”Who is the top of C class this time? ” A student from the junior college asked his friend. From their unique and funny accent to their skin tone which was neither black nor white, most will recognise them as Indians.

”Wasn it Vanitas? ” The other student replied while scrolling down on his smartphone.

”That anomaly!! ” The other student who was laying down on the grass exclaimed stood up. Both of them were in a park with green grass all around them.

”Yeah….. ” The other student replied non chantlessly. He was used to his friends sudden behaviour.

”Why the ** did he have to come in our country. Isn he just hoarding the seats which belonged originally to us, the loyal citizens of India. ” The student said with anger.

”At the very least he is studying. So he is not wasting the seat like you by not studying at all. ” The one who was scrolling the phone said while looking at him sarcastically.

”Hahahaha, true….. ” The other student said, laying on the grass again. He knew his limits and his position thats why he didn care about it much.

This was the Government Polytechnic of Pune. It is the most prestigious college in the whole Pune City of the Maharashtra state of India, for diploma at the very least. The cut-off list requires at least above 95% in the countrys junior high board exam. Though most top students would prepare for entrance exams by taking admission in high school to go to national and international level universities, the chances of getting an admission in those colleges is so low that it is near non-existent.

”Vanitas, why did you come to this college? ” An Indian teen beauty asked. She was currently in the self study area of the college. She was sitting along with a few popular girls from the college.

”Family circumstances. ” A boy who had brownish hair and marble-like eyes replied. He was not handsome but he was surely eye-catchingly unique in this country. He didn even glance at the teen beauty and instead kept studying. This kid was none other than vanitas.

Most of you might think but Vanitas is not gay. He even has a pretty good collection of playboys given to him by his father. He just didn care about his surroundings much. For these students he was just exotic, like a rarity which was pretty normal. International students don choose India for foreign studies, not for engineering at the very least.

Just as Vanitas had expected the girls left the table he was studying with a scowl on their face. They felt a bit annoyed because Vanitas might have been the few boys who have ever ignored them. Well, Vanitas didn care about it in the least bit.


Vanitas felt a vibration from his pocket, his phone probably. He checked what it was and saw a call. He walked out of the class and picked up the call.

”Vanitas, I have just sended 1000$ to your account. Check if it came or not. ” The voice was that of a middle-aged man. He ha

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