Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 16 Three years

It is still too early for me to learn all these things. I wonder how things escalated so much that mother gave me such a pep talk out of the blue. In any case, I was listening to her speaking intently. She had all my attention because firstly, her voice is really very good. Its very soothing and makes me feel very comfortable and secondly, she is my mother. The only family or belonging that I have in this new world after reincarnation. Nothing really matters to me much, not even how this world works as much as my mother and my big sister. In these three years I have grown to be more and more attached to both of them. I can for sure say that I feel at ease and at home whenever I am in my mothers embrace or with my sister.

After mother gave that pep talk, I looked at the world map again and I was shocked to find out that this world actually has 9 moons! There is literally one moon for each continent. There is only one sun though and being at the poles, there is no sunlight in the continent of Werewolves and Vampires. Deserving of being called the creatures of the night. In rest of the continents, there is a proper day and night cycle. The cycle is a normal 24 hour cycle.

The 9 moons are all silver in colour but they have different hues with respect to different continents. The Vampire continents moon had a crimson hue on it.

The Werewolves had blue hue.

The Dragons, orange hue.

The Demons, purple hue.

The Witches, brown hue.

The Elves, green hue.

The Humans, yellow hue.

The Angels, golden hue.

The Neutral continent one had a cyan hue on it.

The moons looked silver but due to their respective hues they had a slight tinge of different colour added onto the silver colour of the moon, amplifying its beauty by a level.

The time varies a lot from place to place, even from one city to another in the same country due to the land being so vast. Thus, the days too are different. The world leaders, that is, the Emperor ranks came up with a solution and made a universal calendar for dates. It was a normal 365 days calendar. Nobody really followed time though. People have a long lifespan in this world and time and date doesnt really matter much.

To decide on the time and date of any meeting or gathering, they simply tell the local time at which one needs to be by followed by the date. This is a technologically advanced world and so they have devices as simple as a smartphone for time and dates.

People can connect with each other online even if they are in different continents. One can connect themselves from the Demon continent to the Angel continent which are at the opposite ends of this world online. Truly a very interesting world.

I got up from mothers lap. It has been a few hours Ive been sitting and getting taught by mother. I stretch a little and kiss my mother on the lips and hug her. She hugged me back and put me on the bed gently with her. I removed her boobs from her dress and start having milk again. Lucy arrived in the room in the meantime.

“Its time for practice dear.” She said with a smile.

I let go of my mothers nipple and a little milk spilled out. I licked it clean and got up and went over to my big sister. I hugged her and gave her a kiss and she took me to the training arena for practice. I practiced sword again and later had a bath with my big sister. Mother too joined during that time and it was bed time later.

Mother got naked as usual and slept with me on the bed. I was about to drink milk again when she interrupted me.

“Wait, dear. Before sleeping you have to drink mothers blood first. Itll help you in making your bloodline with mother strong. Itll also turn this cute little vampire into a big strong vampire in the future.” Mother smiled and pinched my nose playfully and said.

I do not really know the significance of this but if my mother asked me to do something, I dont really question her or think why. The reason being, shes my mother. Shell definitely think in the best of interests so I dont really think too much about all of these things.

The 3 year old little vampire was again overthinking things.

Mother gave me her wrists to drink blood from. Clearly learning her lesson from last time. How can I allow this? I mean I need to drink it from her neck to arouse ahem I mean to bond better and be more intimate with mother. I simply drank a little blood from her wrist and said

“Mama this doesnt taste as good as from before. Can I not drink it from your neck?” I made a puppy face and asked her.

Lilith being Lilith, that is, a women who had a strong mother fetish, agreed instantly. She couldnt handle her sons innocent and puppy face and her heart melted quickly.

“You can drink from wherever you want dear.” Lilith smiled and kissed Liths forehead and said. She let him do as he pleased.

Lith not wasting any opportunity drank her blood from her neck and Lilith like before got aroused. After only a few seconds, he felt that he couldnt drink anymore so he simply let go. He then got down and started playing with her nipple with one hand and licking, sucking and biting with his mouth to the other one. He didnt know when but he slept after a while.

Lilith looking at her dear son exhausted and not even having the chance to drink milk from her other boob chuckled.

“Dear, you really are very special. Not anyone is capable of drinking blood of a Legendary rank and be awake and have spare energy left to do other stuff. Fufufu.”

Lilith looked at Lith with pride. She gave him a kiss on his forehead and caressed his hair.

This Vampire which roamed and terrorized the world and only stopped 10,000 years ago and became dormant a 1000 years ago was looking like a being which wouldnt even hurt an ant. If anyone from 10,000 years ago were told that she can have this side of her too, even if you beat them to death, theyll never believe you and look at you as if youre an idiot.

The strongest creature right now in existence!

The Legendary rank being, Lilith Evure!

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