Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 9 Insignia

The next day, Lith woke up to the familiar face of a beautiful silver hair, purple eyed lady in her early 30s. He smiled and was about to greet her mother when he felt something squishy on his back, he turned around and found his sister snoring comfortably in a big spoon position with him being in center and her arm over him and towards his mothers waist. He was surprised to see her naked and tried to recall what happened before he slept and and remembered that he finished sword practice and was bathing with Lucy and his mother and fell asleep. Maybe sister too fell asleep like me?

He turned around and looked at his mother who was looking at him smilingly and smiled and said “Goodmorning Mama.”

“Goodmorning dear” she said smilingly and gave him a long kiss on his lips.

Lucy with the commotion arising woke up too and looked around and found me and mother awake and said “Goodmorning dear Lith and Goodmorning mother.” She kissed me on my lips just like mother and greeted me first and then mother.

“Goodmorning big sis” I said smilingly.

“Goodmorning dear, do you want a Goodmorning kiss from mother?” She chuckled and teased Lucy, clearly having fun from looking at her embarrassed face.

Lucys ears and face turned a shade of crimson dude to embarrassment and she said “N-no…” but before she could finish her sentence she got a peck on her lips from mother. If it were anime then she clearly wouldve had steam coming out of her now tomato red face. She hurriedly got up and dashed out, clearly not wanting to stay in front of mother who leaves no chance to tease her.

Mother looking at the departing figure of my big sister just chuckled and then looked at me.

“Today youll be having food for the first time dear. Its been 3 years since you were born and youve been feeding on milk the whole time. Mother forgot that you need more nutrition but well, now that I remembered it, well have your first feeding session. Then later well go visit our country Nightingales capital city, Evernight.” She said while caressing my hair.

Feeding session? WAIT, so no more breast milk? BLASPHEMY, this is utter blasphemy!

I panicked a little and sucked her nipples hungrily.

Looking at me sucking her hungrily, she understood me and said while chuckling “Fufufu…dear, mama wont stop breastfeeding you, dont worry. The feeding session wont interfere with the breastfeeding session.” She said and gave me a big smooch on my lips.

I breathed a sigh of relief and calmed down. I resumed drinking her milk in a normal pace after that.

After Lith finished drinking, Lilith got up from the bed and carried Lith to the bathroom to wash themselves up. She scrubbed him properly, washed his hair, his body and his lil cough cough after finishing washing up his body, she herself got washed. It didnt take her long for washing him and herself.

She dressed me in a white shirt, black pants and a little red bowtie with a black vest and black shoes.

Mother after dressing me up, tidied my hair and herself got dressed. She wore a black frilly gothic dress with laces around it. Her skirt was wavy and layered and looked very sophisticated. Her lips cherry red, her skin pale as snow and her silver hair was tied in a bun around which was a black rose matching her dress. She wore a black hat and looked very beautiful and majestic. Turly worthy of being called her majesty. She wore a simple dress yet she looks very pretty. She looked at me gazing at her and smiled and turned around holding her skirt and did a sexy pose and asked

“Do I look good?”

“Mama looks very beautiful!” I said looking at her and smiling. She looked happy with my compliment and got down and kissed me on my lips.

“My little baby also looks very handsome. Alright, lets go for your first feeding session now.” She lifted me up and held me in her arms after saying that.

She walked and carried me till we reached the royal dining place. It was not far from mothers bedroom. Just walk through the corridor outside the bedroom and descend down the stairs by one level and walk through another corridor and youll find yourself in a spacious and well lit room which had a big rectangular table with a lot of seats. There was one seat at the end of table clearly for the Queen. There were same number of seats on the left and right side, how many? I do not know, nor did I count or care.

She sat down on the chair belonging to the queen and put me down on the table. She clapped her hands twice and two maids came carrying two plates with them. They put it on the table and left quickly. There was no one in the room now. On one plate there was some sort of meat and on the other plate there was a bread type of thing. Really? Wasnt it supposed to be blood and brains for food? I look at my mother confused.

She looked at me and explained gently “Until you grow up and learn magic and become a rank 7 and above, youll have to have food. Carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals are needed to make the body grow otherwise youll be malnourished. Thats why every race pays attention to the growth and development of food and agriculture because majority of the people in the world are below rank 7. We all may have the macronutrients common but different races eat different types of food for growth. Therefore, there a lot of cuisines in this world. The vampire cuisine, Elven cuisine, dragonic cuisine etc. The most variety of it are available at the human continent.

We as vampires drink blood as the main source of nutrition but you cannot just go around drinking blood of anyone if you are thirsty. You, your big sis and me are royalty. Noble vampires only drink blood of their partners. Those who do not have partners buy blood from stores in the vampire continent or through the witches if they are outside. Various types of blood are available for purchases. Elven blood, human blood, blood of rank 8, rank 9 mages etc. The higher the mage rank the richer the taste and the different the race, the different the flavor. The Elven blood has an earthy and woody flavour to it. The dragonic blood has a strong and gamey taste to it. The demonic blood tastes bitter, human blood, the stronger the human the richer the taste of it. It has a variety of taste but majority of it tastes sweet. The Angelic blood, well, never consume it. Its actually poison to us.

Anyway, leaving it aside, you do not need to worry about blood because youll be drinking mamas blood until you grow up. This is a perk which no vampire has ever gotten except of course your big sister, so feel proud young man.” She smiled and teased me after saying the end sentence.

I nodded my head in understanding and jumped on her lightly. She held me as I jumped in on her clearly confused as to why I did it. I didnt look at her and was looking at her beautiful neck thinking if I should or shouldnt bite her neck and drink from it.

After thinking for no more than a second, I made up mind and came to terms with my vampire identity and bit her neck with my small sharp teeth.

“Ah, Lith no, no no you shouldnt b-be Ah, d-drinking blood fro..from there..” my mother said with a red face. I could feel her heating up from me biting onto her neck. Why is she reacting like that? Shouldnt vampires supposed to be drinking blood like this? I didnt look at her but kept drinking because, it felt good. It felt really good to taste blood. The taste was heavenly. I havent had anything as good as this even back on Earth. This tasted damn good! The taste was very rich and a little sweet. It felt like drinking the best raspberry smoothie in the world but it wasnt think nor was it watery. It was of just the right consistency.

I can for sure say my mother was enjoying it too. She was moaning a little, just very little and breathing in a rough manner and ruffling through my hair, making it messy and playing with it as if telling me to keep going and encouraging me further. After a while I started sucking on her other nipple and playing with the now wet with my saliva and milk nipple. Today, I had a great discovery. The discovery whichll make mankind ahem I mean vampire kind go in a new direction. At three years old, Lith Evure found the pleasure point of the strongest vampire in existence. Aint it something to be proud about? Jokes aside, this is something very useful, now that I found it. Its another step close to conquering cough cough I mean being closer to my mother.

After a while, I stopped. I felt really full. I then looked at my mother and found her looking at me smiling, her previous aroused state gone. She said “young man do you know what you just did now?” She chuckled and asked me.

I looked at her and shook my head. Knowing full well what I did.

“Fufufu….you shouldnt be biting vampire ladies on their neck dear. It isnt polite and it is only reserved for their husbands.” She said while looking at me lovingly as if this wasnt a lecture from her at all.

“Husbands?” I look at her and ask. Even though I know what it is, why not just play along?

“The females who love the males of their respective race and marry them or take them as their partner are called as husbands dear.” She, gently caressing my hair and lovingly said.

“So, Lith mamas husband now?” I asked her confused. Internally I was laughing my ass off due to how funny and embarrassing this was.

“Hahaha sweetie, yes, yes, you are my little husband now.” She said laughing out loud and clearing her little tear from her left eye. I too gave out a little chuckle and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back and it was a very long deep and loving kiss from her side.

After this little episode, my mother fed me the meat and bread from the plate. I was clearly very full so I just ate a little and we went to bed and slept. I was too full to go outside and so I slept with her.

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