Versatile System Online

Obtaining A System

The technology within the world had reached such standards that humans were able to traverse different & vast spaces.

Moreover, with technology game capsules also reached new standards & the concept of virtual reality had been enhanced by Leaps & bounds. Games got more realistic and in-game physics also reached such a level that it would not be so soon until the barrier between virtual life & real life got broken down.

* * * *

Then one day, in the year 2250.

A new ultra-realistic virtual game got released that should change all of the previous laws & physics of virtual reality. This game was known as System online.

This game was said to be ultra-realistic as there was no distinction between the real world and the virtual world. Furthermore, the most mysterious part of the game was that if one person got strong in the game, that would also take effect in real life.

The game required one to be at least 16 years old & to play by acquiring the system within the game while evolving & getting strong with help of the system. Some peoples system allowed them control over several elements or some specific things: However, it was all related to ones soul strength, body type & many strength other things, Moreover ones system one would get was always most compatible for them.

There were three different types of systems. The first type being

– Mana/magic-related system,

(A system that allowed someone control over different elements or at the start or most of the time a single element and that increased in Numbers as they evolved. ”)

– Secondly, people got ability related systems,

(this type of system was much more common and people with this system always got a different ability such as speed type, strengthening, or some people would get rare types of ability, such as barrier or sound type whereas very few people got abilities related to space and time or illusions. However, these people were one in a million and the government acquired their prowess for themselves), and

Lastly was,

– Soul-based system. (This type of system relied on soul strength and was said to be the slowest type of system to level up and get stronger with as one had to consume the Souls of different beasts present & also complete many other requirements. However this type was undoubtedly one of the strongest systems if leveled up towards high levels as this system allowed their user to use spirit force for attacks), while spirit force was also a type of energy on which systems relied.

Furthermore, those with soul-based systems could also extract beast souls of beasts which were usually weapons, armors, and other wonderful creations based on the soul energy of the beast and were always based on the grade of the beast.


In the year 2350,

It has been a total of hundred years since the release of ”system online ”, The game or what was deemed now as another dimension for strengthening humanity as after one obtained their power in system online they would also get stronger in real life and could also use their system as well, however they could only get stronger and upgrade their system through the system online.

Today was the day when many young souls would start their adventure and get their system at the ”system awakening ceremony ” (where young 16-year-olds would obtain their system).


In a small two-story cottage, a young teenager just woke up at the sound of an alarm.

He had an amiable smile on his face, his face which had refined features with dark black eyes as deep as wells and silky black hair cut neatly. Although the young man was good looking his eyes seemed to have a slight coldness in them that even the young man did not know about.

This young man was very happy today, as he had turned 16 and he would be able to enter the world of ”system online ”. So that he could obtain a system and make the conditions of his family better as he knew how much his mother put up for him and the family. He also knew that she had been saving for last year to a buy game capsule for him to play ”system online ”,

Although the system online was free, the capsules were overpriced due to game popularity, Moreover, even the worst capsule would be overpriced as expensive or cheap would not change the type of gameplay experience of someone. ”Moreover although one could join and obtain a system online at any age, it was recommended to start at the age of 16 as the soul would become complete and would be rid of any impurities of life thus one could obtain the best system for them.


This young mans name was Ray.

Ray got up from his bed, refreshed himself, got a change of clothes, and got out of his room for breakfast just as he walked out of his room he got greeted by his mother and sister.

Who shouted, ” ”Happy Birthday ”.

His sister who was just eight years old came to Ray and handed him a birthday card. Ray knew how much she cared for him, so he took the card and gave his sister a warm smile while he also hugged her.

Afterward, the family of three went to the kitchen and proceeded with breakfast. After they did their breakfast, Rays mother stood and called him and his sister, who at that time were having a fun time messing around with each other.

” Ray!! ”, His mom shouted.

Ray got up and went to see what his mother said:

After reaching his mother who was at this moment trying to hold five different-sized boxes stacked at one another. As Ray reached her, her foot tripped and she fell with all of the boxes on the ground. With stars in her eyes she said, ”Son, your birthday present is here, though its in a mess. Nothing was damaged ”, she chuckled.

Seeing his mother on the ground, Ray hurriedly got to her & made her take a seat, and settled her down. Afterward, he said, ”Mom you should take care of yourself and rest sometime & why did you buy so much stuff. ” Ray inquired in a worrying tone.

To this Rays mom said, ”Son you are 16 now & I have been saving money for some time now, so I thought that I would help you get the best gift I could get for my child ”,

To this Ray said, ” Mom, don tell me you bought all that just for the system ceremony ”

To which Rays mom smiled and said, ”Although the house matters are going on, I have been working some part-time jobs so I saved some money thus I gave you a good gift and don even say something young man, just be happy and accept the gift I prepared for you and let me explain ”

”This over here is a setup that would allow you to safely play ”System Online ”, Although all capsules provide the same gameplay, this capsule helps your body recover faster & does not put a strain on your body ”.

As Ray heard his mother give a detailed explanation, he sighed as he knew how much his mother cared for him and how much she worked for their house, inwardly promising himself to do his best & help his family out by becoming stronger…

Ray then got up and set out all of the boxes, & with his mother & sister together. they set out all of the boxes and constructed the game capsule. They had the time of their life as the whole family was present after a long time because his mother was always working. And Therefore, after Setting the console up, Rays mother & sister bid Ray good luck & left the room After leaving the room they closed the door so Ray could play, peacefully. Ray then looked at the capsule, steeled his resolve & got in the Capsule.

Afterward, his vision got blurry. Now as he opened his eyes, he found himself in front of a black vastness that stretched as far as his eye could see.

Then all of a sudden a text appeared.

Welcome to ”System Online. ”

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