Versatile System Online

Obtaining A System

Ray was at first dazed as he saw all of this because it seemed so unreal.

A few seconds later,

The welcome notification faded & another notification appeared,

”You are now being teleported to the starting grounds, where all of the new players would get their introduction to the game and also activate their system ”.

Right after the message disappeared Rays consciousness got pulled into another plane. Over there he was standing on a grassy land with a cold breeze blowing over his face, making his silky hair wave in the air.

Moreover, due to his good looks, some females were continuously eyeing him, yet Ray as always was oblivious to it all.

He looked around the whole terrain, he seemed a bit dazed at the scenery in front of him as the place looked extremely beautiful.

After he got accustomed to the beautiful terrain, Ray looked around & saw a lot of players present over there, so he began to carefully observe the area around him.

As Ray was observing everything, unbeknownst to him and everyone there was a higher existence watching all of them while floating in the air with hands behind his back.

After the higher existence saw that everyone has gathered on the starting grounds, he cleared his throat and said,

”!! Welcome to SYSTEM ONLINE younglings ”.

Ray was brought out of his reverie by this voice, and as he looked at the Source of the voice, he saw a middle-aged man hovering in the air, his gaze sharp and as he looked at them It seemed as if he was a wolf looking at lambs to be slaughtered by his sharp maws. afterward, he said, ” Now that I have welcomed you all to System Online.

Lemme explain,

”Its a place where everyone can obtain systems, I am your guide & instructor to guide you through the basics of here. Now please open your inventory and look at the welcome package in it. As that welcome package. is your system initializer.

Moreover, the system would then analyze your soul, body, mind, and all other aspects of your being ”.

Moreover, there are different ” types of systems and after initialization you all will be transported to different types of places to start your journey, other than that you also be given a set of instructions and basic system interaction, and will afterward, your system will guide you throughout ”.

After saying those words, the man waved his hands and a blue screen with the word inventory came into Rays view.

Ray clicked on inventory & saw a package appear in the inventory with the words starter package below it.

He took out the package. and held it in his hands. Not daring to open it, as he first wanted to observe Some people, before doing so.

Immediately after, he heard a voice, ” Ha! Ha! Ha! I got a rare elemental ability system, ha! ha! ha. It was a burly-looking kid with brown hair and a rather normal-looking face. Right after the kid vanished in a flash of light,

Afterward, the examiners voice sounded. ”Oh! And one more thing, each system has a grade as well & higher the grade the better the system and all of you, open the system after you reach the starting point as I have more matters to attend to, ”. After saying that, the man took out a scroll and tore it,

Instantly after, Ray vanished and appeared in front of a sea shore.

Ray looked around & saw that no one was there, hence he opened his box and took out a jade pendant that was within it. The pendant was the system initiator, as he had read a lot about it and it was even taught in his school, thus he had to wear the pendant to initiate his system.

He sat cross-legged on the sandy beach & wore the pendant. As soon as the pendant touched his skin, it merged within it. Right after the pendant disappeared into his skin, a mechanical voice sounded within his consciousness, stating,

System initialization has begun, body and soul being scanned,

: – Body strength: Average.

-Soul strength: ???

-Bloodline: ???

– Special attributes: Unidentifiable

– Spiritual balance: Perfect.

ERROR!!! ERROR!!! ERROR!!! System initialization has run into an issue,

”Huh! ”

Ray was taken aback as it had never happened to anyone. Could it be a bug or something? What bad luck, & here I thought that finally, something was going my way ”, Ray muttered under his breath and waited for what to come next.

As Ray waited, a sound come from within his consciousness.

”Ding! System error identified, unable to fix the error as outside interference has been detected, the system has been influenced by otherworldly being ”.

”What!!!!, Ray blurted out loud, just what the hell was wrong with the game today and now otherworldly beings??? ”,

Ray thought that his luck has run out or someone has put a curse or anything on him thus Ray just resigned to his faith & kept some hope of betterment & approached the system with caution.

As he focused back on his system initialization, All of a sudden an old sagely voice sounded in his head, ” Congratulations child, for you have been chosen as the master for the ”Versatile System ”, now this is a power that defies Heaven & Earth.


As Ray heard this new voice, he could not take it anymore and fainted on the spot. Although he was young and was not so easy to scare, he had the responsibility of his family on his shoulders thus he could not take it anymore and his consciousness blurred.

As for the sage voice, it just sighed and left a message behind in the system, after doing that the voice left the plane altogether.


A few hours later, Ray opened his eyes and sat up from his position.

He thought back to todays events and knew that he might have fainted from shock, therefore he steadied his heart and approached the system interface with caution, although this was a game and a way for him to get stronger, he did not want to start with negative levels outright.

After opening the interface a message sounded in his mind, ” Young lad, although you fainted after hearing my voice I wanted to tell you that you have a supreme power within yourself and due to this power, you were granted the VERSATILE SYSTEM, although most of its power has been bound by shackles of destiny and will only unlock when you start to get stronger and change your fate into one that can uphold this great power. Use this power for the betterment and make your destiny and treat the system well ”. The same sagely voice stated,

Ray was now even more confused what did that guy mean by ” treat the system well ” its just a system, however, Ray shrugged it off and looked at his system, and what he got after that startled him so much that he fell to his bum,

As another voice sounded in his consciousness and it was yawning, ” Yawn!!! So good to be finally awake ”.

Ray now really thought that something was wrong with him or there was something wrong with him as he was constantly having so many voices in his consciousness.

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