Although Ray thought that something was wrong with him, he probably knew in his heart that all of it was happening and there was more to the voice, therefore he carefully asked,

” Uhm!!! Who is it speaking, I mean who is in my consciousness ”

Although it sounded strange Ray had to ask something or he might as well drown in spit for not even being daring enough to confront someone within his consciousness.

However, who would have known he would get such a reply as,

An extremely angry female voice shouted in his mind,

”Ahhh, what the hell do you mean who is in your consciousness, isn it obvious you moron, Im your system and for your kind information I just woke up from a slumber of millennia and thats how you greet me ??? ”

The voice sounded again however a bit calmer,

” And yeah, some systems can converse with their host due to them having their consciousness although rare ”

Ray, who had just got scolded in the first confrontation with his system did not know what to say,

A millennia-long slumber ?? He didn know about that and worst of all,

Systems could speak???

He was so confused that he blurted out, ” Man what the hell is happening, can something go peacefully, first that old voice and now this system, can I get a normal system like everyone ”

Yet all his pleas got unanswered and his system sounded,

” Ohh, so you just got your first system and don know much, well lemme explain and sorry about the outburst ”

Ray was now a bit calmer as the system spoke in an elegant and soothing voice, the voice sounded like a teenage girl and calmed Ray a lot.

The system continued,

” Its a secret, so no one tells about these things as a system with consciousness is very much rarer than normal systems, and all systems have the rule to stop their host from spilling the beans about the system ”.

”Ohh! I see! ”, Now Ray was a bit more relaxed & thanked the gods for a rare system, Moreover, now that he got a rare system he could finally become stronger and help his family.

Just as Ray was thinking about all of that, his system interrupted,

”Quit daydreaming, you will have to work hard to become stronger and that would be later on, right now give me a name at least because although I had a name before, I can remember so give me a good name and fast ”

Ray was now taken aback because not only can his system talk with him, but it also wants him to give the system a name.

Like for real!?

Ray sighed and thought of a name and said,

” Well although Im not good at naming, how about Aurora, its a good name and also has a good meaning ”

To it the system then replied, ” Hmm, Aurora he goddess of dawn, I like it. So with naming done let me explain the system ”


Ray rejoiced at it and hoped for the system to be powerful, so he spoke,

” Well, even I want to know, that what type of supreme existing system are you ”

To this Aurora replied,

”Well, thats the fun part, your system allows you to unlock all of the powers, meaning you could wield all of the types of magic, have the best affinity in all of them, and also have multiple abilities, best of all the system allows you to acquire beast souls & also use spirit attacks ”, I mean isn it great? Like you have a system above of all the systems and I haven even told you more of it cuz you will have to unlock the information to know more ”

Aurora felt like she gave the best answer and Ray would most probably faint from shock or cry tears of happiness, however, Rays reaction made her angry as,

”Pfft!! ” Ray laughed out loud speaking, ” Aurora, you must be joking, like theres no way a system could be so powerful ”

”You Dumbo! Its the f*cking truth, you like it or not ”. Aurora snapped back at him.

Now Ray realized his mistake and immediately apologized for his behavior to not make Aurora angry,

” Oh! Im sorry, but for real, then ” I am invincible! Ha! Ha! ” Ray laughed like a maniac…

To this Aurora signed & replied, ” Well you will have to eventually work & get stronger but yeah, you could counter your weaknesses.

However, you would have to do missions to unlock more skills for abilities, and for spells, you would have to level up as well as increase your magic tiers to accommodate your power or else you will burst into blood pulp ”.

Ahh! So thats how it works ” Ray got a bit disheartened at the thought of not getting powerful instantly.

However he shook his head and steeled his resolve to work hard and get stronger and asked,

” Well how do I access my system and all cuz its all blank right now ”

Aurora replied, ”Yeah about that, I am calculating your stats and all cuz there is something wrong with your stats so it will take time, and don worry, Moreover I got a gift for you so check your inventory, and yeah your system interface has loaded so check on it ”

After which Aurora turned silent however she contemplated Rays unusual stats as even shea supreme existence system needed time to calculate them.


Meanwhile, Ray checked his gift.

He went to inventory and opened the gift which was a system starter pack

”Ding! You have received. your starters system awakening pack for fully awakening your system and it continued,

Ding! You have opened the starters pack.

The system has rewarded you with,

– 3 medium-grade beast souls

– beast gear crafting manual

– 2 magical affinities( special attributes)

– 2 common abilities

– 1 uncommon ability.

Ray was ecstatic now and asked Aurora,

”Aurora, how the hell do you have so many powers & don I need to complete tasks and missions to avail all of these ” Ray asked with his eyes glistening from happiness ”.

”Well, you are my host so I can let you die so easily, and I thought why not give you a head start so you could get stronger much faster ”

Aurora replied in a sweet voice and continued,

”And move fast dumbo complete your tasks to get stronger ”

To this Ray replied, ”Well at least let me look at the details and I promise to get stronger ”

So he checked his rewards,

At first, he checked the beasts souls

”Beast Souls, (3/5) – equipped Nil,


– Weapon type midgrade beast soul (Weapon: Sword )

– Defensive armor type midgrade beast Soul ( light body armor )

– Enhancement type midgrade beast soul( halo of enhancement)

[Note: With all beast souls equipped together, the User will get a 5% attack, defense & Enhancement bonus.]

After checking the beasts souls Ray calmed his rapidly beating heart and moved forward with checking all other things

– ”Beast equipment forging manual:-

Description:: A manual that helps the user in forging beast equipment up to advanced tier ”. Forging requires beast cores, body parts, and other materials to act as conduits to forge equipment. Other than that this manual also allows the forger to learn many techniques as well as to allow mana transfer to make pseudo cores of high-grade artifacts ”.

Ray was on cloud nine right now as everything would help him to brim and a beast forging manual to help him make high-grade artifacts, these manuals were gold to forgers.

Thus he calmed his heart and moved on,

– Magical affinities:- (02/05)

» Affinity:- Fire based (special attribute:- Lava condensation)

» Affinity:- Lighting (special attribute:-penetrative power increased by 5%)

Ding, ” Both affinities can be fused to make a special fire

& thunder domain ” (locked).

[The domain is currently locked Please upgrade magical affinities to the next levels to unlock the domain. Moreover, with every level! increase, both affinities would also unlock more skills related to the hosts magical affinities].

Ray thought that today was the best day he would ever live his whole life. Although there were many things he did not understand & some skills were locked such as the special domain, Ray was sure that Sooner or later he would get stronger & unlock more skills. Now that he had looked at the magic affinities, only abilities were left.

Thus, he went on to look, and what he got left him with a bittersweet smile, because, he got two of the most common abilities. Abilities: (03/05)

1.) Speed enhancement (rarity: Common):

Description: A common speed type ability that enhances the speed and other stats based on agility, while decreasing stamina consumption.

2). Strength enhancement (rarity:- Common):

Description. A common strength type ability that increases the stat type of the user and has some more skills.

3). Light Dome (Barrier type uncommon):

Description: Uses hosts energy to produce barriers & light & can be upgraded to increase light mastery & gain control over light rays.


After seeing all of the abilities and reading their descriptions, Ray got to know that although speed & strength type abilities were weaker abilities & common with a fairly normal skill set.

They would make a great combination in using them in melee combat. While the barrier-type ability would provide him with great defense.

Moreover, Ray thought that,

All in all, he was the strongest among young starters or even some people with higher levels, all due to the help of Aurora ”, Hence, he spoke,

”Aurora, you are my lucky charm, although there are some things I don get, with this gift you have helped me a lot. Thank You ”

Afterward, Auroras voice came ”Well Your welcome & its my job as a system to help you & you will understand things as you get stronger. Other than that, why don you check your missions tab?

Ray listened to her answer and smiled genuinely while he checked the missions tab.


»Task 1: Reach a nearby city & book a training hall to practice your skills

»Task 2: Gain proficiency in using all of your skills, and reach basic proficiency in them

Ray looked at these skills and got moving.

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