Vanitas :- Harbinger of Death and Afterlife

Harbinger of Death and Afterlife - 1

”You think you have what it takes to become my Harbinger. ” Thanatos said in a roaring voice but it seemed like he was trying to hold back as much as possible.

The ground around Vanitas cracked and started quaking the more this god talked.

”What even are you? A mere mortal with a strange fate. You don even have any particular talent. ” Thanatos said while looking at Vanitas with indifference. As if his existence was that of a mere ant. The cracks grew larger and larger encircling Vanitas who was kneeling and breathing heavily just due to the sheer pressure of the voice.

”Do you think you can handle the power of God? ” Thanatos asked with a smirk as if he had given up on Vanitas.

The cracks grew larger and deeper. Vanitas looked towards a certain crack while kneeling down. From the crack a black, rotten hand came out holding the edge of the crack. Slowly more and more hands came out and after the hands came the body of the beings whose hands they were.

Rotten body, tattered clothes and a body which was human but not anymore. There were life threatening injuries all over their bodies but they were still alive. With their weird movements and lifeless eyes the only thing that can be called them are Zombies.

”Do you think you can conquer death while still being alive? Those who have been dead for countless years have yet to even tap the true essence of death and you think you will be able to understand it. ” Thanatos said while looking towards the sky with indifference. The zombies with their green eyes started walking towards Vanitas.

”If you truly have the potential then show me your resolution or become one of my many slaves. ” Thanatos roared towards Vanitas. The zombies started holding Vanitas and pinning Vanitas down.

They started scratching or biting Vanitas from both sides. In the pressure of the moment Vanitas didn even notice that his body had changed from the nebulous body to that of a physical body. Thats why he was feeling the pain of being scratched and bitten by these zombies.

”Aaaaah…. ” Vanitas let out a scream while more and more zombies kept hoarding towards Vanitas.

I forgot that this was not some fantasy… Vanitas kept thinking as his throat burned down from the constant scream, he don even know how long it has been since this Zombies have been attacking him but it felt like he was being tortured and tormented for years.

I forgot how cruel this world is….

I forgot this world was the one who changed me for who I was….

A selfish, cruel and indifferent bastard…

I carried this curtain of ignorance and indifference to not get hurt…

I was just a coward who always believed that everyone was selfish….

My father, uncle Ben, everyone who was willingly by my side I thought they were also like her…

What was the reason why I turned like this….

Right, it was my mother who left me even though I needed her the most….

…Why am I thinking about it in this situation?

Maybe I should ignore everything again and just accept the reality….

”You should always keep walking forward. One day or the other the pain will end but when that happens you will regret many things. A life without regrets is a story without a Main character. Don you want to be the Main character? ” Vanitas remembered the words of his late grandmother.

I don want this ending….

I don want to ignore it….

I want to fight!!!



While Vanitas thought this he started pushing the hordes of zombies who were attacking. There was a small mountain of zombies covering Vanitas.

Slowly but steadily Vanitas kept pushing the zombies away and kept climbing upwards trying to get out of this mountain.

A normal person won be able to even lift a finger due to the pain of being bitten and scratched but somehow Vanitas had gotten used to this pain. With his whole concentration Vanitas kept trying to get out of this prison of zombies.

Finally after a few hours a single hand of Vanitas came out of the pile of Zombies. Thanatos smiled looking at the struggle and the result of Vanitas.

Just a little more, child…. Thanatos said while looking at Vanitas with the warmth of a father. He had given this test to countless people but none of them ever reached the level as Vanitas, not a human at least.

This world was actually a illusion. Even the zombies and the physical body of Vanitas was actually just a part of his power. If it was reality then Vanitas would have either been dead or infected by the essence of the zombies.

Suddenly the pocket watch which was wore by thanatos in the form of chain started glowing with violet energy. It also started moving slightly like it was a piece of metal trying to move towards the magnet.

How!? A mortal have completely made a divine artifact as its own!? Thanatos was purely surprised. This artifact was his contract with Vanitas but with how this artifact was reacting, it has completely accepted Vanitas as his master. Right now it only carried the essence and power of Thanatos. Except for that this artifact will completely become that of Vanitas without any authority from Thanatos.

The watch started glowing more and more after a bit it started moving towards Vanitas but was stopped by the chain of Thanatos. Thanatos, if wanted can completely rebuke or reset the artifact before it can even create a complete connection with Vanitas. If the artifact became completely merged with Vanitas then retrieving it will be extremely hard for even Thanatos himself.

Even after knowing the risk Thanatos opened his chain and let the watch go towards Vanitas. The watch started flying swiftly towards the hand of Vanitas which was emerged in the pile of Zombies.

The watch was held by Vanitass hand while Vanitas felt a familiar presence in whatever he was holding as he was not able to see anything.

From the watch the violet light spread across the hand of Vanitas as if they were some sort of veins. The light slowly spread across his whole body while the zombies took a step back due to the watch. They might be brainless but they were feeling a instinctual fear towards the watch as well as its holder, Vanitas.

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