”What do you mean by choosing a world? ” Vanitas asked with a confused look.

”Hahahaha, you really thought there was only one world, kiddo. ” The woman took a pause and started laughing.

”Hmm, there is more than one world. Worlds which are completely different from your own. Worlds who are just like fairy tales. You want to go to such a world. ” The woman asked with a small smile.

”Can I just travel from one world to another? ” Vanitas asked after much thought.

”Getting quite greedy aren we. See you can go to as many worlds as you but for that you will need power which can bend the rules of the universe itself. He had given you a chance, a chance, not a path because that is for you to choose. ” The woman said she was dealing with a small kid. Well, technically compared to her he was not even an infant.

”Then I wish to go to my own world. ” Vanitas wanted to grow stronger but that didn mean he would take any unnecessary risks. Even though a fantasy world might sound good and all the conveniences of earth can be denied.

”Hmm, your current world doesn have many connections with any gods. This world belongs to constellations after all. ” The woman said with a thoughtful look.

”Who are constellations and are they trouble? ” Vanitas asked.

”You will understand who they are and no, they won be trouble. The reason why they are constellations is because they love their freedom. ” The woman explained.

”Really? ” A world where God won pester you and you can live as freely as possible was a world too good to be true.

”Though I must warn you because there is freedom theres also no one who can protect. At least if you stay in a world which has a connection with us you will receive our help. ” The woman explained with a look of experience.

”No, I will prefer staying in this world. ” Vanitas was ready to face any challenges as long as there was no leash on him.

”Fine, your choice. With this everything is done. Lets start your journey as a Harbinger. ” She said and stood up. Vanitas also stood up and both of their chairs vanished in darkness.

Again, a sudden light appeared above the woman and Vanitas. This light was not as blinding as before, thats why Vanitas was able to see what happened in front of his eyes. The eyes started dimming after a certain point and finally the light was replaced by an object.

The object was a pocket watch. It was a strange one because it was pitch black with some glowing violet inscriptions. It was floating in mid air between the woman and Vanitas. The watch slowly floated downwards and appeared in front of Vanitas.

Don know why but Vanitas felt the watch staring at him and his deepest parts as if assessing him. Upon a closer look the watch also had the design of feathers on it. It looked quite amazing and majestic.

”This is your contract with the Angel of Death. ” The woman continued.

”This pocket watch is a gift given to you by him. This is not a normal pocket watch, it will be the witness of your connection with him and your source of power as a Harbinger. ” The woman said with a serious tone.

”Remember Vanitas Gods are not supreme beings who look after everyone. They are supreme beings because people believe in them. Never let yourself be consumed by this selfish reality because you have to face the most painful truth about this reality, DEATH. ” She finally concluded. Vanitas didn understand much but somehow he knew that he won have to ask for an explanation. He will understand the meaning behind these words on his own.

Vanitas looked towards the pocket watch with resolution. He felt like the watch was also preparing itself for its new owner. Vanitas raised his right hand and moved it towards the pocket. The pocket watch released a violet aura towards Vanitass hands as if it was calling it towards him.

Vanitas finally grabbed the pocket watch with his ethereal hand. The watch started emitting violet light rays. The light slowly started to spread across Vanitass nebulous body turning it into glowing violet colour. Vanitas felt his body slowly disappearing along with his consciousness but he was still able to say his final words to the woman :-

”Lets meet again. ” The woman flinched and had a blank expression on her face because she had lived in this underworld for as long as she can remember. No one has ever said those childish and silly words to her.

”Yes, well meet again, Vanitas. ” She said with a small smile on her face while Vanitass body slowly deformed into small glowing violet particles until they also disappeared leaving no sign of Vanitas behind.


After disappearing, Vanitas thought that he would appear on earth but how wrong he was.

He appeared in some sort of waste. As far as he could see there was only dark, lightless ground and a small hill which was not much higher like it was a piece of land which was lifted from this pitch black ground. The weather was gloomy and rainy as clouds were covering the whole of the sky.

In this whole wasteland only Vanitas could be seen standing. No, there was someone else. Vanitas didn notice him before but now that he saw him he felt a chill running down his spine just looking at the person.

The most eye-catching thing about this person was his majestic, big and pitch black angelic wings which were folded as they were not in use but one glance was enough for Vanitas to imagine how majestic they will look when they will spread across the sky.

The person was top less and the only thing he had on his upper body was the pocket watch which appeared in front of Vanitas. He also had strange violet earrings. While he was wearing an ancient Greek type pant or cloth.

The mans eyes were closed while his one leg was hanging at the edge of the hill while his other leg was on the edge supporting his body. He looked quite domineering as well as strong due to his strong and fit body.

He suddenly opened his eyes which had pitch black sclera and glowing violet pupils. He looked straight towards Vanitas without changing his position. Vanitas felt naked and powerless in front of this man as if he couldn do a single thing except kneeling down in front of his existence.

The God of Death from Greek Mythology, Thanatos!? Vanitas inwardly exclaimed.

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