nd but the aura disappeared as if it never happened to lock on Ray.

Whereas he hurriedly dashed out of the forest at full speed without looking back.

Little did Ray know that the aura that locked onto him was the aura of someone way stronger than him to the point that he could turn Ray into nothing just from a single glance.


Huff !! Huff !! Paint! Pant !!

Rays chest rose & fell heavily as gasped for breath while he lay on the ground.

The freight from the aura still made Ray shudder thus making his mental state a bit shaken.

As Rays breathing steadied, his mental state also got better and he regained his composure as well. Ray then picked himself up & made his way towards the city gate. Right now he was very near the city gate as he had run from the forest all the way here without taking a rest or looking back.

Ray then reached the gate & after showing the guards the token that he was out on a mission issued by the ”Guilds association ”, he entered the city & made his wards the Guild Association to submit the spirit cores to complete his quest and obtain his rewards.

As Ray entered the building belonging to Guilds Association many people glanced over at him for various reasons.

The first being that the current armor on his body was fully covered in blood while his face was splattered with crimson, thus, many thought of him as a veteran who had just come back after causing a massacre.

Whereas, the second reason was the aura emitted by his beast souls that he had not unequipped for obvious reason. They emitted the aura of an intermediate beast. While only squad leaders were able to possess an intermediate beast soul within the city due to the rarity of beast souls and also the fact that one had to kill intermediate beasts and had to acquire them with someones help who could acquire such beast souls.

Under the astonished & careful gazes of everyone, Ray reached the counter & calmly said, ”I want to submit items for the completion of a quest ”

Because Rays face was smeared in blood and the aura released by him was beyond what a normal mortal could handle the man was scared to the point that it took him all of his strength not to relieve his bowel.

Therefore, he hurriedly nodded at Ray and looked at the items Ray had handed over while marking the completion of the quest.

On the other hand, Ray and Aurora knew that such behavior change was due to Rays beast souls and aura, while Rays perspective towards human emotions and behavior also broadened and he understood that humans were vile creatures that like beasts and demons worshipped strength above all.

Ray then took his reward while he also submitted the corpses of the wolves and exchange them for one coin each. Therefore, gaining a total of 16 gold coins from his endeavor to the forest.

Ray was very happy as he had got 16 gold coins and his strength had also increased along with the rewards provided by the system and also for the fact that the pseudo intermediate beast crystal was still in his inventory for various reasons.

Now that Ray had enough gold coins, he could simply convert them into the currency of his world.

Then, Ray quickly left the Guilds Associations building and took off his armor as he traveled the streets to avoid any unnecessary attention.

Then he reached the checkpoint and logged out of the game.

And just as he had logged him, the world around him faded into darkness and he had his consciousness returning to the capsule. He opened his eyes and got out of the capsule. As his feet touched his rooms floor, Ray stepped a bit forward, reached his bed, and with a loud Thudd, crashed on the bed, lost in the sea of dreams.


Ray groggily opened up his eyes & noticed that the sky had turned dark. He did not how much time has passed, so he sat & checked how much time had passed. He saw that he had been asleep for a couple of hours & it would be time for dinner soon. Therefore, he thought of checking his rewards and having a chat with his system before dinner.

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