Versatile System Online

Relying On The System Too Much

Ray then took out a map from his inventory as this was one of the basic things that came with the system, along with some copper coins and some more things used for basic survival.

After checking the map to find his current location, Ray noticed that he was near the borders of the RYSAL EMPIRE. This empire was an ancient empire that had ruled with the same noble lineage since its creation.

Thus, Ray looked and saw that the nearest city to his location was a small trade city that also served as a stronghold for the military.

Moreover, although the city was small, due to several connections of trade routes & being near the borders of the empire, it garnered a lot of revenue. Now that his destination was settled.

Ray looked for the safest, route to the city to avoid any confrontation with wild beasts.

Although Ray believed that he had the power to defeat any basic tier beasts & escape from intermediate tier beasts, he did not want to take chances as he just got the system & did not have any experience in using his skills.

Thus, after carefully picking out the safest route, Ray started moving toward the city. He estimated that it would take him at least half a day to reach the city. However, it was not always as it seemed to be, because nature was strange.

Therefore, Ray immediately started his Journey without taking any breaks to reach faster, and he also remained vigilant of his surroundings in case of a surprise attack from some hidden beast.

As Ray carefully journeyed towards the city he could not help but compliment the level of detail of the game.

As he could feel the cool breeze brushing past him and the beautiful scenery was even harder for him to miss as he could loud above his head and vast verdant green plains that stretched as far as his eye could see with grass swaying along with trees and the freshness of the wild without any pollution made Rays if he was in a completely different world and not a game. However, he just shrugged that thought as soon as it came to his mind because he could not care less about such things when there was not enough evidence on such matters.

Just like that, Ray reached his destination.

As he could see a city with sturdy gates that reached a height of 10 meters with strong walls around the whole perimeter.

Moreover, Ray could also see a dozen carriages waiting in line and being checked before they were let into the city. Hence, Ray also got in line, albeit one for travelers on foot. The line had 30 people with Ray being last, so it only took him 10 minutes before his turn arrived.

The guard asked him in an indifferent voice,

”Name ”,

Ray replied, ”Ray ”.

The guard asked then, ”purpose for entering the city? ”

” Ray replied, To look for a place to rest and have some work to complete ”. The guard noticed Rays look adorned in normal traveling clothes and naturally let him pass.

Ray then walked into the city while the guard moved on with his duty.

As Ray entered the city, he couldn help but marvel, Because the city albeit small, had the grandeur of a big city and before the major trade hubs of the empire, he saw that the city had paved roads for carriages to pass through, there were well-made streets and the houses were made up of good materials.

Moreover, as a trade city, Ray could see shops almost everywhere. The shops varied from food stalls to merchants selling clothes or ornaments, although he wanted to check them out, he neither had the money nor the time to do so. Therefore, he hurried towards the training hall.

There he saw a large building with a wooden Plank hung above stating Training hall. Moreover, Ray could hear faint noises of people training from within the hall. Thus, without halting his steps Ray strode inside the building & approached the counter. Over there he saw a middle-aged man sitting, and Just as the man saw Ray enter, he said ”Welcome Young man, you must be here to sharpen your skills; So what type of training room do you need ”.

Listening to all of this Ray asked,

”Whats the price of a c training room with an automated training dummy? ”

As if expecting him to ask such a question, the man behind the counter said, ”The Price of a basic training room with a training dummy would be a total of 2 copper coins for one hour ”

After Listening to the price, Ray checked his inventory and saw that he had a total of twenty copper coins, so he decided to book the training room for two & a half hours & paid 5 copper coins. After doing so the man & handed him a card and said, ” here you go young man, follow the direction the card points you towards & when you reach the room, point for the card forward & the door would unlock ”.

After listening to what the man said Ray took the card & followed the mans instructions. After reaching the room, he did as the main said so and entered the room. After doing so, he got ready to practice his skills & complete his tasks.

Moreover, he remembered something so,

He checked on the System interface and saw the first mission had been completed,


Mission Tab :

» Task 1: Reach a city & book a training hall (Status: Completed) Reward: Skills have been unlocked and 1000 experience points have been awarded.

– Ding: You have leveled up, you have reached level two. Two skill Points were awarded, and one stat point was awarded.

As Ray read the system messages, an idea came into his mind and he asked Aurora, ” Aurora, could you show me all of my skills ”

To this she replied in an annoyed tone, Can you do it yourself, just open the skills tab and use your brain you moron, Im busy, and don disturb me until your life is in danger ”.

Ray did not know what to do with her reply but he let it go, After all, she had granted him a lot of abilities so, he was naturally grateful to her, thus he checked his skills by opening the skills tab.

And there he saw all types of skills for different types of scenarios and styles of fighting.


-Magical skills

-Ability skills

-Martial Arts

-Weapon skills

Ray looked at his fighting skills and saw that he had four options

for different types of skills. Therefore, Ray looked & checked on weapon skills as he first wanted to test his skills with a sword before he moved on to his abilities or mage skills.

Thus, he chose weapon skills & a list of different weapons appeared,

– Spear skills

– Bow skills.

– Sword skills.

– Halberd skills

– Mace skills

– Axe skills

– Hammer Skills


Ray could see a lot of weapons and skills related to them, but he just chose sword skills as he just had a sword with him. Thus, he looked at his available skills in the section for sword skills & saw that he had three skills available.


Sword Skills:-

1). Slash: (Skill that allows the wielder to slash their sword at the enemy, has a 5% chance of causing a critical hit to the enemy).

LEVEL 1 (0/100 exp)

2). Parry 🙁 Skills allow users to parry an opponents attacks).

LEVEL 1 (0/100 exp)

3). Block: (Skill that allows the user to block incoming and block certain attacks has a 5% chance of reflecting 20% of damage to the enemy).

LEVEL 1 (0/100 exp)

Ray looked at the skills & noticed that they were all basic skills that allowed attack, and defense & for him to maneuver over the battlefield, however, he knew that if he just mastered the basics very well he would not only have a good foundation but also be better than most of his peers. Thus he decided to test the skills against the level 1 dummy to not only level up but also get better at using them.


However unbeknownst to Ray, inside his system Aurora was very perplexed after having a measure of Rays stats thus she thought,

” Yep! This kid is not so ordinary, he has very strange energy inside him that feels primal and even I feel the urge to bow before it although, I am a supreme existence and above all, however, time will tell ”.

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