs play. Well, being at the pinnacle, people definitely do have different prespectives.

Talking to my mother, I can definitely feel my worldview changing because of her. I have not even begun my magic journey and I am just a puny three year old and yet here I am thinking that all the conflicts in this world are nothing but stupid and meaningless fights. Mother noticed that she was changing my view due to her prespective and bias so she quickly dropped it and told me seriously that, fights and conflicts at the low level are necessary.

You cannot make a good sword without processing the minerals. Cutting, grinding, polishing, melting and removing impurities are necessary steps to make a good sword from the raw minerals. And later to forge it into shape the final beating it into shape and molding too is required. Thus you get a perfect sword. Therefore, to become a great and perfect individual, you need to experience a vast variety of things along with a lot of difficulties and predicaments. The people at the top are so carefree and relaxed because they have experienced all sorts of things their lifetime and thus they get their prespective changed.

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