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Fighting A Pack Of Wolves

type beast soul], he would have long suffered bloody gashes all across his body due to the wolfs sharp claws.

Thus, Ray thought for a while & a strange glint flashed in his eyes as the mana in his body surged forward and he sent out two magic spells, with one masked behind the other.

He sent out,

[Fire ball] at first & masked a [lightning Bolt] behind it.

The purpose for such an attack was clear as he knew that even if the first attack did not hit the wolf, the second would surely hit while the lightning bolts paralyzing effect would make further clashes against the wolf alpha easier and just as Ray predicted, the Alpha sensed danger from the fireball and defended against it, but failed to notice the lightning bolt behind it & was sent flying towards a bunch of trees as the attack hit it in the chest while the paralysis effect slowed down its movements.

Ray did not give the wolf a chance to catch its breath & immediately dashed forwards to force it into another confrontation,

Crash!!, clanck!!, Slash!! Splatt!!,

After several confrontations, Ray found an opening and slashed at the wolf. A large gash opened up on the wolfs back.

Pant!! Pant!!,

Ray was exhausted due to a loss of stamina and consumption of energy as he was constantly supplying energy to the barrier so he could be safe from any sneak attacks.

Moreover, it seemed that the alpha was quite tenacious as well, as it still lunged forward to attack Ray.

Ray immediately used his sword & blocked its claw,

The [Block] skill is handy at times like these and Ray was really happy to have it.

After the wolfs attack was blocked, Ray held his sword in a backhand grip and slashed while he spun a full 360°, causing a big blow to the wolf. Splatt! Awolowo!!!,

Ray cut the wolf very deep & inches away from the heart while some white bones belonging to the ribcage could also be seen.

As the wolf howled in pain, Ray launched a fireball & attacked it immediately, while the wolf alpha had no strength to counter or dodge and died shortly after.

After which Ray turned to face the three remaining wolves.


Clank!!, Splatt!!, Clank!!,

Ray fought against the wolves for half an hour and some time ago, the enhancement-type beast soul had also lost its effect as it had reached its time limit.

Therefore, Rays fighting power was greatly affected. Moreover, one of the three wolves had died & the other two had received various injuries as well.

However, Ray was also not faring much better as he had consumed almost all of his stamina & did not have many options left, and if not for his armor, he would have suffered more as well.

Then suddenly,

Urghh!, spat!

Ray spat a mouthful of blood meaning that his internal organs had been shaking from all of the attacks.

Ray knew he was on his last leg so he immediately thought of a way to kill the remaining wolves. Then, an idea came to him and he started kiting the wolves towards the cave where they previously lived. The wolves on the other hand were lost in bloodlust & did not seem to notice Rays tactics and relentlessly approached him.

Ray on the other hand reached the entrance of the cave while the wolves fiercely lunged at him, he sidestepped then rolled over the ground to dodge the wolves, while the wolves skidded into the cave due to their momentum.

Ray, on the other hand, used all of his remaining mana to create a huge fireball & also condensed a lightning bolt, he then encased both of them in a barrier & launched them towards the caves while shrinking the barrier and merging both attacks as they reached the cave, then the whole cave shook and a blast occurred,


Right after the blast, tremors occurred in the cave and many rocks fell within the cave leaving it on the verge of collapse while, Ray whose face was as pale as a piece of paper, fell to the ground heavily.


While he was gasping for breath, a series of notifications sounded in his consciousness & Rays strength gradually increased and his condition started to become better.

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