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Silver Furred Wolf

Ray started to use the training dummy to level up his skills & increase his proficiency in using them.

Therefore, he used the settings on the training dummy for it to allow the dummy to block Rays attacks like a novice fighter, and sure enough, after he started attacking the dummy, the dummy only defended, parried, or dodged his attacks, for an hour, Ray only used his attacking skill,


to fiercely attack the dummy however, he just exhausted himself with no attack hitting the dummy. After an hour of exhaustion, Ray looks for a break.

While recovering his stamina, Ray thought back to every time he attacked and realized that, although he could execute his skill, there was nothing but brutality and mindless attacking from his side, and he just seemed to lose his rationality while attacking.

Therefore he got up and changed his approach towards attacking the dummy, & unlike his way of attacking like a brute, he beds the dummy and, kept an eye on its movements. He did this for about 15 minutes and surely, he saw an opening in the dummys movements and proceeded to use his skill,



A dull metallic clang came from the dummy and the part where Ray attacked was disfigured due to the strength behind his attack and also for the fact that he attacked at the dummys weak point he chucked about half of its healthy of course was overjoyed and also its made a mental note to not lose his rationality while fighting enemies, and always use his brain with brawns.

Moreover, Ray noticed that whenever he attacked, his movements were not much refined and he also wasted a lot of energy with unnecessary and exaggerated moves. Thus, kept all of these things in mind, and again started training against the dummy and surely after another hour, he got the message he wished to see more than ever now.

[Ding!! The host has leveled up the basic attack skill SLASH to level 2],

[SLASH] Level 2 (0/150 exp),

[ ”After extensive training with the skill, the the the basic concept of this skill ”].

[Ding!! Hosts proficiency with baste attack skill, [SLASH] has reached beginners level].

A sign of relief escaped from Rays mouth. Then, he proceeded to check his second task.


[ ”Gain proficiency in using all of your skills and reach basic proficiency in them ”].

A wry smile came upon his face as he thought of how many hours he would have to practice so that all of his skills could reach basic proficiency.

Therefore, his mood turned a little sour and he rested a bit before his time for using the training room came to an end. After leaving the training room, Ray searched for a tavern and paid 5 copper coins for a meal & a nights stay.

After eating the meal, he went to his room and thought of his plans for the next day before logging out of the game. As One day within the game equaled three hours in the real world, Ray was just thinking of his plans for the next day a system message popped up,

[Ding!!!, Hosts stats have been calculated],

– [Stats]:-

– [Strength]: 8

– [Agilitys]: 12

– [Stamina]: 9

– [Endurance]: 15

– [Dexterity]: 10

– [Mana]: 126

Ray looked at his stats & noticed that & they all were pretty average except for the Mana stat.

Therefore, he proceeded to ask Aurora,

”Hey Aurora, are you there ”

To this, a lazy voice answered, ”What happened now ”,

Ray proceeded to ask, ”Umm, do you know why my mana stat is extremely high ”.

To this Aurora replied,

”Beats me, I just calculated them and presented them to you ”.

Ray then proceeded to ask,

”Oh! Ok! and do have an idea you of how can I level up faster ”.

Aurora replied to him, ”Man really??? Just go and get into a real-life death battle, if not, just spar with someone and don tell me you are a pussy?? ”.

Although she replied normally, there was a hint of mockery in her voice that Ray did not miss.

So he just said, ” Well ok!, I will fight beasts and als- ”. Ray was interrupted by Aurora as she spoke,

”And yeah, your beast souls, abilities, and magical skills have been unlocked to you and you would just need a thought to use them ”

Ray heard her and thought, ”What!, his skills, abilities & beast souls were locked all this time ”

Now he was angry and thought of saying something but his words got caught in his throat after hearing auroras next words,

”Moreover, don you dare complain, do you know that this starter pack that I so generously gave you as a gift was a reward for you when you would have reached level 5; so if you complain even once then u will have to forget about everything until you reached level 10 as a penalty ”

Aurora said to Ray in an annoyed voice, as she had enough of Ray, as even having so much potential and talent, he was relying on her, even for quests that he had to complete himself ”.

As Ray heard Auroras words, he realized that after getting the system he unconsciously started relying on it more and more. Therefore, after realizing it, Ray clenched his jaw and steeled his resolve to get stronger by himself without relying on the system too much.

However, little did he know that Aurora could hear most of his thoughts, thus they gained him a nod of approval from Aurora.

After that Ray slept with the flame of ambition burning within his soul.


Next day,

In the middle region of the city, a young teenage man about the age of 16 was looking at a building with the words Guild Association on top of it. The teenager was looking at the building with ambitious eyes, then he walked inside the building.

This teenager was naturally Ray, who, at this point was going to the building to join a guild & hunt beasts to level up. Therefore, as he got inside he looked for guilds recruiting new members, but he was destined to be greatly disappointed as no one wanted to recruit a basic rookie and someone who looked weak because Ray had a slim appearance.

Therefore, they did not accept Ray into their guild as they would have to carry him all the time so as not to let him die.

After his bout of disappointment, Ray then looked at the guilds association quest board and noticed that there were hundreds of quests ranging from escort missions to high-ranked missions of slaying strong beasts.

He looked at the quests stated there, as Ray was looking at the quests, a quest caught his eye, It stated,

”Need 5 spirit cores of basic grade ”magical silver furred wolf ”.

Ray saw this quest & was very interested in this quest therefore, he applied to solve this quest as not only was the quest a good way for him to level up but also a way to earn good money as the quest reward was 10 gold coins,

However, because Ray was a rookie and looked like a weak person with no high leveled gear, he was ridiculed and mocked when he applied for the quest, Yet he persisted because only he knew his power, and he knew that to get stronger, he would have to risks to or else he might as well log out and get a job at a supermarket.

Of course, Ray was also scared of it all and tempted to log out, but he persisted for sake of his mother & younger sister.


As Ray started to go out of the city to complete his Quest & get stronger, A being within his System was looking at his change of behavior with a satisfied satisfied smile

Aurora knew that, for Ray to show their great talent & bring out the hidden power within him he would have to go through a baptism of blood and participate in life & death battles.

Therefore, she watched him go in anticipation of what was to come. next.

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