My father had way better brawn compared to his brains. Thats why he decided to do jobs such as mining or life threatening. Though he does only transportation work thats why compared to the other workers his salary is less. It is enough to survive with some highs and lows. Vanitas thought to himself while walking towards the direction of the grocery store. Now that he had gotten money the most important thing was to buy proper food. He has been eating instant noodles for a whole week.

Vanitas bought some vegetables with some other stuff such as rice, pasta and such. He started walking towards his room.

His room was located in the most bustling and shopping district of Pune City. This led to the rent being cheap as well as no room sharing. Though Vanitas doesn care about most of the stuff happening in his life, he didn like sharing his privacy with his father as well.

Something weird happened while he was walking towards his apartment.

”Aaaaah ” A screech was heard.

Vanitas looked towards the direction the screech came from and he saw some local thugs creating nuisance in a ladys clothing store. He was probably here to ask for his timely money from the shopkeepers for selling their goods in this market.

This is the reality. Even if you didn help anyone, as long as they have power they can ask you for your earned money. They call it protection money. Vanitas himself thought that it was necessary, at the very least these thugs keep the other serious criminals in check. That is the reason why even local cops support them from background. Only if they were a little bit merciful.

The lady was struggling to stop the brutes who were throwing the things inside the shop on the ground. Everyone standing there was just watching this like a show. Vanitas instead of looking at the scene he was looking at the people who were standing there and looking towards her.


Vanitas sighed and started walking towards the direction of his house. You might think that Vanitas is a cruel boy but actually he had adapted to the reality of this world from a young age. Even someone dying in the streets or in front of him won affect him much. He follows a rule and that is ignorance and indifference is the best policy.

He finally reached his apartment which was a one room kitchen or a studio apartment. Just that this building was used for jails during British rule.

The only thing that was present in the room was a cheap table and chair he bought in a thrift shop back in Ireland, his home country. There was a futon which was rolled up. It was a bit high quality because Vanitas didn like to compromise on his sleep. Except for that there was a second hand fridge and a small cupboard.

Vanitas changed his uniform into casual clothes and decided to cook dinner. Even though his college ends at 5 pm, it took him three hours for grocery shopping with a walking distance of one hour. He eats at 8 so that he can spend the rest of the night lazily studying or doing something else to pass his time.

Today, he decided to make a basic chicken stir-fry with rice. Easy, efficient and cheap while the taste is to die for. Even though Vanitas stays in India that doesn mean he eats Indian food much. He creates every dish he finds interesting on YouTube and eats it.

After eating the food and doing the dishes. Vanitas lazily layed down on his futon. He usually hears music while walking a few rounds to digest the food but today even though he only ate a small serving his stomach was so full and heavy that he was not even able to take a single step.

Vanitas started reading internet novels. He was interested in mythologies and such things from his childhood. This interest kept growing until he became completely immersed in manga, manhwas and novels.

You might think that just because Vanitas is the top of the class he studies all the time but that is not the case. Vanitas only studies from time to time and attends lectures on YouTube before going to sleep. This allows his mind to get used to the knowledge. He never even intended to be the top of the class but here he is.

After a few minutes the eyes of Vanitas started to get heavy as if his consciousness was slipping. He didn understand what was happening but he didn think much and went to sleep.


After opening his eyes Vanitas felt a bit strange.

Why does my body feel so strange? Even his voice was not coming out as if his mouth was there only for show.

… A much needed silence spread but this silence was only the beginning of a great storm.

….F*ck!! Vanitas thought as if his mind went blank from what he was seeing.

Vanitas was floating in some sort of empty space. It was endless darkness as far as he could see as if he had closed his eyes.

That didn surprise him much as much as his current body condition. His body was formed of a weird yet mystical nebulous vapour. There were his hands, his legs and his legs. Everything looked the same as his original body just that it was made of this mystical starry nebulous clouds or vapours.

”WELCOME TO THE SURFACE PLANE OF THE GREAT UNDERWORLD. ” A sudden dramatic yet majestic voice was heard which literally shook Vanitass or whatever his body was made of. Vanitas felt an innate fear from the voice along with a bit of Warmth. It was pretty weird but if Vanitas had to describe it in a single word then he felt an unending affection towards the source of voice.

”THEE WHO WAS A MORTAL WAS SUMMONED HERE BECAUSE THEE HAD GAIN THE INTEREST OF ALMIGHTY BEINGS. ” The majestic voice continued in some sort of historical tone and accent. It felt like a game prologue for Vanitas.


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